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It can be challenging to find the right venue in Central London for your party or a business meeting, but we have you covered when it comes to finding the perfect fit for your needs! We know that you have a busy schedule on your hands and there is no need to waste time surfing through the infinite abyss of the internet to find different event spaces; instead, you can just easily search through our database below and see all of the great categories and venue options at your disposal! On this page, we have compiled a list of the best Central London venues to hire.

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Central London Venues Hire Guide

Central London (also known as London City Centre) is home to many of England's governmental and corporate buildings, and it is one of the busiest parts of London. It is a popular location for conventions and business conferences alike, as its convenient location and supply of excellent venues suit the need. The district hosts many cultural and governmental buildings, such as the British Museum, the Law Courts, Parliament and the National Ballet – aside from these large-scale public buildings, there are also numerous smaller spaces for hire in Central London.

The most popular spots for event venue hire in the heart of London include:

  • St Martins Lane – A small street that does not get too much thru-traffic, St. Martin's Lane plays host to a few famous theatres, as well as dozens of unique little shops throughout. In addition, St Martins Lane also has several cafes, gift shops, and lounges. Although it is not the most flashy of areas to host an event or gathering, St Martins Street does offer a sense of small-town feel in a big city – and there are several terrific choices when it comes to its venue selection.
  • Victoria Embankment – The Victoria Embankment runs along the north bank of the River Thames; resting on its side is several breathtaking venues available for hire on the riverside. These gorgeous venues do not come cheap, but they are among the best of the best for weddings, shows, and soirees. Victoria Embankment has unique historical importance for the City of London, as in 1878 it became the first street in Britain to be permanently lit by electricity.
  • St James Square – St James Square is a lovely road that circles the absolutely stunning St James Square Garden; there are a few very popular venues of various kinds here. The Neo-Georgian architecture lures your eyes with its prominence and the surrounding gardens give the area a fresh and beautiful look; at the centre of the park rests a statue of William III upon his horse. St James Square is a popular location for both small function rooms and larger wedding venues.

Hiring a venue in the city centre can be costly, but we know how to find the best deals available. Have a look at the average price ranges below:

  • The per person pricing option is a common way you will be charged at venues that provide catering and sometimes an open bar. Most of the venues that charge a per person rate in Central London are wedding reception venues and conference spaces that include catering. The average per person cost in the city centre ranges from £30-£140.
  • A hire fee pricing option is often used if you rent out just the room for your event. Usually, with the hire fee option, you will get a space to do whatever you’d like with – you will have to be in charge of organising your own food and drinks, or hire an outside catering service. The average hire fee in Central London ranges from £300-£4,500.
  • The minimum spend is a standard pricing option that is used at many restaurants, pubs and bars. With the minimum spend cost you must pay at least this minimum amount for food, drinks, and other expenses and the venue itself will come at no extra cost to you. The minimum spend rates in Central London ranges from £350-£3,800 depending on the size and type of space you are using.

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