Conference Venues for Hire in Shoreditch

Conference Venues for Hire in Shoreditch

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On the lookout for conference venues in Shoreditch? While this trendy area may not be famed for its business-like atmosphere, there’s an increasingly large range of unique, adaptable, and stylish conference rooms on offer. It’s fantastic for all kinds of meetings and events such as product launches, networking events, and presentations, this area is perfect for small businesses, startups, and offices looking to add some spark to their next conference or meet-up. Take a trip over to our venue finder to check out all that’s on offer and book directly with your favourite one. It’s as simple as that!

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Shoreditch Venues Hire Guide

Stretching from Old Street to Hoxton, you will find an interesting variety of alternative conference facilities including town halls, galleries, cinemas, and underground function rooms. Many of these can hold more than 100 people and provide a range of ambiences, depending on the style of event you wish to hold. In fact, with Shoreditch being known for its cool party scene, you can also combine events in the same venue - how about holding a conference during the day and then turning it into an office party at night?

While the venues here may be far from traditional conference centres, they’re still equipped with all the necessary amenities needed for your event. In fact, many of the venues are able to provide projectors, stages, plenty of seating, and WiFi to ensure a seamless event and leave your guests impressed with each venue’s versatility and atmosphere. 

It is always crucial to go over your basic needs in advance in order to determine what you are looking for when searching for the ideal event location. Without a defined plan, you could get carried away while looking for a venue and wind up choosing one that is ultimately not suitable for your conference. Because of this, we have put together a brief checklist that will point you in the right direction.

  • The first thing you should think about is the number of attendees. The kind of location you may need will depend heavily on how many guests you are willing or able to accommodate. Are you hosting a sizable conference with hundreds of attendees or a more intimate one with 40 to 50 people? Verify that the setting matches your response to that question.
  • What is your budget? Set a realistic one for your event and stick to it. Decide what your priorities for the event are. Do you rely on in-house catering, or should you consider alternative options? The price will also vary depending on what time of day and what day of the week you select to book a conference space. You should keep in mind these and other factors when creating your budget.
  • Are you looking for a luxurious venue with various kinds of technical equipment, such as lighting and sound systems, or perhaps you need a cosier setting with basic necessities? It all depends on your vision for the event. 
  • Consider your alternatives carefully as the location of your conference venue could make or break your event. Make sure the location is simple to get to, perhaps with parking or other transportation options close by. Does the location have an elevator and is it wheelchair accessible? Ask the venue about features that will enhance your guests' comfort, such as WiFi, numerous restrooms, and air conditioning.


FAQs about Conference Venues in Shoreditch

How much does it cost to hire a conference venue in Shoreditch?

When hiring a venue in Shoreditch it’s important to keep in mind your budget and event needs as the area’s uniqueness can come at a price. Hire fees vary drastically between around £600 to £1,000 per session for small cafes, restaurants, and bars, while large halls, clubs, and theatres can rise to around £7,500 per day in price. Hire fees per hour range from around £100 to £1000. Prices per person usually start at approximately £20 and may go up to around £100

What are some of the best conference venues in Shoreditch?

  • The Loading Bay at Techspace Shoreditch offers a modern ambiance that is fit for a top-notch conference. This cutting-edge location is outfitted with everything you might possibly need, including a flatscreen TV, a whiteboard, microphones, and a PA system. Up to 100 people can be seated at this venue.
  • Another great alternative to consider is the Ballroom at The Trampery Old Street. Larger conferences can be held here in style for up to 160 sitting people. This venue is not only spacious and well-lit thanks to the large windows that let in lots of natural light, but it is also equipped with all the technological tools necessary to make sure your event is a success. Located in the heart of Shoreditch, this venue will surely impress all of your attendees. 
  • There is no better place to host the ultimate grand conference than the opulent Assembly Hall at Shoreditch Town Hall if you are preparing to welcome over 700 guests. This venue may be able to provide you with the best of both worlds—a seamless fusion between timeless beauty and contemporary advancements—thanks to its towering ceilings, exquisite architecture and design, and of course, the technical equipment needed for a conference.

How can I ensure my conference is a success?

Every event begins with a plan of action. We cannot overstate how crucial early preparation is for events of all sizes and types. You must make reservations in advance in order to find the most incredible venue and, in general, the best everything. It is crucial to make sure you are presenting your topic in an interesting and engaging manner when it comes to conferences. Make sure to dedicate extra time to networking and mingling between your attendees. After all, conferences are the kind of gatherings where people learn more about a certain subject while simultaneously forming new connections. Make sure guests are amused and comfortable, but most importantly, give them a sense of inclusion, whether it be through an open discussion or another method. Offer snacks and beverages from a reputable caterer you can trust. Try to imagine yourself attending and participating in the conference. You will then have a better understanding of what is required for your event to be successful.

Kaana G.
Booked Whole Venue at Lumiere London Shoreditch Loft
Venue is awesome - very cool loft space - feels like you are in an AirBnB so a bit like home away from home. Staff are brilliant - really friendly and helpful. Canapes were great - really enjoyed our time there and everyone felt the same.
Margaux P.
Booked The Bar at Temper Shoreditch
Really great venue, great team, very friendly and accommodating to help us organise a great event. All our guest really loved the atmosphere.
James S.
Booked Ground floor bar at Fountain Tap
The venue was perfect for my 30th birthday celebration, we had a fantastic time! Gabby was so accommodating, the pizza was great and the selection of beers on tap was even better 🙂
Booked Cobalance at Cobalance Cafe
-Lovely venue -Lovely colour changing lights -Host was very helpful and made it easy so the night was enjoyed! - really easy to set up place and move things around
Lajoi S.
Booked Function Room at the Venue at The Old Street Gallery
Pacha was an amazing host! She was very attentive to our every need, very prompt on the phone and great to cater to whatever event you want to host. The venue is a good size and the location is perfect! Would definitely book again!
Lauren R.
Booked The Glass Room at Shoreditch Platform
Great location, great room to hire for a private party. The woman that served us behind the bar was extremely helpful and friendly!
Tiffany C.
Booked Lounge at Shoreditch Platform
The perfect venue for a birthday party which is a brilliant blank canvas to decorate. Really helpful staff and such a great location, 5mins from Hoxton station and close to lots of restaurants and other bars.
Adora L.
Booked Function Room at the Venue at The Old Street Gallery
Such a beauty venue, Pacha is great - honestly helped out with everything and was there to answer any questions I had day or night

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