Sydney’s Top 10 Team-Building Activities for Any Group

10 mins read
Sydney’s Top 10 Team-Building Activities for Any Group
Written by: Jaya Ramchurn
April 30, 2024
10 mins read

Party in Darling Harbour, go bar hopping in Bondi Beach or enjoy a delicious meal in Surry Hills. When you’re in Sydney, the options are endless for your team to explore and enjoy!

Whether your team is thrilled by adventures, gets excited about crafting, or enjoys a meal with their colleagues, we’ve curated a list of unique team-building activities in Sydney for your next company event.

These activities are designed to ignite a sense of adventure and exploration, making your team-building experience truly unique. So, let’s dive into the fun and start planning!

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Indoor Team Building Activities in Sydney 

Regardless of the weather, team building activities are always a possibility! Whether it’s chilly in July or scorching in January, there are plenty of indoor options for teams to bond or have a blast together. These activities are carefully chosen to cater to everyone’s interests and abilities, ensuring that every team member feels included and valued.

1. Escape The Room

😃Ideal for: Teams who love challenging activities and games. 

escape hunt sydney team building ideas in sydney 1
Try an escape room to improve communication skills among colleagues at Escape Hunt  | Wynyard

These engaging activities are ideal for groups aiming to sharpen their brainstorming skills, enhance collaboration, and boost team communication.

Escape Hunt is the ideal spot to get your team’s adrenaline flowing! Participants collaborate to solve a series of puzzles, aiming to win the game within an hour. 

Teams are divided into smaller groups of 2-5 players, making it easier for employees to participate and collaborate effectively.

Can your team race against the clock? Tick-tock, tick-tock. Only time will tell.

2. 🎪Learn Some Circus Skills

😃Ideal for: Teams who dare to fail and love trying new things. 

For teams accustomed to juggling multiple tasks, a circus trip promises fun and valuable learning experiences! Whether your team members are drawn to tightrope walking or eager to test their gymnastic abilities, circus skills workshops offer the perfect opportunity to hone their coordination and expand their skill set.

From flying trapeze classes to aerial workshops, your group can explore and enjoy various activities!

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3. 🧑🏼‍🍳Try a Cooking Class

😃Ideal for: Those who love to eat or cook.

jason briscoe n4ymhyyfy7a unsplash 1
Cooking classes are a yummy way to foster communication and collaboration within teams. Sydney Food Studio  | Artarmon

Much like cooking, projects and teamwork rely on the synergy of different team members. Providing opportunities for both new joiners and seasoned employees to bond over a cooking class can strengthen relationships.

You can designate a colleague as the instructor or ask a professional to lead the session. Booking a kitchen in Sydney ensures access to all necessary equipment, elevating the team-building experience and showcasing the company’s commitment to the event.

During the class, participants can cook, share tips, and indulge in a delicious meal together. Bon Appers!

4. 🍷Sip and Paint

😃Ideal for: Wine lovers and the creative souls.

indoor team building ideas in sydney pinot picasso gladesville 1
Organise a sip-and-paint event for teams who love to get creative and have fun! Pinot & Picasso | Gladesville

Paint and Sips require minimal effort. Select a date when everyone can take a break and discover their inner Picassos and Dalis.

At Pinot & Picasso in Gladesville, participants will receive step-by-step guidance from an instructor as they create their masterpieces. 

You’ll be amazed at your team’s hidden talents with a glass of wine in their hand! You might even bring back brand-new artwork for the office after the event!

Outdoor Team Building Activities in Sydney 

Basking in Sydney’s outdoors means enjoying the sun, sea, sand, and a fantastic atmosphere! Opting for outdoor team building is always a rejuvenating choice and encourages everyone to break away from the office routine. Whether it’s a scavenger hunt, a picnic, or kayaking, numerous avenues exist to spark excitement among your colleagues for an outdoor adventure.

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5.📜Go on a Scavenger Hunt

😃Ideal for: Adventurous and competitive teams who love action-packed activities.

outdoor team building ideas in sydney moore park golf club venue 1 1
Why limit team building to the office when you can plan a scavenger hunt at Moore Park Golf Club | Moore Park

Scavenger hunts ignite critical thinking and problem-solving skills while enhancing your team’s communication and creativity.

You’ll easily persuade everyone to participate with a venue like Moore Park Golf Club! This lush green space is the perfect setting for a private hunt. And it has a fantastic restaurant!

Craft a list of items to be found and scatter puzzles and clues throughout the location for your team to unravel! The victor earns bragging rights and perhaps a prize!

6. 🌞Enjoy A Picnic Together

😃Ideal for: Casual team building events or team catch-ups.

outdoor team building ideas in sydney moore park golf club venue 1
Plan a picnic in a rented venue to make your company event special. Will & Mike’s  | Banksmeadow

Picnics are perfect for warmer months when everyone can bring their baskets, enjoy the festivities, or soak up the sun.

Whether you opt for a BBQ or a French-themed picnic party, this activity will foster connections among your colleagues. Incorporating games such as sack race, ladder toss, dominoes, and cards will keep everyone entertained and amplify the fun of the event!

7. 🛶Try Kayaking

😃Ideal for: Fitness and nature lovers.

benjamin davies mqn ev9rnly unsplash 1
Looking for a discreet way to help your team stay fit? Consider kayaking!

 This low-impact activity not only enhances fitness levels but also boosts flexibility. Plus, it’s an excellent way to unwind and relax after a demanding workweek!

Imagine watching the sunrise over the Sydney Harbour Bridge while getting a workout. The serene waters and breathtaking scenery make this an unbeatable experience.

You could turn it into a quarterly tradition or invite interested individuals to join regular kayaking sessions!

For intriguing tours, explore Kayak by Sydney.

Check out Kayak by Sydney for some interesting tours.

8. ⛰️Go on a Hike

😃Ideal for: Discovering the city.

mukuko studio tpkqwyhy8q4 unsplash 1
Hiking is a great way to keep your team and enjoy some time together!

Hiking is not only beneficial for your team’s health but also ideal for startups seeking cost-effective activities.

 Fortunately, Sydney offers an abundance of affordable hiking spots, making it a budget-friendly yet impactful team-building option.

Consider trying Manly Walk if your team is keen on experiencing views of Sydney Harbour, the ocean, and bush landscapes, enjoying picnics, and exploring historical and Aboriginal sites. 

Alternatively, explore Barangaropoint.

Just ensure that everyone wears suitable walking shoes and attire!

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Cheap Team Building Ideas in Sydney 

Due to the associated expenses and logistics, team-building events are typically held once a quarter or once a year. However, it doesn’t have to be that way.

Our curated list of affordable team-building activities in Sydney will have  your team eagerly anticipating your next company event!

9. 🌎Around the World Potluck Party

😃Ideal for: Multicultural teams and food enthusiasts.

the garden room cheap team building ideas in sydney 1
For those who don’t have an office, book a space like Bustle Studios | Strawberry Hills for a team-building lunch!

What’s on the menu? Mouthwatering dishes from around the globe. 

From biryani to pierogies, there’s a world of culinary delights to explore as a team. For teams passionate about learning about different cultures and culinary traditions, nothing beats a potluck party featuring dishes from various countries.

Invite all employees to bring their favourite dish with their colleagues and share a bit about its origin and any secret family recipes! Colleagues will enjoy a delicious meal and learn more about each other’s backgrounds during this global lunch experience!

10. ⁉️Weekly Trivia Party

😃Ideal for: Team who love sharing knowledge or learning new things. 

jon tyson hhq1lxtuwd8 unsplash 1
Organise regular mini-games such as trivia to help your team connect.

There’s always something new to discover about your colleagues, so why not host weekly trivia sessions? Not only will you learn new facts, but you’ll also have the chance to connect with individuals from other teams. Keep it short and sweet—rounds of 15-30 minutes are perfect for bonding and enjoyment!

Use online platforms such as Kahoot or Quizlet to create interactive questions. Encourage employees to volunteer to take turns creating questions to make the process more engaging and less of a chore. It’s a creative way to keep the trivia sessions fresh and exciting!

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11. 📚🥙Lunch and Learn

😃Ideal for: Teams looking to enhance learning opportunities and foster camaraderie

Lunch and learn sessions are gaining popularity due to their convenience and efficiency. These events are simple to organise and cost little. 

All you need to do is select different topics to explore with your colleagues—from history to current movies.

These sessions don’t have to be strictly limited to work-related topics. The next step is ensuring that the company covers lunch, whether ordering pizza, croissants, cakes, or whatever fits your budget. 

The key is to get everyone involved, sparking discussions and personal growth among team members.

12. 🧘Mental Health Workshops

😃Ideal for: Companies aiming to prioritise employee well-being and mental health support.

mitch njupv3aop u unsplash 1
Make mental health a priority for your team’s happiness!

If you’re fortunate enough to have an HR team with a background in psychology, why not leverage their expertise? 

Mental health can be compromised when employees struggle to maintain a proper work-life balance or lack outlets to unwind. Whether it’s tight deadlines or hectic schedules, work-related stress can take its toll.

That’s why it’s crucial to emphasise the importance of mental health through workshops, volunteer opportunities, and resources such as books on the subject.

Additionally, consider creating a dedicated Slack channel where employees can engage in supportive conversations. You can also encourage volunteers to lead yoga or meditation sessions, empowering colleagues to manage stress and practice mindfulness in the workplace.

To Wrap Up

Picnics, trivia games, and workshops are just a few examples of the team-building activities your company can organise for its employees. However, it’s essential to expand beyond these options. Encourage everyone to share their ideas.

By listening to your staff, you’ll be better equipped to plan successful events, and employees will be more enthusiastic about participating in future activities.

Organising team building activities has never been easier!

From sip-and-paint venues to private dining venues, we have it all. 


How can I ensure everyone on the team feels included and engaged during the activity?

Ensuring inclusivity and engagement among all team members during team-building activities is crucial. Here are some tips:

1. Welcome newcomers with icebreaker activities to help them feel comfortable and integrated into the team.
2. Make sure the event is respectful of all cultures and genders.
3. Pay attention to everyone’s reactions and seek input from all team members when suggesting activities.
4. Survey to gather preferences for future team-building events.
5. Encourage open communication by allowing everyone to share their feelings and thoughts before and after the event.

Are there any age or fitness requirements for participating in team-building activities?

While there are no strict age or fitness requirements for participating in team-building activities, it’s important to consider inclusivity and accessibility. Keep in mind that people with disabilities may feel excluded if events are not accessible to them. Additionally, be mindful of age gaps among team members and ensure that activities cater to diverse ages and fitness levels. Making everyone feel welcomed and included, regardless of age or gender, is essential for a successful team-building experience.

What are some of the best team-building activities in Sydney?

Sydney offers a variety of team-building experiences to suit different preferences and budgets. Some popular options include:

1. Escape rooms
2. Scavenger hunts
3. Murder mysteries
4. Axe throwing
5. Lunch and learn sessions
6. Team Trivia
7. Potluck parties
8. Bring and share events
9. In-house workshops
10. Office-based hunts like Easter egg hunts.

Additionally, some companies promote diversity and cultural appreciation by celebrating various cultures and holidays.

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Sydney’s Top 10 Team-Building Activities for Any Group