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Top Private Dining With A View in London

Are you dreaming of a private dinner with a view in the heart of London? Whether it’s with your family, your significant other or your friends, having a private dinner overlooking stunning views of London can deepen your relationships more than a casual dinner. It’s a special kind of gathering where you can talk about topics you usually wouldn’t talk about in public. Tagvenue has collected a list of all private dining rooms with a view in London, so you have more than enough to choose from. Take a look!

Private Dining With A View Hire Guide

Here are our favourite tips on what to consider before choosing a private dining room with a view in London:

  • The type of view – Lush green scenery behind the window or a 360-degree panorama of London’s most iconic buildings – what kind of view would make the best fit for your private dinner? Choose the mood or the main theme of your feast and keep it in mind while choosing the right location.
  • The layout – The private dining room of your choice may have a stunning view, but don’t forget to make sure it also has enough space for all your guests. What’s more, if the view is one of the highlights, it’s good to arrange a seating layout that will allow all diners to enjoy it!
  • Specific dietary needs – Even the most beautiful vista won’t save the day if the menu is not suitable. Is there someone in the group that has to eat gluten-free? If so, you need to make sure that your private dining room covers these specific needs. The same goes for vegan, halal, kosher and other dietary requirements. Most venues in London are happy to cater to these requirements.
  • Accessibility – Keep in mind that many private dining rooms with views of the London skyline are located in high-rise buildings. If any of the guests you’re expecting have reduced mobility, make sure the venue is accessible and that they won’t have any trouble reaching the dining room.

How much does it cost to hire a private dining room with a view in London? We can tell you:

  • Hire fee – Splitting the hire fee is an easy way to make sure everyone pays the same amount and figure out if you get bang for your buck. Starting at £360 per morning (up to 35 guests) to £12,000 per day (up to 260 guests), the price per person is between £10.29 and £46.15. If the room comes together with a gorgeous view, the hire fees usually get higher, but don’t stress about it – we know how to spot the best deals.
  • Minimum spend – Do you prefer to only pay for the drinks and food at the bar instead of paying a specific fee? If so, then the minimum spend route is for you! When you spend at least £500 (for small dining rooms up to 18 guests) to £10,500 per session (up to 260 guests), you get the venue for free. On average, this will cost you £27.78 to £40.38 per person. It is worth noting that minimum spend rates tend to get higher during peak times. In the case of dining rooms with a view, peak time usually means the so-called “golden hour” when you can enjoy the sunset.
  • Price per person – For a free-for-all type of feast you’re going to pay anything from £35 (up to 60 guests) to £132 per person (up to 60 guests). Depending on how many people will join the dinner, the minimum spend option can be a lot cheaper, so do the math.

Take a look at the most popular locations for private dining with a view in London:

  • Central London – As you might have already expected, most of the taller buildings that provide private dining rooms with a view in London are located in the centre of the city. The benefit of eating in a sky-high private dining room is that you won’t be disturbed by the chaos that goes on in the city. You’ll undoubtedly enjoy stunning views of London while dining in Central London.
  • River Thames – Along the River Thames, you can find the best private dining spots with a view of London. Away from the chaos of the city centre, you can enjoy the stunning views of London’s Tower Bridge even more (especially at night). Add a little background music and you’ve got yourself a cosy ambience.

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