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Training events foster brainstorming and collaboration, they are also great places to organise a wide range of activities to give your employees the best possible training experience. Are you looking for training rooms in Sydney but don’t know where to start? Don’t fret, Sydney has many great professional spaces, and we’ve got all the best ones on Tagvenue! Hop on our platform, use our smart filters to sort your options according to your needs, and make your booking without any hassle.

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Training Rooms Hire Guide

Before you actually start scouting for a training room, you should start by discovering your team’s needs and what they expect from the event. Don’t be afraid to ask colleagues for their opinions on how you can make the most of their learning experience. Once you know where you stand, you can start planning the training!

Are you looking for some extra help with planning your training? Check out our guide on how to organise a successful training in an amazing training space for learning, brainstorming, and collaboration!

Seating arrangements

Seat the participants according to the type of work they are going to engage in. For individual work, classroom style seating is best. If you are planning brainstorming and working in groups, consider the round table style. Should you plan to hold a discussion, pick the boardroom style or U-shape style seating arrangement.

Craving to learn more about seating arrangements? Take a look at Event seating arrangements: What’s the best for your event?

Lighting and Temperature

Two crucial yet often forgotten elements are proper lighting and temperature. Getting these right will guarantee maximum comfort during training sessions. Artificial light is fine, providing that it is strong enough to illuminate the whole room and can be dimmed when needed. However, the best option would be a room with natural light which is more comfortable on the eyes. Make sure the room provides blinds to block any sunlight that might cause problems at certain times of day. When it comes to temperature, the room should be kept between 18 and 22 Celsius for optimum comfort.

Accessibility and safety

Make sure the training room is accessible for everyone. Before you decide on a venue, contact the manager to check whether the training room is wheelchair accessible and easy to evacuate in case of an emergency.

Noise and other distractions

Learning and working require peace and quiet. Noise and other distractions can have a negative impact on a training session, since attendees won’t be able to focus. That’s why it is important to make sure that the training room isn’t too noisy. Soundproof rooms are an excellent choice!  You won’t have to listen to people having a meeting, conference, or training session next door.

Refreshments and breaks

Refreshments and breaks are essential if the training session is going to last for half or even the whole day. Ideally, there should be breaks every 60-90 minutes and refreshments should be provided in the same room or somewhere close.


Does the training room give you the energy to study, explore and brainstorm the moment you step in? Then it is the right choice! The best training rooms have all the elements to inspire and motivate participants. Make sure that the environment will imbue attendees with a sense of energy and well-being. This will help ensure that they will get the most from the training.


In order to deliver the best standard of training, proper equipment should be provided. Whiteboards, projector, speakers, and laser pointer are a must. Make sure the internet connection is stable so that the training can be held uneventfully. Ensure that the hire fee includes all the equipment you need. We recommend contacting the venue manager to discuss the details of hire.


All attendees must have easy access to the location, whether they are travelling by public or private transportation. Make sure the training room is close to the metro and has enough parking space. The best training room locations in Sydney are:

Sydney CBD – There is no doubt that the best place to look for training rooms is the Central Business District, because of its high number of function rooms and meeting spaces in close proximity to this business district. If you search here, you will discover a wide range of training rooms offering different seating arrangements and room sizes. Hiring a training location in the CBD will cost from $88 to $875 per hour.

Parramatta and Rosehill – A bit further away from the CBD and offering excellent MRT connections. You will find plenty of high standard training rooms here!

Manly – Fancy a training room overlooking the  beach? Say no more. Hop on Tagvenue and search for training rooms in Manly! You’ll find plenty of classroom and boardroom style training rooms here. 

Looking for inspiration? Here are a few venues you may find interesting:

The Living Room – The moment you enter the room, you can feel the positive energy. This venue is located at Elizabeth Street, just a few steps away from Central Station! It’s a ‘Supervenue’ with many positive reviews! Our customers praise it for catering, splendid communication and location.

Creative Studio Space at San Telmo Studio – The venue has earned the ‘Supervenue’ badge for its accommodating staff and venue facilities. It is located in Chippendale, a stone’s throw away from Redfern Station.

Tumbling Dice at Workspace365 Wynyard –  A training room in a boardroom style. Tagvenue’s customers praise it for quick response time, excellent communication and service quality. The room is located at Clarence Street.

Training Rooms in Sydney FAQ

How much does it cost to hire a training room in Sydney?

Prices will differ depending on size, standard, and a location. For a training room in the CBD, prices are most likely to range from $88 to $875 per hour. For rooms in the suburbs, expect to pay around $14 to $100 per hour. Some venues offer per session pricing, in that case prices are likely to range from $65 to $600 (All data according to

What should an effective training room have?

An effective training room should definitely have a stable Wi-Fi connection, a whiteboard, a projector, speakers, and ergonomic chairs. Flexible seating arrangements are another advantage worth considering. Some of these features are already included in the hire fee, however some will cost extra. We encourage you to contact the venue manager to ask for the details.

Where in Sydney can I find affordable training rooms?

In Rosebery, the prices for hiring a training room start from $30 per hour. In St Leonards you can find an informal meeting room for $39 per hour. If you take a look at Surry Hills, you will be able to find a few good training rooms starting from $50 per hour. Further east, in Bondi Junction, you can find training rooms at the same price.

Why hire a training room?

Learning in a different environment is a proven method to help acquire information more easily. Also, if your office is small and without separate meeting spaces, a training room can be an affordable and very useful way to give your team the best experience. 

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