Party Venues for Rent in Houston, TX

Party Venues for Rent in Houston, TX

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Top Party Venues in Houston, TX

Have you been searching for party venues in Houston? Are you all set to organize the event of the year? Houston has a party scene like no other, and you’re going to find venues suited for any fine occasion. Prepare yourself for hearing the sound of bottles clinking, music playing, and the buzz of people chattering around you. Soon enough, you will be chilling in one of the private party venues Tagvenue has prepared for you. Are you ready to hang out in a stylish place with amazing drinks? Make sure to grab the event space quickly, since party venues in Houston are forever in demand!

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Party Venues Rental Guide

Houston is ready to please every taste with its grand party venue selection. Have you had the chance to explore by yourself yet? We’ve looked through the list of venues that Tagvenue has collected thus far, and we have to agree that picking just one location is going to be a feat in itself. The wonderful news is that you get to choose from a wide range of very stylish private locations as well as cozy and laid back ones. Tagvenue offers a venue for any celebration, and for every mood. From unique gardens, private garden rooms and patios, to industrial lounges, fancy private dining rooms and vintage bars. Everyone is bound to find an ideal party location for themselves, so go ahead and get searching for your next party place! The perfect venue is only a few clicks away.

Party venue rental tips and tricks

When searching for a party venue, you have to remember a couple of important tips to make the rental process easier. Make sure to take some notes as you check out our rental guide. Once you get down some of our tips and tricks, you’re going to have a great rental experience. So what should you look out for when renting a private party venue? 

Definitely one of the most important things is to decide on the location of the venue. Where would you like to have the party? Which part of the city will be the ideal area for your private event? Are you looking to rent a place near another location? Perhaps you want to party somewhere near your sleeping location, or need a venue closer to an airport because you have people traveling from out of town? You might want to be closer to any well-known tourist destinations if you want to visit a couple of places on the day of your event. Think this through, perhaps in collaboration with your guests, as this may be a deciding factor.

Another important aspect of renting is the price. Have you thought about how much you’d like to spend on a venue for this event? Are you splitting the cost with anyone, or are you the only person who’s going to be paying for the venue? To make the location more affordable, you can check which days of the week offer lower prices, and if there is a BYOB option available. Just remember about the corkage fee. Talk to the manager, as more often than not you’ll be able to come up with a solution that will make both of you happy. You can also check if the private venue has a minimum spend rental fee, or if you can pay per person. If you’re inviting a smaller group of people to your event, then the latter might be a more affordable option. Think about the number of guests you’re planning to invite before you book!

Decide which types of venues are most suitable for the type of private occasion that you are planning. Wedding parties, corporate events and any type of larger parties are probably better to have in venues such as private dining rooms or lounges, while smaller parties, and more casual ones, can be held in bars and small private rooms. And of course you still need to choose if you prefer to have an indoor or an outdoor option. Since the weather is so lovely in Houston, you can opt for outdoor parties in the fall, winter and spring. An outdoor party is certainly going to be a more original option. Your choices are endless, so narrow down your search by deciding on your favorite!

A good strategy is to check out the less in demand options, like private venues which are further away from the city center. Actually, there are so many hidden gems in these areas, you wouldn’t believe it!  Don’t stop with your search at the first page, and don’t get discouraged by the first few venues if they are not what you’re looking for. You’d be surprised what awaits you here on Tagvenue. Take your time to look for the perfect private event space, and check areas which you didn’t think to check before. Locations which are away from the city center can be just as enticing, and often more affordable, so don’t limit yourself if you don’t have to. Houston offers unique places at every corner, be prepared to be on the lookout for them.

Last but not least, when renting, make sure to do everything on time. You wouldn’t believe how many people decide to book venues at the last minute, and it turns out that it’s already booked on the date they wanted. If you wait too long, someone is bound to take it. And that’s because party venues are in demand and very popular. We told you, Houston likes to party! If you’re looking to rent a venue for a smaller number of guests, then we recommend renting a private venue at least 6 weeks in advance. For big parties, 6 months is actually the better option to ensure availability. Just make sure you have everyone RSVP, so you don’t pay more for people who aren’t going to be there.

Feel more comfortable now with this useful information up your sleeve? If you keep all of these in mind, you’ll be able to rent without trouble in no time. It really is an easy process if you think the details through. And if you still need some additional help, then feel free to drop us an email. We’ll be happy to answer all of your questions. Ok, so now we have the tips and tricks down, it’s time to have some venue recommendations for party inspiration!

Party venue recommendations in Houston

Have you checked out our party venues yet? If not, then we recommend taking a look at these fabulous offers. We prepared a list of a few inspirational venues, which will hopefully point you in the right direction, or maybe even show you an ideal event space straight away. So what would you like to pick tonight? Is it a:

  • Private bar with a patio? Then check out Belle Station. This venue is a versatile bar with indoor and outdoor spaces. It is the perfect place to unwind and have a chat with friends! Because of the great staff and top-notch atmosphere, you'll be drawn to visit it on a daily basis. The entire venue can accommodate up to 250 people, while the patio by itself fits 150 guests. Whether it’s a birthday party, corporate event or wedding reception, the team will work with you to create the kind of celebration that suits your style! With prices starting at $2,500 minimum spend, you’ve come across a bargain and wonderful opportunity. Head to Midtown to check out this cozy space!
  • Private dining room? Check The Ivy Room at Tiny Boxwoods Productions, a stunning restaurant located just south of Memorial Park. With its intimate and private space, this venue is perfect for hosting a party. The casual interior, complete with vibrant chairs, creates a warm and inviting atmosphere that is sure to impress your guests. Find this venue in Greenway, and prepare for a hire fee that starts from $100 plus $40 per person. Come and experience the charm of The Ivy Room for yourself and make your next party one to remember.
  • Full buyout? Look for Whole venue at Sterling Banquet Hall 3There's no better place to host your next party than here. This venue is located in Pasadena and offers a wide space for you and your guests to enjoy.  You can reserve a seat for no charge and easily invite up to 400 guests. It has a minimum spend of $1700- $3250 depending on the day.
  • Rooftop? Have you seen The Rooftop at Z on 23 Rooftop Bar This private location is absolutely phenomenal. A total one-of-a-kind venue, which will stay in everyone’s  memories for a long time. Surrounded by the city buildings and the breathtaking view over Houston's city centre, it’s the perfect place to party with just your own crew. In the evening, the whole venue lights up in beautiful colors, really making it a space fit for celebrities. It is slightly on the pricey side, with a minimum spend per session starting from $8000. If this sounds like the place you’d like to book, you’ll find it in Downtown.
  • Versatile event space? Event venues like Mins Events provide the perfect blank canvas for those who like to have control of their party. Tall ceilings, large windows, and plenty of space to organize and decorate as you please will make your next celebration as personalized as you wish! You can bring your own catering and drinks at no additional cost, which is a fantastic option both for the picky ones and those on a budget. Check out this location near Cypress Station and book from $163 per hour.
  • Entertainment Venue? Prepared to have the most fun party ever? You won't find a venue like this one anywhere else. Check out Bumpy Pickle. This venue is perfect for families, friends or even a fun team-building activity. If you’re planning a huge birthday extravaganza, or a private family party, then this venue is going to be right up your street as well. In this fun space, you will sand volleyball and pickleball courts. Make sure to head down to Second Ward to check this place out for yourself if you're planning an event for up to 600 guests. The party spot offers in-house catering and great drinks to keep the energy high! 

Have you found the type of venue you’d like to book yet? Surely one of these fabulous locations has caught your attention? As you see, Tagvenue has found many event spaces that are perfect for any type of special occasion. You’ll be celebrating in no time, in the company of family, friends or your work buddies. If you have some idea now of what you’d like to book, then make sure to hop on Tagvenue’s search engine. With our filters, you’ll be finding the ideal location in no time. If you still have some questions, then make sure to check out the FAQ section below, or drop us an email if you’re feeling unsure. Happy exploring!

FAQs about Party Venues in Houston, TX

What’s the price range for party venues in Houston?

The price range for party venues in Houston really varies. Some venues will be very affordable, with prices as low as $30 per person. And of course there will be other venues with prices averaging around $90 per person. You can of course book event spaces which have a minimum price per session; these range from $500 to $7000. (All data from

Which neighborhoods in Houston are the most popular for renting party venues?

Most of the venues here at Tagvenue are located in the west side of Houston. Check out Uptown Houston, Midtown and Greater Heights for some cool venues. There are also many other sightseeing opportunities in these areas, if you fancy checking out the town after or before your party.

Can I rent a party venue for 600 people?

Even 650 if you wish. Yes, actually, here at Tagvenue we have one venue which offers space for exactly this number of guests. Perfect for networking parties, The Grand Ballroom at The Community Collective for Houston is really a one-in-a-million venue. Such a big capacity is usually not so popular, but we understand that from time to time there is a chance for a huge party. You asked for it, so we delivered!

What types of special occasions can I celebrate at a party venue in Houston?

You can celebrate anything you wish! We have guests coming to celebrate their birthdays, engagement parties, weddings. Bridal showers and baby showers are also some popular occasions. But other than that, you can enjoy a company anniversary or just a simple night out with friends or family. Who doesn’t love to be a bit more extravagant from time to time? Book a venue ideal for a party today!

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