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Meeting rooms are not hard to find in Melbourne, but when you are hunting for a smaller sized space, you will need to be a bit more particular. Luckily, with Tagvenue’s smart filter you can limit your choice by group size and find that just-right venue. So whether you are hunting for intimate conference rooms near the airport or small meeting rooms near Melbourne’s Central Station, we’ve got a range of options for you to pick from.

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Small Meeting Rooms Hire Guide

Smaller sized meeting rooms are available all across Melbourne, from the airport all the way down to Windsor and Caulfield North. These facilities are designed for easy use by small groups whether for board meetings or simply trainings. When booking a small room for a business function it pays to bear in mind the following:

  • Know your space - be prepared with a mostly confirmed guest list. You don’t want the room to be too large, not to mention the extra costs you face for unused space.
  • Equipment - Make sure the venue is aware of any equipment you might need, and make sure that you are aware of how much this might cost you. Whether it is video conferencing equipment or simply a whiteboard with working markers, you should address these issues up front.
  • Location - Make sure that the facilities are in the right place. Your attendees could be on a tight schedule and time spent travelling to the venue could be time wasted. Meeting rooms near public transport or the airport could be a wise choice. 

Prices for smaller meeting rooms in Melbourne are generally based on per person or minimum spend models and are very affordable: 

  • Per person fees for facilities with capacity up to 10 delegates range from $52 to $100 per person per session
  • When offering minimum spend, prices range from $70 to $300 per day for a space for up to 8 people. 
  • Some meeting spaces charge for half or all day hire as well, for smaller room size spaces this range from $100 to $415 per session.