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Top Venues for Hire in Notting Hill

Notting Hill is a great place to host an event and Tagvenue is the right place for you to consider your options! Have a look on our platform and you’ll see that we’ve got venues to host everything from meetings, weddings, birthday parties and anything and everything in between. Check it out and see what jumps out at you!

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Notting Hill Venues Hire Guide

How much does it cost to hire a venue around Notting Hill?

Prices will vary based on venue type and event duration, but to get you started: hire fees will start from £40 per hour and can reach over £2,000 per session. Minimum spend starts around £250. (Based on platform data.)


What are the most popular locations for venue hire around Notting Hill?

North of Notting Hill Station, along Portobello Road, you’ll find a good selection of bars, restaurants and lounges. If you need something larger, to host a conference perhaps, check out the area around Bayswater Station. Something a bit more eclectic like an art studio? Holland Park is a good place to start.


What are the best event spaces in the Notting Hill area?

Based on guest reviews, some of the best venues in the area include:

Milestone Hotel and Residences, great place for a 5-star banquet. Guest rating: 5/5
Portobello Star, historic bar (from 1740) for some historic drinks. Guest rating: 4.7/5
Museum of Brands, need something different to wow guests? Go here. Guest rating: 4.6/5