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Top Conference Venues in Hackney

Usually when Londoners think conferences and conference centres for hire they think something near the city centre. While it’s true that you’ll definitely find conference facilities there, it is often far more cost effective and practical to look a bit further into East London, particularly into Hackney.

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So what makes Hackney a more practical option when looking for conference facilities, be it a purpose-built conference centre or a hotel with one built in? Cost and availability come into play quite quickly, with Hackney, Shoreditch, and Hoxton offering something of a triumvirate of locations that offer equally high quality conference venues for a significantly lower price tag and with lower lead time than most you’d find near London’s centre. You’ll find the full range of options, from traditional setups at Allia Business Centre, to collections of smaller meeting rooms and workspaces at the Graeae Theatre Company, to the more eclectic Shoreditch Studios, which boast conference spaces mixed with studios for more creative endeavors. Taking a look down Old Street, Kingsland Road and over by Hackney Downs is a great way to start looking for the perfect venue for your next conference, so have a look and see what you like!

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