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Top Meeting Rooms in Melbourne

Looking for meeting rooms to hire in Melbourne? Small meeting spaces or boardrooms for bigger groups, hotel meeting venues or unique spots off the beaten track – no matter what kind of meeting rooms you’re keen on, you’re sure to find it with Tagvenue. As well as collecting the very best meeting spaces Melbourne has to offer, we’re also happy to share some of our insider knowledge. Check out our short guide on how to find the best meeting rooms in Melbourne below.

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Meeting Rooms Hire Guide

Selecting the right space for your meeting in Melbourne might be a tricky task. Take a look at the top tips, tricks and ideas for finding the perfect meeting room in Melbourne from our venue experts:

  • Estimate the duration of your meeting – Are you going to have a quick review or a full-day discussion? Meeting rooms in Melbourne can be hired either by the hour or for the entire day. If your gathering is going to be rather short, choosing the first option is likely to save you a bundle. Whenever you plan an event, we also strongly recommend drawing up a detailed plan. This will ensure that the meeting is not only organised but is more enjoyable as well. When you have a plan to follow, you will be guided through the whole process smoothly and feel less stressed if something goes wrong. You will also know whether the meeting room you’re planning to hire should come with just complimentary coffee and tea or if you would require catering.
  • Pick the right seating layout – One small table works just fine for groups of 3-4 people, while a classic boardroom makes more sense if you’re hosting a meeting for more people. Our handy guide to seating arrangements is sure to help you out.
  • Take care of the lighting – It makes it much easier to focus and be productive if the meeting space is bright and airy. Most meeting rooms available for hire in Melbourne have access to natural light, which is the best option. If that isn’t possible, do your best to make sure the room of your choice is well-lit.
  • Focus on the attendeesPlanning a long meeting? Don’t forget to schedule breaks and make sure the meeting space you hired has designated breakout areas to get some refreshments and catch your breath.
  • Double check everything – Make sure to write down all the items you’re going to need for the meeting, so you won’t forget anything. Place emphasis on checking all the meeting room facilities beforehand (e.g. internet connection and A/V equipment). It’s always better to avoid surprises!

When it comes to cheap meeting room hire in Melbourne, it’s good to keep these things in mind:

  • Consider different available dates and time slots – Having several alternatives for the time and date of your meeting increases the chances of booking a meeting room that meets all your requirements. What’s more, some meeting venues in Melbourne offer special discounts for selected dates only, so being flexible might mean a really great deal.
  • Pick a small meeting room – If you’re organising a gathering for 8 guests, there is no point in booking a meeting room that can hold twice that many. Choosing a smaller meeting space is cheaper and encourages your attendees to be more proactive.
  • Don’t be afraid to step off the beaten path – Meeting room hire prices in Melbourne tend to be much lower if you go a bit further away from the city centre. There are heaps of beautiful meeting spaces to discover in the suburbs of Melbourne, and we’re happy to lead the way!
  • Take advantage of technology! - Why not send any relevant documents to your meeting attendees ahead of time? That way, they will always have a copy with them, ready for discussion, and you'll have the opportunity to save some money as well!

Melbourne provides great opportunities for hiring a meeting room. With a thriving and active business community, the city has more than earned its reputation as the business hub of Victoria. You will find high standard meeting rooms, conference rooms and boardrooms not only in the CBD but in the suburbs as well. Trust us, business people who come to this city are never short of locations where they can meet.

Where are the most popular meeting rooms in Melbourne?

A wide variety of retail, financial, legal, administrative, recreation, tourist, and entertainment services are available in the Central Business District. Due to its hustle and bustle nature, it is no wonder that the area offers plenty of meeting room options. If you search for meeting spaces here, you will have no trouble hiring anything you need, from smaller boardrooms for board meetings to atriums for bigger groups. Prices for hiring a meeting room in the CBD range from $29 to $395 per hour. (All data according to

Richmond is located close to the CBD, and offers great opportunities for business people to hire meeting rooms in this highly convenient location for slightly lower prices. It also provides great public transport possibilities, as it is just a short hop from the Central Business District. Prices for hiring a meeting room, conference room or a boardroom in this area range from $40 to $300 per hour. (All data according to

There are plenty of options to choose from when it comes to hiring meeting rooms in Carlton and Carlton North as well. These locations also offer meeting rooms just a stone’s throw away from the CBD. You will find meeting spaces and conference rooms in both a modern and traditional style there and their prices start from around $30 and go up to $121 per session. (All data according to

Looking for a meeting room overlooking Melbourne’s sandy beaches? Then the St Kilda area should be your go-to location. Not only does it provide breathtaking views of the seaside and a sidewalk lined with palm trees but also a high standard of meeting spaces and boardrooms costing from $65 to $80 per hour. (All data according to

What should be included in the meeting room in Melbourne?

Enough space. Each of the attendees should have enough space to use. It is impossible to focus when somebody is constantly invading your personal space. Everyone will feel more comfortable and eager to brainstorm ideas and initiate conversations about the company's events, successes and problems, when enough space is provided. If you’re in doubt, ask for more photos of the meeting space you’ve picked before making the final decision.

Air conditioning. A room full of people can get stuffy fairly quickly. And when it is hot outside - it gets even worse. Sometimes a small window may not be enough to keep everyone comfortable. A safe solution would be to hire a meeting room that has air conditioning included. It is much easier to work at a pleasing temperature, isn’t it?

Presentation facilities. You need equipment suitable for showing important presentations, information and figures. No matter how well and how sensibly you speak, you will not appear professional without this. Often, meeting rooms in Melbourne include flat screen TVs, projectors and white boards. However, we always recommend confirming the offer before booking and checking the reviews. Former customers generally provide feedback regarding the quality of

Wi-Fi connection. One of the worst things that can happen during a conference or any other business meeting is either that an internet connection is too slow to show any video on the internet or that the signal is constantly disrupted. With such problems your meeting can easily overrun and nobody really wants that. Always check the signal before the meeting begins, just in case. If it’s not working, ask if other boardrooms or conference rooms are available.

Lights. Proper meeting rooms should have proper lighting, that goes without saying. You should be able to see the presentation and other participants clearly. Also, a shadowy room can make everyone sleepy and unresponsive. If you need to hold a conference both online and on the spot, then you should pay attention to lighting even more to make sure both online and offline participants can see you properly.

Always remember to face the light source so that everyone can see you clearly. By sitting with your back to a window or other light source, you can get a harsh shadow effect that has a negative impact on the quality of the video call. Both in the room as well as on your video call, daylight will create an enjoyable lighting effect. A meeting room with big windows would be a good option to ensure enough natural light. 

The most popular meeting spaces in Melbourne are:

Meeting rooms are regular meeting spaces that can serve a variety of purposes. They can be used for training, presentations or just regular meetings. Meeting rooms also generally offer a range of meeting tech, such as monitors, screens, projectors, whiteboards, or even smart boards. 

Meeting Rooms - Level 2 at The Oxford Scholar is a few steps away from RMIT Melbourne University Campus. Perfect for both private and business meetings.

Metro - The Cluster is a meeting room right in the middle of the CBD. Suitable for formal business meetings, high-level corporate negotiations or larger presentations.

Princess at workspace365 is a small meeting space perfect for business gatherings forand interviews up to 4 people. It offers just what you need for a basic business meeting, as well as Zoom calls. Located at York Street in South Melbourne.

Yakka at SleevesUp is a simple meeting room that has exactly what you need. It is located a few steps away from Gosch's Paddock sports complex.

Boardrooms are traditionally utilised by a company's board of directors. Because valuable information is usually discussed, they offer a higher level of security and might even have a password or special key. Because boardrooms are designed to be used by executives, they often offer high quality meeting tech and a very comfortable fit out. They may offer microphones in front of every member, to ensure that each attendee can be heard.

The Lounge + Abell Boardroom at The Cluster is a Tagvenue Supervenue. This high-quality boardroom is located on Queen Street, a few steps away from the Immigration Museum. It offers a splendid overview of the Yarra River. Tagvenue’s customers praise it for its location, venue facilities and great communication with the staff.

The Boardroom at The Cluster is located on Queen Street, right next to the Yarra River. It is a well-reviewed boardroom, praised for its high standard of service quality, location and excellent communication.

Boardroom at Sculptform Design Studio is designed with a focus on premium design and state-of-the-art facilities, allowing your businesses to grow hassle-free. The boardroom is located a stone’s throw away from the CBD, surrounded by cafés, restaurants and transport possibilities which make it easier to do your business.

Conference rooms permit video conferencing or conference calls so that outside participants can attend the meeting. A high-quality conference room should have sufficient space for all of the attendees, reliable Wi-Fi, catering and access to parking or public transport.

Albert Room 2 at View Melbourne is a flexible conference room on St Kilda Road. It offers great conference opportunities within your budget. Praised by Tagvenue’s customers for excellent communication, this meeting and conference hotel is a top pick.

Conference Space at CoWork Me features a stunning view of St Kilda Road. This conference meeting space is a perfect venue for both lectures and seminars. It can be customised according to your preferences.

The Queensbridge at The Cluster is a conference room overviewing CBD and the Yarra River. Its unique design and facilities will surely meet your expectations. Definitely worth checking out. Perhaps this will be the conference room that you need?

If you need some extra help with planning a meeting why not check Tagvenue’s Meeting Planning Checklist? The checklist was made by our experts to help you organise a perfect meeting. It involves detailed planning tips about the decision-making process, meeting activities and plenty of helpful tricks. If you struggle with seating layout in your meeting space, we also have something for you! Event seating arrangements tips will help you choose the best layout for your meeting. You are welcome!

FAQs about Meeting Rooms in Melbourne

How much does it cost to hire a meeting room in Melbourne?

A large number of meeting rooms in Melbourne are priced with a hire fee, which only includes the costs of using the space. The rates range between $50-$80 per hour, while the fees for full-day meeting room hire start at $400. The prices may vary depending on the location, the size of the room and the time of the meeting. Small meeting rooms a bit further away from the city centre usually turn out to be the cheapest option. Some corporate venues are priced with a minimum spend. This means you’re not paying for venue hire, you simply need to spend a previously agreed amount on refreshments. Minimum spend rates for meeting rooms in Melbourne typically range between $500 for small rooms and $2000 for larger spaces. This pricing type usually applies to full-day meeting room hire. The third most popular pricing option for meeting rooms in Melbourne is the daily delegate rate. A typical all-inclusive meeting package covers the cost of venue hire and basic meeting facilities. The price varies between $50-$80 per person. (All data from

What are the most popular locations for meeting rooms in Melbourne?

The Central Business District remains the most popular area for corporate meetings and gatherings of all kinds. One of the most prestigious addresses in the area is Collins Street, known for its heritage buildings and business hubs. The world-famous laneways of the CBD are also full of unique meeting spaces, conference rooms and boardrooms available for hire, all of which lie within Melbourne’s Free Tram Zone which makes it really convenient to get around. Trust us to help you find the very best ones! If your attendees are arriving by plane, you might want to consider hiring a meeting room near Melbourne Tullamarine Airport – this will help you save heaps of time and make things more convenient for all involved. The area is full of hotels with fully-equipped meeting spaces, so you can sort out both the accommodations and the meeting room in one place. Boasting beautiful Victorian architecture and green areas (Fitzroy Gardens, Yarra Park) to discover during meeting breaks, East Melbourne is an attractive choice for meetings. The district is located just a few steps from the CBD and Flinders Street Station, so if you’re looking for centrally-located meeting spaces or conference rooms that won’t break the bank, this is the perfect pick!

What are some of the most popular meeting locations in Melbourne?

If you’re looking for a relatively low-cost meeting space, you should definitely have a look at library meeting rooms. There are many locations to consider, from the famous State Library Victoria to Southbank, North Melbourne and Docklands. Want something unusual? Many meeting planners in Melbourne are tired of cookie-cutter spaces and turn to funky meeting spaces instead. The most unique venues in Melbourne can be found in Fitzroy, Collingwood and Windsor. Last but not least, don’t forget that Melbourne is famous for its coffee culture! Many cafes offer meeting spaces for hire, so you can exchange ideas and get your caffeine kick at the same time.

What hours are meeting rooms in Melbourne available?

The hours of operation depend on the venue. Usually, meeting rooms are available to hire from 7:00 to 18:00 or from 9:00 to 17:00. However, you will find plenty of meeting rooms in Melbourne that are available even until 22:00. If you search diligently, you will be able to find a meeting room that is open at a time that is convenient for you. 

Guests Reviews of Meeting Rooms on Tagvenue

Sarah T.
Booked Boardroom - Collins St at Sector Serviced Offices- Collins Street
The girls at the desk were very helpful and made it clear that they were there to help out throughout the day if we needed it. The room was clean, modern & was nice to sit in for a full 8 hours
Booked Day Suite at LXD Business Centre - Chadstone
The day suite is perfect for small meetings. Professional staff and service is great! Love their coffee.
Belinda P.
Booked Level 1 at The Oxford Scholar
Excellent venue for meeting purpose and great location. Rebecca from Tagvenue was amazing - always keeping me updated with really efficient communication. Highly recommended
Sashua B.
Booked Meeting Room at CoParadiso
This venue had a great vibe to it, the people were super friendly and accomodating. I would definitely recommend for a casual meeting in a nice environment and will return there myself.
Julian R.
Booked Small Meeting Room at @workspaces Normanby Chambers
The room and setup were perfect for a small meeting - very close to our CBD offices and convenient. The room is very quiet, private and comfortable. A carafe of iced water was a nice touch. We will definitely use it again.
Roxanne T.
Booked South Centre Room at Quest Melbourne Airport
Overall very good Room with good light, good size for 15. Non-invasive but very positive and reliable service throughout the day. FOH staff friendly and nothing an issue. Catering was excellent. Apartment very comfortable. Access allowed to meeting room night before to get head around, which was appreciated however proved to be VERY necessary - see below
Mattie-Martha S.
Booked to be deleted at Victoria Quaker Centre
ideal venue for a book launch: spacious and beautiful venue, open doors to balcony/good air circulation (for those attendees concerned about viral spread); access easy (including a lift for one disabled attendee); equipped with crockery and glassware etc; prompt and reliable in answering questions... very friendly Friends!
Fiona S.
Booked Zeus Boardroom at Victory Offices Collins Place
The girl who met us when we arrived was very professional (can’t remember her name unfortunately) and the whole morning felt very smooth. We appreciated her permitting the unexpected news crew who joined us as well as how quickly she served coffees around the room. We wouldn’t hesitate in using the same facilities again.

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