Party Venues for Rent in New York City, NY

Party Venues for Rent in New York City, NY

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Top Party Venues in New York City, NY

Are you thinking of hosting a party rich in urban chic? Or perhaps you are keen on throwing an intimate gathering with your nearest and dearest? It doesn’t matter what you have in mind, there are plenty of fantastic party venues in New York City. From small, charming cafes, to large eateries, to huge halls ideal for lavish events and more. Sounds interesting? Scroll through Tagvenue’s selection of NYC’s best venues, find somewhere that checks all of your boxes and once you’ve found your favorite, book it fast and easy.

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Party Venues Rental Guide

What kind of venues are available for rent in NYC?

When in doubt about what type of venue you should throw your party in, we have written down a few suggestions of private spaces you should have a look at:

  • Rooftops. Have you ever seen a movie where a party takes place against the spectacular view of New York City’s skyline? Well, we have some news for you: there are quite a few rooftops available for private rent in the Big Apple! So your dream can come true quicker than you thought! And what’s even better, the spectacular view that rooftops offer creates a breathtaking backdrop to any memorable party.
  • Backyards. There are many hidden spots in NYC where you could host an intimate private party. Backyards give you a sense of privacy and allow you to experience some peace in one of the busiest cities in the world. Pretty greenery, characteristic brick walls, fairy lights above the heads - you can find this and more in New York City’s hidden backyards. And the best part: who wouldn’t like to party in a secret garden, right?
  • Penthouses. If you want your party to be fashionable, there is only one venue option: a penthouse! In New York City, you will find some of the world’s rarest properties so you shouldn’t worry about the setting of your party. What’s more, the penthouses offer astonishing views from their terraces. If you’re searching for an Instagram-friendly space, you can’t miss out on NYC’s penthouses.
  • Lofts. Is there anything cooler than a city loft? We don’t think so! Located in warehouses or other kinds of industrial buildings, rocking brick walls, high ceilings, steel details and huge windows, these private spaces offer a lot of room and a fantastic setting for a great party Gotham-style. Plenty of lofts have adjoining rooftops where you could throw an unforgettable party with a breathtaking view. 
  • Photography studios. It all depends on the kind of party you are planning to throw, but you should definitely consider renting a photo studio for your next private event as there are many benefits. These spaces offer unique, and exciting interiors, so you won’t have to worry that much about the decorations or elevating the backdrop not to scare your guests away. Photography studios also allow you to take great photos during the party - apart from the nice-looking rooms, you can also take advantage of the great lighting.
  • Bars. Sip classic cocktails, craft beers, high-quality wines and relish small plates of snacks in one of the city’s best private bars. From classic, iconic spaces to modern ones serving bespoke mixes, there is a wide range of fantastic spots you can choose from. Depending on your taste and the kind of party you are about to host, you could also consider throwing your event in a charming speakeasy. And in case you want more privacy, you could rent a private room in your favourite New-York bar.
  • Restaurants. When it comes to renting a private restaurant for your party, we don’t have to dwell upon the many fabulous places that New York City has to offer as you already know that. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for somewhere high-end or laid-back, serving Italian, Mexican or American cuisine, located in Manhattan or any of the other boroughs, you will have no problem finding the right place within seconds. Scroll through Tagvenue’s selection of NYC restaurants and book your favorite fast and easy.
  • Art galleries. Whether you are throwing a birthday party or a product launch, a cool (and unique!) place to do so would be an art gallery! It could be an intimate event or a splashy one with plenty of guests - it’s all up to you. In New York City, one of the world’s art capitals, you will be able to find art galleries both large and small, and more importantly - rocking fantastic artwork within their four walls.
  • Dance studios. How about organizing a dance lover’s birthday party in one of New York City’s private dance studios? There is a wide variety of places that are suitable for parties both big and small. Apart from the open space that dance studios usually offer, you could also set up a table with snacks and drinks for the guests. Since we’re talking about a dance party, you should definitely take advantage of the sound system in the room and put on some of your (or the birthday person’s) favorite tunes to dance the night away.
  • Apartments. Similarly to lofts and penthouses, apartments are great spaces for all kinds of private parties. Whether you are about to throw a birthday, bachelorette or surprise party, you could do it there! These spaces are great especially if you’d like nothing more than to celebrate in privacy with your closest friends and family, throwing the event in an apartment is a fantastic idea. In NYC, it’s possible to rent a great space with an adjacent balcony or rooftop. 

What kinds of parties can I throw?

Let’s set some things straight: any occasion is good to throw a private party! Whether you are planning to commemorate your wedding anniversary or you just got engaged and want to celebrate this milestone, we encourage you to celebrate it properly! NYC is a party hub, so without further ado, get inspired by some of the special occasions we have listed and get the party started!

  • Birthday party. Celebrate another trip around the sun with a memorable bash! If there’s one thing that everyone loves celebrating, it’s birthdays! It doesn’t matter if someone is turning 5, 18, 30 or 50, they’re all important ages worth celebrating. If you’re planning a kid’s birthday party, it would be a good idea to do so in a dance studio, a backyard or a playground so that children have enough space to run around, get wild and play as much as they wish to. But if you’re organizing your or your closest friend’s 40th, we recommend you do so in an iconic private bar or elegant restaurant - it all depends on your preferences and ideas for the party.
  • Engagement party. There are plenty of great venues in NYC where you could celebrate your new status and make the most of it. Some want to celebrate with their nearest and dearest during a low-key dinner at home while others prefer to throw a big rooftop party for all of their friends. Even an art gallery is fair game! It doesn’t matter how you want to kick off the festivities leading to your big day, the options are endless - especially in New York City.
  • Bachelor/bachelorette party. Even though just being in the Big Apple feels like a fantastic party, the city allows you to host the best celebrations possible in one of its fabulous venues. In fact, New York has everything you could possibly need to impress a bride- or groom-to-be on the day of their party. You could go for a nice evening in a bar with high-quality cocktails, a delicious feast in a trendy restaurant, a crazy night out in one of the New York clubs or an even crazier party with an intimate crowd in a rented penthouse. No matter what type of private venue you decide on, they are all waiting to embrace you and guests for the party of your life.
  • Anniversary. Another memorable anniversary date is just around the corner and you still don’t have a clue how to celebrate? We have quite a few ideas to share with you! How about an anniversary dinner in one of Manhattan’s high-end restaurants or a private brunch in one of Brooklyn’s charming cafes? You could also rent a private rooftop with a spectacular New York skyline to commemorate the special date in your life and celebrate with your nearest and dearest. There is also a possibility to take your soulmate for a private cruise if you’re celebrating a few years of your relationship.
  • Wedding. Depending on your preferences and ideas for your wedding, any venue has the potential to make your dream come true. There are elegant, trendy venues where you could host a huge, lavish celebration and party with not only your nearest and dearest but also any members of your extended family you wish to invite as well. If that’s not your cup of tea and you want to get married in City Hall and then throw a low-key party for your closest friends in one of the city’s cool industrial looking venues, go for it! We’re sure you’ll find a great spot suitable for whatever you can dream up.
  • Dinner party. If you are thinking of hosting a dinner party in one of New York’s venues, you will find somewhere perfect for yourself - no matter your preference, requirement and budget. You can throw a delicious feast in a hidden backyard of your favourite Queens restaurant, a fancy Manhattan place or a family-run Italian eatery somewhere in Little Italy. Since New York City is a melting pot of many cultures and cuisines, you won’t be disappointed with its selection of spots ideal for a dinner party of any size.
  • Garden party. For some people, a garden party in New York City sounds like a joke or simply slightly unrealistic. But we actually have a few ideas that could inspire you and make your private garden party a reality. The first and most obvious choice for a garden party is the garden adjacent to your or your friend’s house - if you’re lucky enough to have one. If that’s not an option, rent a backyard that adjoins one of the city’s restaurants, eateries or cafes. As a last resort, you can always throw a picnic-style event for your closest family or friends.
  • Surprise party. Looking for a cool way to surprise your friend with an unforgettable birthday party? There are plenty of unique spots around the whole Big Apple where you could host a truly magical event. You could either throw a 21st birthday party in a vibrant bar where you could relish some amazing cocktails or a classy 50th in a fabulous diner serving the birthday person’s favorite cuisine. Once you’ve found the perfect spot, don’t forget about sending out the invitations and preparing fantastic decorations.
  • Going-away party. Thanks to the plethora of possibilities that the city offers, your going-away party will be as unique as ever. You can either throw a party for yourself or your close friends before you relocate. Why should you throw one, though? For starters, to commemorate the big change in your life! You will also be able to show how much you appreciate certain people in your life and how much you care about them. And if that were not enough, there is another good and very simple reason: a party with your favorite people is never a bad idea.
  • Product launch. Are you ready to show off your newest “baby” to the world?! You’ve been working on something for months so it will come as no surprise that you want to celebrate properly now. In New York City, you will find many stunning event spaces that will perfectly suit not only your requirements but more importantly your product! The city is full of small, blank canvas studios, unique apartments serving spectacular views, as well as huge halls for bigger crowds.

It doesn’t matter what kind of party you are throwing, you just need to remember one thing: don’t make it so complicated so that you won’t feel like organizing it again. You could always seek help with the preparations from other people that are coming to the party. They could help you with sorting out the food or setting up the decorations. And when the date comes and people are already there, just enjoy the party! After all, you’re as important as your guests.

FAQs about Party Venues in New York City, NY

How much does it cost to rent a party venue in New York City?

In New York City, you will find plenty of venues that are perfect for any kind of bash and budget! A lot of private places charge for each guest with prices ranging from $30 up to $85 per person. Hourly rates in other venues start at $33 and can get as high as $750 per hour. If you wish to celebrate the whole day, you can rent spaces for around $15000 per day. (Based on data from Tagvenue.)

Which New York neighborhoods are home to the best party venues?

The affluent Upper West Side as well as Lower East Side, are full of bars, private restaurants, and cafes - all ideal for great parties. Manhattan’s East Village is known for its fantastic restaurants and nightlife which makes it an irresistible area to throw your next party there. SoHo is another area worth mentioning as its vibrant clubs, bars and high-end restaurants are great spots for all kinds of events. Brooklyn’s Williamsburg draws people to its trendy cafes, exciting nightlife spots and great restaurants. Carroll Gardens offers lots of cool bars, coffee shops, as well as popular eateries. Brooklyn Heights attracts people with its swank bars, vibrant clubs and restaurants serving finger-licking dishes. Astoria, Queens’ coolest neighborhood, is where you can discover trendy cafeterias, lively lounges, charming cafes, to name a few. Flushing and Chinatown are both multicultural areas where you will be able to taste cuisine from plenty of countries around the world, along with fantastic cocktails.

Where can I host a party in NYC?

We understand that looking for a party venue, especially in NYC, can seem overwhelming. This is why we’ve listed some of our favorite recommendations below:

  • St Tropez Soho - Located in Soho, this charming priavte restaurant and wine bar will meet all of your needs and make your upcoming party a smashing success! There is a private outdoor patio that you could also rent for your event!
  • Gelso & Grand - Nestled along Little Italy's Grand Street, this Italian eatery will become your home away from home. They offer spaces of different sizes, from an intimate room to a more spacious private dining space for up to 110 guests.
  • Tasting Room at Wandering Barman - Planning a private cocktail party or a unique tasting experience in the heart of East Williamsburg? This ambient space will exceed all your expectations! You can also pick a non-private reservation in case you're celebrating with a smaller group.

What time do the party venues in New York City close?

Closing times of party venues vary greatly and mainly depend on each venue’s policy. Most of the restaurants are open until 10.30 p.m. or even 12.00 a.m. When it comes to bars, they are open much longer - the closing time ranges between 1.00 a.m. and 2.00 a.m. But when you’re renting an apartment for your party, it can be at your disposal for even 24 hours - it all depends on the arrangement you have with the owner of the place you are renting out for your private party.

Guest Reviews of Party Venues on Tagvenue

Rhonda W.
Booked Midtown Manhattan Event Space at Manhattan Mirage
The space had more than enough room for my themed holiday event. Lorenzo was amazing. He was very attentive to our requests during the evening. I have a themed holiday party annually and this year was Western Christmas. The space was incredible. We even had room for a mechanical bull. Awesome night!
Evelyn S.
Booked Event Space at The Downtown Loft
The space was exactly as pictured, with tables and chairs included. The bathroom was really clean and updated as well. There were a lot of windows and open space, a lot of outlets, the kitchen was clean too and the cabinets were conveniently empty for storing supplies. It was only one floor upstairs and the complex itself was nice too. It was cheap ENOUGH but the cheapest I could find for something nice in NYC. We were allowed to come a couple minutes early to set up no worries and could leave garbage in the unit instead of having to bring it on the walk with us.
Megan S.
Booked Entire Studio at Studio 1418
Jorg made our recent dinner party a hit with his impeccable venue and outstanding service. The space was exactly as pictured, and Jorg's communication was top-notch. He answered any and all my questions quickly. He provided chairs and tables, and the amenities were spot-on. Professional and accommodating, Jorg ensured our event was a success. Highly recommend! Thanks, Jorg!
Danielle M.
Booked Entire Space at Buttonwood Cafe
The event managers were super responsive and made everything that I asked happen. The night of the party I was able to relax and enjoy it rather than feel like I was hosting, as the event staff had it all covered. The food, drinks, and service were high quality. We had 40 guests and the venue was the perfect amount of space for everyone. Some guests sat around tables and chatted while others stood around the bar. I think 50 would be the max guest count for this space. The space is beautiful for a classy art deco-feel party. Thanks Buttonwood!!
Nermeen S.
Booked The Hawthorne Room + Terrace at The Raines Law Room at The William
We hosted a party for 40 people here, including drinks, hors d'oeuvres and dinner, followed by catered desserts (cake). The night was absolutely magical: the ambience, the servers (Alex and Luke are utterly charming and kind), the food, the drinks (cocktails are still being raved about several days after the event) and of course Lauren, who planned and coordinated the party. She was beyond professional: immediate responses to all precise and general inquiries and requests, extremely accommodating, polite and solicitous. I can't recommend the place or the people highly enough!
Kemi M.
Booked 23A Manhattan Event Rental at Event Rental Space Manhattan 23rd Floor
The space was perfect for my needs: a 30-person birthday party. The views were amazing! I booked this place and a third-party event planner who was able to get in and set up in time for us to gather and celebrate. Party lights were great. I'd definitely use this venue again for either events or photoshoots.
Deborah F.
Booked The Radio Room at RPM Underground
Raj and the staff were excellent in helping me to create a party for my daughter. The different rooms are all really cool and the location couldn't be better no matter where you are coming from in the city and beyond. We all had a great time and would definitely book this venue again in the future.
Ashley S.
Booked 592 Private Bar and Banquet at Pekarna
Planned a last minute surprise party for 40 people. Dean was quick and efficient with his communication so that we were able to secure this spot less than a week in advance. His staff was very helpful throughout the night and everyone had a great time. We used the bar behind the main bar, but they also have various themed rooms downstairs to choose from. Overall, a great experience with fair pricing. I would recommend this space again and again! Thank you to Dean & the staff at Pekarna.

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