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Top Venues for Hire in Marylebone

Looking to organise your next event in the Marylebone district, but not sure where to start? You can find all the best venues in the area on our platform, simply pick one that fits your requirements and book it directly from our website.

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Marylebone Venues Hire Guide

How much does it cost to hire a venue in Marylebone?

In the district, the cost of hiring an event venue can range from £150 all the way up to £13000 per day, while minimum spend per session fluctuates from £300 to £2000. Price per person begins at £25 and extends to £75 per session. (Based on data.) However, final prices for event venus will vary by event type, the duration and the size of your event.

What are the most popular locations for venue hire in Marylebone?

There are several popular spots around the Marylebone district when it comes to event hire, such as along Portland Place or around Marylebone Station. These are popular areas mostly due to their high accessibility via public transport as well as proximity to neighbouring districts. 

What are the best venues in Marylebone?

According to our guest reviews, the following are some of Marylebone’s best venues for hire:

The Marylebone London, vibrant bar with a unique selection of drinks, guest rating: 5/5
Hellenic Centre, blank canvas venue with a historical atmosphere, guest rating: 4.9/5
West One, business centre with well-equipped meeting rooms, guest rating: 4.8/5
The Prince Regent, relaxed pub for any occasion, guest rating: 4.6/5
Landmark - Marylebone, London, meeting centre in a charming Georgian building, guest rating: 4.5/5