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If you’re looking to hire a boardroom in Sydney then you’ve definitely come to the right place. From Northern Beaches to Sydney Airport, and everything in between, the city has a fantastic variety of boardrooms, offices, and conference rooms for all your corporate needs. To check through all these great spaces and more, use our venue finder to help you narrow down your options and send direct enquiries to your favourites. Take it for a spin now and book the perfect boardroom within minutes!

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Boardrooms Hire Guide

Sydney’s boardrooms are modern, chic, and can be adapted to suit all different kinds of casual gatherings or important meetings. Not only that, they come fully-equipped with top-of-the-range technical equipment, TV screens, and multimedia, which makes conference calls and presentations with delegates or board of a company meetings a breeze. Alongside that, many of the city’s boardrooms are fantastically well-connected by Sydney’s train and light-rail services. Most venues are situated directly next to, or within walking distance of a number of different stops, especially in the CBD.

Guide to planning a corporate or business event

Reason for the meeting

When planning a meeting, it is crucial to understand the reason for holding it. Boardrooms are perfect places for conferences, collaboration between businesses, interviews and even training. Some venues are flexible so that you can arrange the seating according to your needs. If you are planning a discussion, brainstorming or a presentation - a boardroom is surely the right choice!


Have you already planned what you are going to discuss in a meeting? Not yet? Then it’s high time you did it! 

An effective agenda not only sets clear goals for a meeting but also helps attendees prepare and manage time. What’s more, if any problems occur or if you happen to stray from the topic, it is easier to come back on track with an agenda and discover what needs  to be discussed. Make sure you estimate time slots for every section so that you don’t run out of time and all the important topics are covered. If you require some extra help organising the meeting timetable, there are plenty of meeting management tools available on the internet.


Make sure you find a boardroom in an accessible and convenient location. For example, Sydney’s CBD offers a range of boardrooms of different styles and sizes  with easy access to public transport opportunities. Of course, even though a centrally located boardroom may be ideal, the meeting budget may not allow for it. The good news is that there are plenty of spaces outside the city centre that will suit your needs. You can take a look in the suburbs such as Mascot and Bondi Junction to find some great boardrooms there as well with great access to major roadways and transport hubs.

Equipment and facilities

There is no successful meeting without proper equipment and facilities. While looking for a boardroom in Sydney, check whether it has basic gear included, such as a whiteboard, projector, flat screen TV, Wi-Fi and sound system. The purpose of these tools is to ensure that your voice and message will be heard and seen by all in attendance. Just remember that before booking the venue, contact the venue manager about the facilities or the equipment, whether it is provided in the hire fee or charged extra.

Enough light and proper temperature

Did you know that the proper temperature for an office room should be between 18 and 22 Celsius for optimum comfort? To ensure that the room will have a proper temperature in the sweltering Australia heat it is crucial to have air conditioning. Always make sure  to set the temperature at a level that will make the participants feel comfortable during the meeting. When it comes to light, artificial light is fine, as long as it is strong enough to illuminate the entire room and can be dimmed when necessary. A room with natural light, on the other hand, could be a good option since it's more comfortable on the eyes.

Accessibility and safety

All attendees should have easy access to the boardroom and feel safe there. Before booking the boardroom, make sure it is easy to evacuate in case of an emergency and have full disabled access.


While looking for a boardroom, remember to set a budget. In Sydney, venues in the suburbs are usually cheaper than those in the CBD. However, it is not the rule! So if you are dreaming about a boardroom in the CBD for an affordable price, hop on Tagvenue’s platform, put your cost requirements in our smart filters and scroll through the boardrooms that suit your wallet.


The best way to check whether the venue is worth booking or not is checking reviews by previous customers. These can provide you with insight about what they liked or didn’t like about the place, service and staff. If the venue doesn’t have reviews, contact the manager if you want to ask if it is possible to see the room yourself before booking.


If your meeting lasts for a short time, a handful of snacks will do just fine. However, if it’s going to be an extensive meeting lasting a day or for several hours, be sure to provide your guests with a meal or a buffet. Regardless of the length of your event, make sure attendees stay hydrated by having plenty of water available.

FAQs about Boardrooms in Sydney

How much does it cost to hire a boardroom in Sydney?

For a room in the CBD, expect to pay between $500 and $800 per session or day. Boardrooms in the suburbs start at $250 per session or day. Alternatively, you can find a venue for  minimum spend that simply requires you to spend a set amount on refreshments with typical rates ranging between $400 and $1500. Some venues charge per hour as well, with costs starting at  $70 per hour and reaching upwards to $300 per hour. (All data from 

Which equipment is included when hiring a boardroom?

Usually boardrooms include basic equipment such as a whiteboard, flat screen TV, projector, air conditioning and a sound system. If you contact some venues in advance, they may be able to provide more equipment for free or for a fee. For more information on the equipment included in the cost, or if you require anything beyond what is provided by the venue, we recommend you contact the venue manager directly.

Can I hire a really cheap boardroom in Sydney?

If you are looking for an affordable boardroom in Sydney, check out locations like St Leonards, which has boardrooms with prices starting at $37 per hour. Bondi Junction offers boardrooms at rates starting at $50 per hour. Some boardrooms available there were praised by our customers for their facilities and excellent communication. 

I need to arrange lunch for the attendees, can I use an external catering service?

This depends on the venue’s policy. Some venues allow external catering, however some do not. These venues may have a preferred vendor, or they may provide catering themselves. We recommend contacting the venue manager to discuss the details before you book.

Guests Reviews of Boardrooms on Tagvenue

Albert T.
Booked Meeting room 22B at Sydney Place
Throughout the technical issues during the call, the IT woman was trying her best to make things work so it was an A+ for care.
Tom D.
Booked Works | Boardroom at Works by Scentre Group
The receptionist, Irman was very friendly and extremely helpful with getting everything sorted. Nicola was also amazing, she was very responsive in the lead up to the event and made sure all our needs were met.
Kate S.
Booked Satisfaction at Workspace365 Bond Sydney
So easy, fabulous facilities and great staff. Am looking forward to hiring this again in the future.
Damian R.
Booked Boardroom at Seed Spaces
The venue aesthetic, equipment and functionality. Very helpful service was much appreciated, great location and would definitely book here again.
Sacha B.
Booked Meeting Room 25B at Aurora Place
Location and service facilities great. Will definitely book again. Maybe a slightly bigger room next time as when food comes in not a lot of room
William S.
Booked The Boardroom at The Castlereagh Boutique Hotel
Staff are excellent and friendly, also very supportive. Truly a stunning location built in an age where timeless quality still matterred.

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