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Conference, seminar, workshop or promotional event, what are you up to? No matter what you are organising you have many conference venues in East London to choose from. We listed all of them here, so it can make your choice much easier. Check out our extensive collection of conference spaces, but don’t spend too much time on finding the right venue for conferences when you can make use of our filters.

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Conference Venues Hire Guide

There are many cheap conference venues in East London because its development started a little later than the rest of London. Nowadays East London is recognised as the area beyond the tower. Its most popular areas include Canary Wharf (known for plenty of great conference rooms for hire), Islington and Whitechapel. Conference venues in East London are a bit rough around the edges (in a good way), cooler and more informal than anywhere else. Once in East London, it’s best to travel on the Underground (but that goes for pretty much everywhere in London). One of the best-connected stations in East London is Mile End, with many links to the Central lines.

As a conference organiser, you have a certain budget to consider. When there’s a chance to save on the venue, you’d probably gladly grab it with both hands. That’s why we have listed the price ranges (below), so you know what to expect.

  • Hire fee – For small and cheap conference venues in East London, the prices are as low as £50 per morning (for 25 guests). The bigger conference centres of East London have rates as high as £10,200 per day (for 600 guests). How big of a venue do you need for your conference?
  • Minimum spend It’s possible to use conference rooms for free if you manage to pay a previously agreed amount at the bar. Prices start at a minimum of £100 per day (for 15 guests) and go up to £50,000 per evening (for 300 guests).
  • Price per attendee – Not willing to pay for the people who always change their plans last minute? By paying a price per person for the people who actually attend the conference, you don’t have to worry about that. Prices per person start at £10 per session (for 20 guests) for cheap conference venues in East London and go up to £107 a day (for 600 guests).

Wondering which parts of East London are popular for conferences? The most sought-after ones include:

  • Stratford – The Victoria Park and the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park are the most popular locations for conference venues in East London. The 2012 Summer Olympics were held at the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, but before that, Stratford had its ups and downs. It started as an industrial place but experienced a gradual economic decline. Since the Olympics, Stratford has grown into the primary place in East London for culture, retail and leisure – a place that’s ripe for economic growth.
  • Canary Wharf – One of the main financial centres of East London and the United Kingdom, Canary Wharf is filled with conference venues. It’s a place known for hard-working people who spend days on end in their tall office buildings. At first sight you might think it’s a ghost town, but when you dive deeper into the ongoing events, you’ll find something interesting like free mini golf (a really good idea for team building).


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