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Congratulations on your engagement! It’s time to celebrate your love and commitment to one another before you begin the sometimes hectic wedding planning process. Melbourne has a lot of engagement party venues to choose from - whether you're looking for something affordable, rustic or one of Melbourne’s beautiful garden venues; we’ve got you covered! Below is our complete list of the best engagement party venues in Melbourne.

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Engagement Party Venues Hire Guide

Melbourne is a picturesque city that covers much of the coastline of Port Philip Bay and stretches towards the Macedon mountain range and Yarra Valley. The Yarra River flows through the city and houses many lovely riverside venues that could serve as a place for your engagement party. There are endless options in Melbourne for any type of engagement party you wish to host. The Eastern side of the city has a young professional demographic and its venues cater to just that - making it a great area to find a fun, more casual venue.

What to consider before choosing a venue for your engagement party in Melbourne?

  • Timing – Engagement parties should be thrown within a few months of the proposal. You’ll want to give yourself enough time to plan the party and invite your guests, while not getting its planning in the way of your actual wedding planning.
  • Budget – You’ll want to be aware of the cost of each venue from the start. It’s easy to get excited about a great venue that you find and commit to spending more than you should. Set a budget and stick to it! After all, you do have a wedding coming up soon and there’s no doubt you’ll be spending a lot of money in the coming months.
  • Sweets and Treats – Engagement parties are all about celebrating your love! What better way to do that than to serve up fun and elegant pastries and treats at your engagement party!? You can even use your engagement party as a time to taste test different cake types and flavours for your wedding!
  • Decor – Engagement party is a fun time when you can decorate however you want! We all know that when it comes to weddings, everyone and their mother has an opinion on what you should do and how you should do it - so making everything look just the way you want for your wedding can be difficult because you end up compromising. But typically you’re on your own for planning the engagement party, so have fun with it and choose a theme and decor that you really enjoy!
  • Relax – Your wedding day is going to come and go fast. The most common reflection from couples after a wedding is that it goes by so fast. There are so many people to see and so much celebrating to do that the day is done before you can blink. Your engagement party will be a more intimate and casual event than your wedding. So enjoy it and soak in the time with your closest friends.

    Here are some great tips for planning your party!

How much does it cost to hire a venue for an engagement party in Melbourne?

  • There is a very large price range for venues in Melbourne. Most them charge a minimum spend or venue hire fee. The cost for these span from $1,000-$7,000 for minimum spend. And $450-$40,000/day for a whole day venue hire. The average cost will run you right around $5,000 for a venue hire fee and $3,000 for a minimum spend fee.

What are the most popular locations for hosting an engagement party in Melbourne?

  • CBD – Also known simply as the City Centre, is Melbourne’s hub for all things fun and entertaining. Here you will find venues and restaurants galore. The streets are pleasantly sprinkled with art and statues throughout. No matter what kind of venue you’re searching for, chances are, you’ll find it here.

  • South Melbourne District – The best neighbourhood to find a venue for your engagement in south-east Melbourne!

  • Kensington – Known for its village feel, this hilly relaxed district is a popular location for hosting low-key engagement parties.

  • Melbourne’s Northern Suburbs – Just a short drive north of the city lies Kinglake National Park - where you’ll find beauty and adventure around every corner! There is a multitude of unique venues for your engagement party between the park and the city. In this Northern suburb area, you will find some of the best and cheap venues in Melbourne.