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Top Party Venues in Miami, FL

Did somebody say party in Miami? Are you thinking what we’re thinking? One-of-a-kind venues, delicious food, custom drinks and live entertainment? Yup, it sounds like it’s time to throw the biggest bash of the year and let your hair down in one of the funky party venues in Miami. Grab your friends, best dresses and suits, and pamper up for an awesome experience. The Magic City offers venues like you haven’t seen before. Think extravagant, extraordinary and extra fun! Sounds like something you’d enjoy? Keep scrolling for the best party venues in town!

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Party Venues Rental Guide

You’ve been working so hard lately, it seems that the word “fun” has escaped your vocabulary. You’ve earned yourself a well deserved party, and you know it. Miami is only the best place to get your groove on, order some shots, down some pints and celebrate any occasion special to you. Whether it’s your birthday, engagement party or even a company event, Tagvenue has locations perfect for every occasion. We’ve selected venues which offer a crazy, midnight till dawn scene, as well as some chill event spaces, with a down-to-earth atmosphere. There’s bars, there’s clubs, patios, rooftops - you name it! We have a list of the best indoor and outdoor spots in town. Need some venue recommendations, help with setting up or simply some additional event space rental advice? Check out more info below.


What types of parties can you throw?

The great thing with parties is that you can throw one whether you are celebrating a special occasion or not. In the mood to hang out with some friends? Throw a party! Your company has been missing an integration gathering for some time? Throw a party! But of course, we shouldn’t forget the traditional celebrations which deserve a mention as well.

  • Theme party. A motif which keeps coming back. A specific theme for a party is a fab way to spice up a night out. Get ready to get dressed, put on some makeup and decorate the place until you can’t recognize it anymore. A themed party is one of the most popular choices, because it lets people express themselves. You can take the theme from a movie, book, season, color, animal and even a different epoch. And if you’re inviting a close group of friends, you can always go for a theme that will reflect your own inside joke. A fun and original way to celebrate.
  • Tea-party. A tea-party is one that is usually considered to be a ‘stay-at-home’ party. But if you’re feeling adventurous, why not take the typical tea-party outside? The event would be more low-key and down to earth, but at least you’ll be having some fun outside. For a tea party we recommend renting an outdoor space like a patio, garden or a terrace. Book a place with some delicious cuisine and beverage options, so you can enjoy dinner, cake and, of course, tea!
  • Birthday party. A party to celebrate someone turning one year older. And a reason  to throw a bash and dance the day and night away. Book one of the cool venues we found, whether for a kids party, a sit down dinner or a club. The locations we found offer yummy food and fantastic drinks. Invite your friends, family and make some room for the gifts!
  • Holiday party. Every occasion is a good occasion to come together and socialize. Holidays are celebrated all year round, with Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving, etc. If you’re planning on getting the family together for this time, why not do it in one of the venues we found here in Miami? There’s so many dining rooms, lounges and even simple bars if you fancy getting holiday beverages. Check out different Miami neighborhoods so you can match your holiday venue location to other city attractions. 
  • Soirée. Or otherwise known as a fancy evening party. If you’re up for something classy and sophisticated, a soirée is the event to host. A soirée is considered an intimate party, which will be perfect if you plan on renting a venue with a private room, here in Miami. If you’re looking to make more than small talk, and engage in full and meaningful conversations about deep topics, then a soirée will be the optimal choice. 
  • Fête. A big, and usually honorable party. A fete includes entertainment, and sometimes live music. Usually, it is a party thrown in someone’s honor, or it could also be a fundraising event for charity (or for a charitable cause). However, anything can be spectacular should you wish it to. It can even be thrown for a wedding anniversary. So really it is you who decides what makes the party special.
  • Social party. Otherwise known as a ‘work party’. Perhaps it’s time to get to know your coworkers better and throw a work bash. Maybe you’re getting ready to pitch a product, need to grab some contacts or simply get loosened up at work after all the hard tasks come to an end (before the next batch comes, that is). A social party is a truly fun and entertaining event, because it really lets you see who you’re cooperating with and potentially it’s a great place to get some new work gossip. Who says work has to be serious all the time? 

Once you’ve decided on the type of party you want to host, you need to figure out what to keep in mind when preparing to rent the venue. The details in each party will vary, but there are some general guidelines which work for all of the mentioned above.


Party venue rental process in Miami

When you’re getting ready to book an event space, make sure to keep in mind some of the following things:

  1. Where is the venue located? Will it be easy for you and the other guests to arrive at the party place? Check out what transport is available - if it’s easy to get to the venue by bus, or if you will have to use a different form of commute. If you can, try to keep the venue close to other areas you might want to visit as the night goes on. We recommend staying close to the city center if that’s your plan. If you’re not inviting too many people, then why not have a chat with them to choose a part of town you’d like to stick to? 
  2. What’s the maximum price you’re planning to spend on the location? Party venues in Miami are in quite an affordable price range, however if you’re not up for going above a certain price limit then it’s a good plan to check how much you wish to pay for this great night. If you’re having a larger party, then we suggest negotiating a fixed price with the host. This way you’re not paying any additional fees if more people decide to attend, and you’re not relying on the guests to RSVP. Although we still recommend you get them to do so, just so you have a rough idea who’s coming and who isn’t.
  3. After deciding on the location and price, the next thing you might want to check out is the capacity of the venue. Will it fit 20/30/50 people? On our website you can check straight away how many people can party during your event - either sitting or standing. For a more cocktail-style party, you’ll find that the venues offer much more room for guests. This type of renting is good for any type of company party, an after party for an art show, or a friendly gathering where you know you haven’t come to dine – but probably to drink instead. 
  4. What food and beverages will you opt for? For a party it’s good to have at least a few snacks, tapas or other little bits and pieces set up for your guests. Make sure to let them know before the event,  if dinner is included in the party, or if your guests should come already full to exclude any hunger problems for the rest of the night. After all, haven’t we all come across situations where we came with an empty stomach to a party expecting some food, only to end up partying hungry? As for beverage options, you can always opt for a BYOB option at the party, should the venue allow it. If you don’t fancy paying triple or even more for beer and drinks, then BYOB is the perfect way to pay a fraction of the price and party just as good. But of course, if you’re not really interested in taking care of all of these nuances, then just chat with the host about what the price includes, and decide if you’re happy with the offer.
  5. If the party aims to be a huge celebration, why not bring some decorations to make the event even more celebratory? A birthday party, bridal shower, baby shower, graduation party and other occasions require at least some form of colorful and detailed preparation. The decor really does bring together the awesomeness of the occasion and it surely makes the person who’s in the center of attention happy. You can always plan a theme for this occasion, and then decorate and dress up accordingly.
  6. What about the music? Who’s going to be playing? Are you expecting a DJ or a live band? Is there someone already in the venue that takes care of the musical side of the party or will you have to take care of that aspect yourself? Don’t forget to ask about the sound system, make sure it works so you don’t get a nasty surprise on the day of the party.
  7. Is the venue exclusive only for you and your guests? If you’re renting a private space - where are the other guests of the venue located? Will they bother you in any way with noise, or if the event space is available for other people to walk through? If you’re throwing a very private party then this might be an inconvenience for you. Also, if you want to have as much control over the rental process as possible - we recommend booking the event location as often as you can. This will ensure that you get the best spot, and you can also take care of the rest of the important party aspects with at least the renting process off your mind. 
  8. Make sure to note all the little contract details and have a back up plan in case things fail. Ask the host about the cancellation policy, about what happens if something breaks, let them explain to you any details of the contract you don’t understand. Ask about any additional cleaning fees, if there’s any equipment you can borrow should you need it (once again a company party might just need additional things like a projector and microphone). Once you’re absolutely certain there’s nothing else to do, then start researching the best venues in the city and book the party spot of the year!

FAQs about Party Venues in Miami, FL

What’s the price range for party venues in Miami?

The price range for party venues in Miami is around $20 to $60 per person. As we mentioned before, Miami can be pretty affordable. If you’re planning to rent a venue with only 10 of your closest friends in Miami - you will be able to pay as low as $200 per night. Doesn’t that sound fantastic? If you want some additional information then make sure to check out this guide about how much it should cost to rent a venue.

Which neighborhoods in Miami offer the best party venue choices?

When we look at our Tagvenue renting map, we see that by far the most popular areas of Miami are Downtown, Edgewater and Wynwood. It’s no surprise since that’s where all the fun is located anyway. With so many nice restaurants, clubs and a walking distance to the beach, you’re bound to have a hell of a time renting spaces in these neighborhoods.

What are some great party venue recommendations in Miami?

Check out:

  • Perfect for bigger outdoor parties, the Rooftop at Palace is the ideal location for partying till dawn with awesome drinks, music and atmosphere. From $70 per person, it’s one of the most affordable rooftop bars in Miami. Dance the night away in South Beach
  • How about a celeb-like boat party? Take a look at the gorgeous Entire Boat at Seafair! A mega yacht where you can bring your own dj if you wish, also perfect to party till the birds sing. From $600 per person, it makes it the perfect location for relaxing after a long week. Find it in Biscayne Boulevard, you have absolutely no excuse not to come.
  • And last but not least, check out the Entire Space at The Social Hub Miami. Its original design and unique atmosphere will have every selfie lover banging on the doors begging to be let in. Starting from a hire fee of $180 per hour, find this awesome venue in Brickell.

Can I book live entertainment to party venues in Miami?

Of course! You can opt for live bands and musicians, DJs, performers - anyone you wish to! There are tons of options here in Miami. If you want to throw a party for someone younger - there are also live theatrical performances available, as well as magicians and animators. Check out Miami Party Entertainment, if you wish to book someone to entertain the kids!

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