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Top Cheap Private Dining Venues in London

Looking for some of the best cheap private dining rooms in London? Despite popular opinion, cheap places to eat in London can be just as delicious and atmospheric as their more expensive counterparts if you know where to look. Thankfully for you, we definitely know where to look. Finding restaurants with affordable private dining rooms has never been easier with Tagvenue, as we took the work out of finding places that are delicious and won’t break the budget.

Cheap Private Dining Venues Hire Guide

Ready to host an evening with your friends on a bit of a tighter budget? Maybe you’ve got a set amount you can spend from your company’s coffers? Whatever you need, there are a few things to consider before booking a private dining venue in London that suits your needs:

  • Number of guests – Don’t book what you don’t need – it’s the main rule of saving! The first step to booking on a budget is knowing how many guests to expect and booking the perfect room to accommodate them. Save some money by booking a room that seats 10 for 10 people, rather than a pricier one that seats 15.
  • Book well in advance – Cheaper private dining options are always busy in London, so booking early is highly recommended. Not only are you more likely to get the place you want, but you can also sometimes get discounts for booking early.
  • Look for special offers – Some venues offer off-peak discounts and seasonal menus for a really affordable price. You’ll find some of these awesome deals on our platform!

There is a wide range of restaurants in London that feature affordable private dining rooms, but how much can you expect to spend? As you might imagine, it varies with size and location but here are some baselines:

  • Many private dining rooms in London operate on a minimum spend model, meaning you pay nothing to rent the room but agree to spend a set amount on food and drinks. You can always find something in the £150 to £450 range.
  • Other places have a flat hire fee (averaging around £80), with food and drinks added to the bill as per usual.
  • You can also opt for a per person spend model, with many charging as low as around £20 per person.

Got anything else on your mind? We’re answering some real-life private dining related questions below:

We’re on a bit of a budget but still want to take the family out for a nice meal in some peace and quiet. Any recommendations you can make?
The various halls at the Crusting Pipe sound like they’d be right up your alley, all of which seat around 20 and have a hire fee starting at as little as £70. If you’re looking for something with a bit more natural light, then check out the Dining Room at The Hat and Tun near Farringdon Station.

I’m looking to book an affordable private dining room near the river for a large number of people from my company, but I can’t seem to find anything that fits. Any suggestions?
Have a look at Thomas Doggett’s Bar at Doggett’s Coat and Badge. It can host up to 100 people relatively comfortably and won’t break the bank at a £200 hire fee. The price is genuinely affordable and you get an awesome view on the Thames as a bonus!

Guests Reviews of Cheap Private Dining Venues on Tagvenue

Charlotte Brigden
Booked Small Vault at Tuttons Private Dining
Excellent service, food was lovely, all very flexible to meet our needs
Paul Gilhooly
Booked Gin Distillery - Main floor at 58 Gin Distillery
Venue is very very cool but the best thing is the service of Carmen and Mark - absolutely amazing hosts! The gin was excellent too!
Sue Knowles
Booked Whole Venue at Gatti's Italian Dining
From start to finish my experience of this event was fantastic - I found Franco, Mano and the rest of the staff very helpful when making arrangements. All of the attendees were very impressed with the food and I had nothing but good feedback from them. Thank you very much - I've already booked for next year!
Fi Day
Booked Private Dining at The Chesterfield Mayfair
The staff were very attentive and everyone enjoyed the excellent meal.
Douglas Moederle-Lumb
Booked Small Vault at Tuttons Private Dining
Very helpful and friendly staff. Really good food.
Miranda Saunamäki
Booked Restaurant at Roma
Very helpful and positive staff, really keen on making everything work and listened to our wishes.

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