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Often when you are tasked with organising an event, making the right choices can be a bit overwhelming. Picking the right venue in the north London area can be a stressful decision to make. But don’t worry, here at Tagvenue we’ve made it our job to help you find the perfect event space for your event. We’ve compiled a complete list of the best event venues in North London, so you don’t have to stress over finding the right places to choose from.

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North London Venues Hire Guide

North London is the general area of London that covers part of the capital lying north of the River Thames. It is an area filled with history and culture, and it makes an excellent location to throw a party or event. Islington, for example, a small borough just north of the city centre, is a wildly popular location to host birthday parties! Hackney makes a great district to explore for small, relaxed venues for a more low-key party or event. There are many spaces for hire in North London with a large variety of themes, styles and purposes. We’ve created this page for you to help you find the best North London venues to hire for any kind of function you plan to host.

Sounds great, but how much is it? We’re here to clue you in:

  • One way you may be charged for a venue in North London is the hire fee pricing option. This price typically includes only a space for your event. The average hire fee in this part of London ranges from £400-£3,000.
  • The per person pricing option is another common way to be charged for event venues in London, especially with venues that provide catering, seating, and decorations. The average cost per guest ranges from £30-£150.
  • The minimum spend rate is also a common pricing option for venues in North London. With the minimum spend cost, you won’t have to pay for the venue itself as long as you pay that amount towards food and drinks from the establishment during your event. The minimum spend rate in North London ranges from £200-£3,200, largely depending on the size of the space you are renting.

Some of the most appealing areas of North London include but are not limited to:

  • Barnet – This one is a terrific spot for hosting a plethora of styled events, it is also the most populated London borough with over 380,000 residents. There is a slew of event venues to pick from in Barnet, though it is an excellent place to find a cheap venue for hire in the North London area. Barnet has a historically rich, sophisticated culture with dozens of beautiful libraries in the area and stunning architecture throughout. The historical importance of Barnet is undeniable, as there are remnants of early first century Roman pottery that has been found at Brockley Hill!
  • Islington – The London Borough of Islington is the third smallest district in England, but don’t let its size fool you; you don’t have to look far to find a great venue in there. Islington is well known for its gastropubs and fashion scene; it is a popular location for hosting business events and parties alike due to its central location and accessibility.
  • Camden – The London Borough of Camden is close to the River Thames, and it helps form part of Inner London. The area is covered with lovely parks, corner cafes and classic pubs and presents a fantastic selection of event venues for your party and function needs – it is a very popular area for functions of all types! Camden Town is famous for its artistic and hip alternative culture as well as the inviting neighbourhood markets throughout the borough.

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