Cheap Private Dining Rooms for Hire in London

Cheap Private Dining Rooms for Hire in London

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Top Cheap Private Dining Venues in London

Looking for some of the best cheap private dining venues in London? You’re in the right place! Despite popular perception, cheap places to eat in London can actually be delicious and offer a vibe as great as their more expensive counterparts, if you know where to look. Here at Tagvenue, we want to make your search as easy as possible! From restaurants in the heart of the city to cosy cafes away from the hustle and bustle of the high street, here you will find just what you need. Hop over to our search bar and you’ll be booking your private dining room in no time!

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Cheap Private Dining Venues Hire Guide

Whether you’re planning a casual outing with friends, a celebratory dinner with your family, or a team-building dinner, there are countless possibilities to organise an unforgettable event in London. The problem may arise when you’re budget is tight. It may seem like there aren’t that many affordable options in the capital, but don’t worry, you can still have a great time without breaking the bank.

Check out our tips on how to organise your event on a budget!

People. Are you planning a romantic dinner for 2 or a large gathering of 50? If you're hosting a big event, make a list of those you want to invite or who must attend it. Then send out your invitations and ask the guests to confirm their coming by a set date. Usually, you have to pay more for bigger rooms, so once you have your guest list you can start searching for a venue to accommodate all of your guests.

Type of event. If you want to celebrate on a budget, offering a three-course meal for each guest may be rather expensive. Perhaps a brunch or tea party could be cheaper options? When looking for a venue check always whether they offer any special packages for different types of events.

Location. London offers a vast range of cheap private dining venues, both in the city centre as well as in the outskirts. With its great transportation network, you can be confident about your journey when booking a venue farther away from the heart of the city. Such a venue can definitely cost less, and if it’s near a tube station or a bus stop, your guests will be happy to make the journey.

Time and date. Some venues may charge more during their peak hours or during certain days or seasons. If you’re flexible with the time of the day and day of the week to schedule your event, look for venues that offer lower prices for off-peak hours. Usually, you can find reduced hire fees on Monday, and the highest ones on Friday and Saturday.

Venue style. Here at Tagvenue, we offer only top-rated restaurants and venues, but if you’re planning just to have a few drinks with your friends, look for a private room in a pub, not a restaurant with a Michelin cook. The prices may vary, but you will still get the experience you want.

Decorations. Look for a venue that fits the vibe of your meeting and doesn’t need many decorations, so you don’t have to spend extra money adjusting the room to fit your occasion. You can ask the venue manager whether the venue has some decorations they could put in the room with a little or no extra charge. The decor of the venue is especially important if you’re planning to take photos or videos during your dinner. If you don’t want to spend additional money on flowers or other ornaments, look for a venue that has a striking and attractive décor.

BYOB. Look for venues with a BYOB policy. Bringing your own alcohol to the venue will usually cost less than buying it in the restaurant. If you’re feeling comfortable doing that and the get-together is rather an informal one, you can even ask your guests to bring beverages of their choosing. This offers the added benefit of ensuring that your guests will like the beverages that they have brought. If you’re planning to meet up in a pub or a bar for drinks, you can look into bringing your own snacks for a cheaper alternative. Look for venues that will allow you to do so.

Book in advance. If you know about your event ahead of time, start looking for the venue as soon as possible. By starting early, you will be able to choose from various venues, and won’t have to choose among the left-overs. Some venues may offer early-bird deals, so start your search as soon as you confirm the date and guest list.

Consider minimum spend venues. Minimum spend means that you don’t pay for the hire of the venue, but that you and your guests must purchase food and drinks up to an agreed upon amount. Minimum spend can be a good idea when you’re meeting with friends for a birthday celebration or want to go out with your colleagues after work. If you decide on that option browse through our list of minimum spend venues.

To help you out with your search we’ve prepared a few affordable venue suggestions:

  • Tuttons Private Dining - centrally located on Covent Garden Piazza, this venue offers affordable per-person packages. Guests can enjoy the best of British cuisine in two private rooms for 20 guests or 30 guests.
  • Brasserie Blanc Southbank - just a few minutes walk from Waterloo station, it’s a great spot for any event. This venue offers minimum spend and versatile private rooms, which can accommodate from 10 to 220 guests.
  • Laki Kane - an Islington-based Thai restaurant offering various packages to accommodate your needs. It offers a private dining room for 20 guests with bold décor which transports your guests to a tropical paradise!
  • Esquires Coffee Balham - a cosy cafe with versatile private dining rooms for 20-60 guests available for hourly hire. This venue allows customers to bring their own alcohol and catering, making it a great space for a vast range of events.
  • Hoppers Marylebone - Located near Bond Street Station, this is an ideal spot for private dining for couples. With an affordable package of authentic Sri Lankan cuisine and the intimate setting of the vault-style room, your date will be memorable!  

Finding Affordable Private Dining Venues in London

Private dining venues play an important role in hosting various occasions in London, from intimate gatherings such as birthdays and anniversaries to formal corporate events

  • Personalised service: Private dining venues offer tailored service to the needs and preferences of the host and guests. Unlike public restaurants, private dining spaces can accommodate specific requests, dietary restrictions, and event themes, ensuring attendees a more personalised and memorable experience. 
  • Exclusive atmosphere: Private dining venues provide an exclusive atmosphere for special occasions, allowing hosts to create a more intimate and private setting for their guests. Whether it's a cosy dinner party or a corporate luncheon, the privacy of a dedicated dining space fosters a sense of intimacy and exclusivity, enhancing the overall guest experience. 
  • Tailored menu options: One of the key benefits of private dining is the opportunity to customise the menu according to guests' preferences and dietary requirements. Private dining venues often offer a range of menu options, from set menus to bespoke dining experiences, allowing hosts to curate a culinary experience that suits the occasion and delights their guests. 
  • Reasonable cost: Despite their luxury and exclusivity, private dining venues in London can be affordable options for hosting special occasions. By choosing affordable private dining venues, hosts can enjoy the benefits of personalised service, exclusive atmosphere, and tailored menu options without breaking the bank.

Factors to Consider for Affordable Private Dining

When looking for affordable private dining venues in London, there are various essential aspects to consider to ensure that the event is a success and provides value for money. Here are some of these factors: 

Location and Accessibility:

  • Choose a venue that is conveniently located and easily accessible for guests, whether it's near public transportation hubs or has ample parking facilities. 
  • Consider the venue's proximity to accommodations, attractions, and other amenities to enhance guests' overall experience and convenience. 

Capacity and Layout: 

  • Assess the venue's capacity to ensure it can accommodate the number of guests attending the event comfortably. 
  • Consider the layout of the space, including seating arrangements and flexibility, to ensure it meets the event's requirements and facilitates smooth flow and interaction among guests. 

Available Audiovisual Equipment: 

  • Check if the venue offers audiovisual equipment such as sound systems, projectors, screens, and microphones, especially if presentations or entertainment will be part of the event. 
  • Inquire about additional costs or fees associated with the use of audiovisual equipment to avoid unexpected expenses. 

Price Comparison and Inclusive Services: 

  • Compare prices and packages offered by different venues to ensure you're getting the best value for money. 
  • Look for venues that offer inclusive services such as catering, staffing, setup, and cleanup to streamline the planning process and avoid hidden charges. 

Transparency in Pricing and Hidden Charges: 

  • Read the fine print and inquire about any hidden charges or additional fees that may apply, such as service charges, corkage fees, or overtime charges. 
  • Ensure that the pricing is transparent and comprehensive, covering all aspects of the event to avoid budget surprises later on. 

Seek Recommendations and Read Reviews: 

  • Seek recommendations from trusted sources such as friends, family, or colleagues who have previously hosted events at affordable private dining venues. 
  • Read customer reviews and testimonials online to gauge the venue's reputation, service quality, and overall customer satisfaction. 
  • Consider visiting the venues in person to assess their suitability, ambience, and value proposition firsthand before making a final decision. 

By considering these factors, hosts can select affordable private dining venues that meet their requirements, budget, and expectations while ensuring that their guests have a delightful and memorable experience.

Maximising Value from Cheap Private Dining Venues

To make the most of your budget-friendly private dining experience, engaging in strategic planning and utilising the available resources is important. Below are some tips that can help you maximise the value of inexpensive private dining venues: 

Negotiate Package Deals:

  • While negotiating with the venue, ask about package deals that provide catering, venue rental, and other services at a discounted rate. Combining services can result in significant cost savings as opposed to booking each component separately. 

Customise Menus Within Budget Constraints:

  • Collaborate closely with the venue's catering team to customise menus that align with your budget constraints. Consider focusing on seasonal and locally sourced ingredients, which are often more affordable while still providing quality and freshness. 
  • Opt for family-style or buffet service, or offer limited menu options instead of plated dinners. This can help reduce costs without sacrificing the dining experience. 

Opt for DIY Décor Options:

  • Save money on decorations by choosing do-it-yourself (DIY) décor options. Use inexpensive materials like candles, flowers, fabric, and recycled items to create a personalised and stylish ambience. 
  • Consider reusing décor items from previous events or borrowing decorations from friends or family members to reduce costs further.

 Consider Venues with Additional Services or Perks:

  • Look for spaces that offer additional services or perks at no extra cost, such as audiovisual equipment, dedicated event coordinators, or complimentary decorations. These added amenities can improve the overall experience and provide excellent value for money. 
  • Take advantage of complimentary services provided by the venue, such as setup, cleanup, and basic audiovisual equipment. This can help streamline the planning process and reduce the need for additional expenses. 

By incorporating these tips, you can maximise the value of budget-friendly private dining venues and create a memorable and enjoyable experience for yourself and your guests without exceeding your budget.

FAQs about Cheap Private Dining Venues in London

How much does it cost to hire a cheap private dining room in London?

Package deals start at as little as £15 per person. You can hire a venue on an hourly basis starting at £20. Some venues offer minimum spend, which can range from £50 per session or £250 per day. Remember that prices may vary depending on the time of the day and the day of the week. (Based on Tagvenue data.)

What is included in the price of a private dining room in London?

Depending on the type of hire you choose, different things may be included in the price of the venue. In private room hire, you get the space for exclusive use. Package deals will usually offer food and drinks. Minimum spend means you only receive the space and have to pay for your orders. For hourly hire, you get to use the space for a limited time, without any minimum spend charge.

What kind of venues offer cheap private dining rooms in London?

You can find affordable private rooms in restaurants, pubs and cocktail bars. You can also look for specially designed event venues, which offer rooms of all kinds and allow external catering. For a more relaxed atmosphere search for private rooms in cafes.

Can I find large but cheap private dining rooms in London?

Yes, definitely! While usually smaller means cheaper, you can also find larger affordable venues. For smaller prices, search outside Central London. You can also opt for venues offering standing drink receptions, where you can fit in more guests than during a sitting event.

Guests Reviews of Cheap Private Dining Venues on Tagvenue

Emma G.
Booked Entire Venue at The Crown
Great venue, located right by Southwark station so guest had no problem at all getting to the venue. Outside area in the front and back of the pub really added to the space. Laura who I was dealing with for the booking was extremely helpful and accommodating. Great value for money, drinks reasonably priced for London too. The space is really a good base where you can do up the space to suit what event you are hosting. I had my baby shower here which was jungle theme and it went really well with some of the deco in the space already. Staff extremely friendly and helpful - will definitely come back!
Jessica G.
Booked Private Room at Vinoteca Farringdon
The staff really went above and beyond for us and helped us to prepare the perfect event. They were very accommodating and helpful in the lead up to the event and they helped everything to run smoothly. The room itself was perfect and staff decorated with candles and dim lighting. They let us put up our own decorations and made sure to make the night special. Thank you!
Charlotte W.
Booked The Chesterfield Room at The Market Tavern
Can't thank you enough for such a wonderful time hosting our friends bridal shower here this weekend! The private room was brilliant and just what we needed, set up with our own bartender/waiter and bar. The food was phenomenal- we ordered the vegetarian buffet and everyone commented on how delicious it was. We couldn't have been better catered for by Jared beforehand, and Jacob and Mohammed on the day. We will definitely be back again!
Michelle S.
Booked Private Room at Vinoteca City
Could not have asked for a better venue for my 40th Birthday dinner, the space was big enough to comfortably accommodate a sit down dinner for 35 people plus decorations and a photo booth. The staff were so attentive and the food was so good for the price per head for a 3 course set menu. I also left a couple of gifts and the venue found and kept them until I could collect them. Overall it was everything I could ask for!
Christine A.
Booked Private Dining at The Chesterfield Mayfair
I loved it all. They made my birthday successful and enjoyable. I loved the Professionalism, the events planners, their patience with me as I changed the order of things a few times, the set up of the room and banners, the food, the pleasant attitudes of the waiters/ waitresses and their services to me and my guests. I loved it all.
Natasha S.
Booked River Room at The Gun
The views for the room we book were absolutely stunning. The room itself was a really good size The service on the night was exceptional. I unfortunately didn’t get the name of the gent that looked after us but he was Aclass. Super attentive and made sure the night ran smoothly. I can’t commend him enough.
JIm K.
Booked The Presidents Room at The Queen's Club
Excellent professional venue with great personal service from Paul and Attila. Superb quality of food with high quality presentation - aided by the first class kitchen. Unique venue with a very special aura. Our office party was "one of the best ever "- this quote from a long standing employee who has been to the last 14 annual parties. Thank you to Attila, Paul, the chiefs, and waiters, and we will love to revisit
Sue K.
Booked Whole Venue at Gatti's Italian Dining
From start to finish my experience of this event was fantastic - I found Franco, Mano and the rest of the staff very helpful when making arrangements. All of the attendees were very impressed with the food and I had nothing but good feedback from them. Thank you very much - I've already booked for next year!

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