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Small meeting spaces or rooms for bigger groups, hotel meeting venues or unique spots off the beaten track – no matter what kind of meeting room you’re keen on, you’re sure to find it with Tagvenue. As well as collecting the very best meeting spaces Melbourne has to offer, we’re also happy to share some of our insider knowledge. Check out our short guide on how to find the best meeting space in Melbourne below.

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Meeting Rooms Hire Guide

Top tips, tricks and ideas for finding the perfect meeting room in Melbourne from our venue experts:

  • Estimate the duration of your meeting – Are you going to have a quick review or a full-day discussion? Meeting rooms in Melbourne can be hired either by the hour or for the entire day. If your gathering is going to be rather short, choosing the first option is likely to save you a bundle.
  • Pick the right seating layout – One small table works just fine for groups of 3-4 people, while a classic boardroom makes more sense if you’re hosting a meeting for more people. Our handy guide to seating arrangements is sure to help you out.
  • Take care of the lighting – It makes it much easier to focus and be productive if the meeting space is bright and airy. Most meeting rooms available for hire in Melbourne have access to natural light, which is the best option. If that isn’t possible, do your best to make sure the room of your choice is well-lit.
  • Focus on the attendees – Planning a long meeting? Don’t forget to schedule breaks and make sure the meeting venue has designated breakout areas to get some refreshments and catch your breath.
  • Double check everything – Make sure to write down all the items you’re going to need for the meeting, so you won’t forget anything. Place emphasis on checking all the meeting room facilities beforehand (e.g. internet connection and A/V equipment). It’s always better to avoid surprises!

Now that you know how to choose the right space, you might ask yourself: how much does it actually cost to hire a meeting room in Melbourne? We’ve written down all the answers you’re looking for, based on our meeting room hire data. Check them out below!

  • A large number of meeting rooms in Melbourne is priced with a hire fee, which only includes the costs of using the space. The rates range between $50-$80 per hour, while the fees for full-day meeting room hire start at $400. The prices may vary depending on the location, the size of the room and the time of the meeting. Small meeting rooms a bit further away from the city centre usually turn out to be the cheapest option.
  • Some spaces are priced with a minimum spend. This means you’re not paying for venue hire, you simply need to spend a previously agreed amount on refreshments. Minimum spend rates for meeting rooms in Melbourne typically range between $500 for small rooms and $2000 for larger spaces. This pricing type usually applies to full-day meeting room hire.
  • Third most popular pricing option for meeting rooms in Melbourne is the daily delegate rate. A typical all-inclusive meeting package covers the cost of venue hire and basic meeting facilities. The price varies between $50-$80 per person.

Most popular locations for corporate meetings in Melbourne:

  • Melbourne CBD – Melbourne’s Central Business District remains the most popular area for corporate meetings and gatherings of all kinds. One of the most prestigious addresses in the area is Collins Street, known for its heritage buildings and business hubs. The world-famous laneways of the CBD are also full of unique meeting spaces available for hire, all of which lie within Melbourne’s Free Tram Zone which makes it really convenient to get around. Trust us to help you find the very best ones!
  • Melbourne Tullamarine Airport – If your attendees are arriving by plane, you might want to consider hiring a meeting room near Melbourne Airport – this will help you save heaps of time and makes things more convenient for all involved. The area is full of hotels with meeting facilities, so you can sort out both the accommodations and the meeting room in one place.
  • East Melbourne – Boasting beautiful Victorian architecture and green areas (Fitzroy Gardens, Yarra Park) to discover during meeting breaks, East Melbourne is an attractive choice for meetings. The district is located just a few steps from the CBD and Flinders Street Station, so if you want something central and not too expensive, this is the perfect pick!

Got more questions about meeting room hire in Melbourne? We answer some of the most common ones below:

What are some of the most popular meeting room types in Melbourne?

If you’re looking for a relatively low-cost meeting space, you should definitely have a look at library meeting rooms. There are many locations to consider, from the famous State Library Victoria to Southbank, North Melbourne and Docklands. Want something unusual? Many meeting planners in Melbourne are tired of cookie-cutter spaces and turn to funky spaces instead. The most unique venues in Melbourne can be found in Fitzroy, Collingwood and Windsor. Last but not least, don’t forget that Melbourne is famous for its coffee culture! Many cafes offer meeting spaces for hire, so you can exchange ideas and get your caffeine kick at the same time.

How do I look for a cheap meeting room in Melbourne? Any handy tips?

When it comes to cheap meeting room hire in Melbourne, it’s good to keep these things in mind:

  • Consider different available dates and time slots – Having several alternatives for the time and date of your meeting increases the chances of booking a meeting room that meets all your requirements. What’s more, some meeting venues in Melbourne offer special discounts for selected dates only, so being flexible might mean a really great deal.
  • Pick a small meeting room – If you’re organising a gathering for 8 guests, there is no point in booking a meeting room that can hold twice that many. Choosing a smaller space is cheaper and encourages your attendees to be more proactive.
  • Don’t be afraid to step off the beaten path – Meeting room hire prices tend to be much lower if you go a bit further away from the city centre. There are heaps of beautiful meeting spaces to discover in the suburbs of Melbourne, and we’re happy to lead the way!