COVID-19 Action steps for our Partners – How can we help?

Tagvenue partners

As fellow members of the Events Industry, we’re all in the same boat with regard to the COVID-19 outbreak. At Tagvenue, we believe that we can minimise the impact for venues by working together, and we make it clear that we will be doing everything we can to support our partners throughout this uncertain period. So here are our latest policy changes:

  1. Cancellation policy – We urge all venues listed on our platform to update their cancellation policy. This is now vital and will be prioritised in our search results. We’re also implementing special search filters for customers, making sure that they will enquire at venues with flexible policies first.
  2. Postponement – We’re all about the #dontcancelpostpone movement and we’re promoting postponement policy through our concierge service and on the platform itself. We also encourage our partners to proactively discuss this option while quoting on the platform.
  3. Option to freeze Premium Listings – It’s always best to invest in marketing during difficult times, but we understand that right now everyone’s resources are strained, so anyone who is paying for promotion on our platform can contact to freeze their account until the turbulence is over!
  4. Option for temporarily closed venues – If, for any reason, one of our partners decides to close down for the pandemic period, we’ve got their back. Just drop us a line. Neither the venue’s stats nor their Supervenue badge will be affected. We will also lift the suspension policy to make things easier for our venues.

If there’s anything else we can do for your venue during this difficult time, give us a shout. Let’s all stay strong and safe!