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Discover the best meeting rooms Sydney has to offer. At Tagvenue, we’ve gathered professional meeting spaces for hire around the city and listed them all in one place, so you don’t need to waste precious time trawling the internet for them yourself. With us, finding and booking your ideal conference spot is easier than ever and just a few clicks away. Whether you’re looking for a small business room or a larger boardroom to hold that important conference, we’ve got you covered. Why not give us a try and see for yourself?

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Meeting Rooms Hire Guide

Sydney is one of the best cities in Australia to do business. Watching the beautiful coastline from one of the skyscrapers in the huge Central Business District is an inspiring feeling that will motivate you and your co-workers to achieve all your goals. And thanks to our large selection of stunning meeting rooms ready for hire, you can arrange your perfect setting for a professional meeting in no time.

The city boasts a large variety of locations for a nice meeting or conference. You can pick up a great meeting room in one of the skyscrapers in the bustling downtown, check out some of the waterfront meeting venues to get a nice view of the Great Barrier Reef, or look through some more secluded options in the suburbs. Don’t know where to begin? Don’t stress it - we’re happy to share our experience and expert knowledge with you. Wondering how to pick the right space?

What to keep in mind when hiring a Sydney meeting room

  • Location - Are you keen on a boardroom in Sydney city centre, or rather a small conference room a bit off the beaten track? Whatever it is, make sure your attendees will have no trouble getting there. Don’t forget to check all the nearest public transport links (both the metropolitan trains and the buses), as well as parking spaces. You can also just look for business spaces in the close proximity to your home or office by simply scrolling towards the area of your choice.
  • Facilities and amenities - Audiovisual equipment, flip charts, sticky notes, whiteboards - what are you going to need? Both pricey and cheap meeting rooms in Sydney usually have all the basic meeting facilities available on site, but it’s always better to confirm this with the venue manager. You can also ask them if they have some sort of tech specialist on hand - it’s great to have them available when something needed for your presentation breaks or doesn’t work properly.
  • Budget - In order to get the best deal for your venue, it’s good to have a specific budget. With it, you will be able to filter out meeting rooms in Sydney based on the amount you want to spend on them. In this city, you can find a couple different types of offers for meeting spaces. First, there are venues that simply charge by hour or per person attending the meeting. Then, there are minimum spend offers, meaning that rather than paying for the space itself, you are required to spend over a certain amount on food and refreshments. If you want to get the best bang for your buck, take a look at our options for affordable meeting venues in Sydney.
  • Headcount - How many people will attend your next meeting? If you want to make your professional gathering more inclusive and best for your budget, you should opt for a venue that matches your space requirements exactly. With Tagvenue, you can filter different meeting spaces by the amount of seats you’re going to need. If you’re not sure about your final number of people, make sure you create a list of all the attendees, and ask them to RSVP for the meeting as early as possible.
  • Breakout area - If you’re planning a meeting that’s going to last for several hours, it’s a good idea to book a meeting venue that has breakout spaces, so that you and your attendees have a place to catch a breath between sessions. Depending on the headcount of your business meeting and your budget, you can provide your attendees with some sort of catering, refreshments, or fun activities to clear their mind in between sessions. Going through light case studies, brainstorming sessions, or even icebreakers and games could all be great ideas for meeting breakout room activities.
  • Catering options - If you do have a breakout space, it would be good to provide them with some food and refreshments. If your meeting is rather short, a handful of snacks (fresh fruit are a great idea) will do just fine, but if it’s going to last for several hours, remember to provide some sort of lunch or buffet for your guests. No matter the length of the gathering, always make sure your attendees stay hydrated by having plenty of water on-site.
  • The double check - Take a moment to go through all your memos and notes once again. Arrive at the meeting venue before the event takes place, check if all the devices are working properly and make sure you’ve got all the facilities you need. If you have a presentation ready, make sure to rehearse it if you have some time on your hands.

A quick guide on how to run an effective meeting in Sydney

Okay, now it’s time to prepare some notes for your meeting, create a presentation, and start planning to run this event like a boss. With a little work and some of our tips on how to efficiently plan and run your next meeting, you’re going to do great! Here's a step by step guide on how to set your meeting up for success:

First of all, create one goal for the meeting. If you follow a specific idea all throughout the process of planning your presentation, the result will be much more consistent and simple to understand. Bear in mind that not all subjects need an organised meeting, it’s usually more efficient to deal with the simple things via an email or a conference call.

Next, make an agenda - a list of elements you want to talk about, tasks you want to get done,  and problems you want to solve during the corporate meeting. This list should work as a summary for all the attendees to understand the purpose of the meeting, and how they are supposed to contribute so that everything goes according to plan. It should be neither too basic nor too complicated - specific, but concise goals are much easier to follow.

Now it’s time to actually schedule the meeting in Sydney. Invite everyone who you think would be able to contribute to the conversation. Otherwise some people will think the meeting's a waste of their time. This will be easier if you’ve done your homework during the planning phase. Then, do your best to find a time frame that works for all of them. 

Then, after you have the headcount of all the attendees, and a good idea of how the meeting is supposed to go, you can start looking for a meeting room. Sydney has a lot to offer in that regard - regardless of the amount of people, your target location, or any other elements or amenities you want. A great boardroom or modern workspace will definitely work, but if you want to add a little flair to your work environment, you can try to think outside the box. For example, how about a professional meeting in a nice waterfront cafe or restaurant?

When working on your presentation, you will have to know if you have access to a TV or projector so that everyone can see your slides. If some of your team members will have to attend remotely, make sure to have a computer with some sort of specialised software for conference calls (such as Zoom or Microsoft Teams).

If you want your presentation to be well received by the attendees, you will have to think of ways to keep it engaging. One way of doing this is by using appealing pictures and graphics. You can find nice looking materials for free on open image libraries like Freepik or Pexels. Remember to include only the information that is relevant to the corporate meeting’s main goal, and not to clutter the slides. You can also try things such as asking questions to the listeners, using jokes and anecdotes to your advantage, or including quick tasks or exercises that are relevant to your meeting.

When you’re leading the meeting, it’s important to come early and prepared. On the day of the meeting, make sure to check all your notes, read the agenda again, and make sure you have your presentation ready. It’s crucial to start and your speech in a meeting room on time, as any delays could mess up someone else’s schedule, or run longer than a hire time. Don’t make too many tangents, and make sure there’s plenty of time for feedback and possible questions. 

We believe that your meeting will be successful. If you want some more useful tips and tricks on how to make an impact with your meetings, we made a blog post that goes into way more detail.

How to choose a great corporate venue in Sydney that will spice up your meeting

If you’re just looking for a simple boardroom somewhere in the CBD, you will have plenty of cheap meeting locations for hire, but if you want to find that special space that will impress the attendees, you may need to think outside the box. We made a shortlist of all the types of interesting and unique meeting venues you will be able to find in Sydney:

  • Cafes or restaurants - Something as simple as a business meeting in a nice, public space could be a nice change of pace from a standard corporate space, especially if the headcount is relatively small. With the variety of restaurants, bars, and cafes in the city, you can keep it as casual or formal as you like.
  • Outdoor spaces - Want to take a breath of fresh air? We have plenty of outdoor spaces and venues with gardens in Sydney available for hire. It is believed nature has a positive effect on your mood and can keep your mind clear for the entire session.
  • Boats - Parramatta River is full of interesting spaces and beautiful views. Why not check them out while securing all your business goals? Tagvenue has plenty of boat venues you can check out if you want to take your professional meeting to sea. Cruise ships, ship decks, and even yachts are all ready for your next endeavour.
  • Green spaces - As green energy and passive housing is getting more popular, there are more and more environmentally friendly meeting spaces popping up all over New South Wales. And Sydney is no exception. Find coffee shops, co-working spaces and modern meeting rooms featuring the newest technologies and reusable materials to show yourself or your company as a socially responsible entity.
  • Hybrid meeting venues - Over the last couple of years, many of the Sydney meeting rooms have adapted themselves to be able to host normal, in-person meetings as well as hybrid and virtual meetings. If you want to connect with your contacts from different parts of Australia, or even overseas, check out our list of great boardrooms complete with projectors, computers and conference mics. You'll find some dedicated meeting spaces with conference call facilities, too! 

When you do choose the appropriate event space and time frame for your meeting, the hard part will be over. Simply contact the manager of the venue you’ve chosen and they will go over everything you need to know and answer all of your questions. You can also ask them to let you check out the meeting venue for yourself before making sure everything has been properly discussed and signing your contract.

FAQs about Meeting Rooms in Sydney

How much does it cost to hire a meeting room in Sydney?

Hire fees for meeting spaces in Sydney start from $250 per session or day for a room in the suburbs, but if you’re on the lookout for a room in the CBD, be prepared to spend between $500 and $800 per session or day (while bigger corporate spaces in the city centre might be a bit more expensive). Another approach is to find a venue with a minimum spend policy, which means all you need to do is spend a set amount on refreshments. The usual rates range between $400 and $1500, depending on the size, location, and the catering offer at the meeting venue of your choice. Last but not least, many meeting rooms in Sydney offer special meeting package deals, which include the venue hire cost and basic meeting facilities. The prices start at as little as $80 per person! (All data from Tagvenue)

What is the cheapest meeting space rental option in Sydney?

If you are on a tight budget, the best thing to do is to pick an event space with a minimum spend. This way, you’re not paying a single dollar for hiring the meeting room; you’re just obligated to spend a certain amount on the refreshments only. Sounds like a fair deal, doesn’t it?

Can I find unique meeting rooms in Sydney?

Sure! Why not take advantage of the city’s amazing gem, the Sydney Harbour, and hire a waterfront conference room with a stunning view? It’s 100% sure to leave a lasting impression! Looking for space with top-notch design? No problem - Sydney boasts a wide range of boutique meeting venues for hire, and we’re listing the very best ones here on our venue hire platform.

Can I use external catering services at Sydney's meeting rooms?

This depends on your meeting venue’s policy, but you should be able to find a venue that fits your needs! Some corporate meeting rooms in Sydney work with approved caterers only, or insist on using their in-house services. In this case, it’s always better to ask the manager.

What are the most popular locations for meeting room hire in Sydney?

The commercial heart of Sydney, Central Business District is by far the most popular place for Australian professionals to meet up. No matter what style of a meeting room you’re keen on, you’re sure to find it in the CBD. If you’re expecting attendees coming from overseas, the area around the airport is your best bet. Many of the spaces available there are hotel meeting rooms, which means you’ll get the accommodation sorted on-site, too. North Sydney is also quite an important meeting hub. It’s home to another crucial commercial district with heaps of office buildings, many of which offer some really great meeting spaces for hire.

Guests Reviews of Meeting Rooms on Tagvenue

Booked The Cinema at Rydges Sydney Central
Our recent company meeting at The Cinema, Rydges Sydney, was nothing short of exceptional. From the outset, the booking process was smooth and professional, thanks to the efficient and responsive staff. Upon arrival, we were immediately impressed by the ambiance of the venue. The Cinema provided a sophisticated yet comfortable setting for our meeting, creating an atmosphere conducive to productivity and collaboration. One of the highlights of our experience was the seamless coordination by the booking staff. They were quick to respond to inquiries and went above and beyond to accommodate our needs, making the entire process effortless and stress-free. The professionalism of the venue staff was equally commendable. From greeting us upon arrival to ensuring that all logistical aspects were taken care of, their attention to detail was evident throughout. In conclusion, The Cinema at Rydges Sydney exceeded our expectations in every aspect. From the ease of booking to the professionalism of the staff, it was a pleasure to host our meeting at this venue. I would highly recommend it to anyone seeking a seamless and hassle-free event experience.
Novi S.
Booked Meeting Room 2 at Centred
Excellent communication from Emma which is clear and responsive. She also fulfilled my request such as providing white board and lap top. The meeting room is spacious enough for 8 people.
Karly S.
Booked Works | Boardroom at Works by Scentre Group
Nicola was great at communicating and making arrangements throughout the preparation of the workshops and presentations. The team was agile and able to think on their feet when we had a few last-minute changes - super grateful for that. We will definitely be booking our next large meeting and presentation with Nicola and her team.
Olivia D.
Booked Tambourine Room at Workspace365 Surry Hills
Daniele was absolutely amazing. No request was too much and she was readily available for any questions throughout the booking process. The meeting space was perfect for our group and the facilities were top notch. Super happy and will most definitely book again. Plus the dog that greeted us at the elevator was the cherry on top - SO cute!
Emily M.
Booked Event Space at Seed Spaces
This is a fabulous venue with beautiful and modern facilities and lovely and helpful staff. My team recently had a 2 day workshop here and everyone said how much they loved the creative meeting space. Highly recommend.
Kylie C.
Booked Meeting Room - VC1 at The Porter
VC1 at The Porter is an excellent meeting space, it is modern, professional and very comfortable with great facilities in the same building. I would recommend the Porter for any business looking for a flexible space, I will be booking this room again.
Michael C.
Booked The Living Room at Bustle Studios
I really liked the atmosphere of the space - it was more like an Airbnb with considered extra touches than a more traditional meeting space. There was good natural space, and informal spaces (the living area and the deck). Proximity to the train was good. The team was very responsive and helpful in communicating with me about the venue and set up.
Margaret D.
Booked The Living Room at Bustle Studios
The space is great! It is nicely decorated and perfectly located, just a short walk from the central station. It offers everything and even more I needed for my workshop with a fully equipped kitchen and a lovely terrace where we had a quick lunch break. Everyone loved it! I highly recommend it to anyone!

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