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Top Venues for Hire in Peckham

Looking to host a conference, plan a wedding or celebrate a birthday in Peckham but aren’t sure where to find the best venue for private hire? Well, you’re in luck, because we are! Have a look down below at our selection of some of the best venues Peckham has on offer and see what jumps out at you.

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Peckham Venues Hire Guide

How much does it cost to hire a venue in Peckham?

Event type and duration will be a factor in price, but generally, you can expect hire fees starting from £50 per hour to about £850 per day. Minimum spend options begin at £350 per session. (Based on platform data.)


What are the most popular locations for hosting events in Peckham?

Peckham Rye station should be your starting point, especially those looking for wedding spaces or other large gathering options. Heading west towards Camberwell, you’ll find options for meetings and conferences while looking along Queen’s Road will give you some great casual dining and bar venues.


What are the best event spaces in Peckham?

Based on guest reviews the best event venues in the area include:

ORTUS Conference and Events, excellent high tech option for all things business. Guest rating: 4.5/5
Prince of Peckham, a great pub for informal gatherings. Guest rating: 4.4/5