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So someone’s getting hitched? You know what that means, a bucks party with all the lads before the grooms big day! Although the basics of every bachelor party are simple (drinks, games, laughter and freedom.) It can be a little tricky to plan the big boys night out. Don’t worry; we’ve listed all of the best bucks party ideas and venues in Melbourne to save you the work.

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Every group of guys is different. Some of you might be seeking a wild night out on the town, while others are perhaps looking for a more calm and low-key stag party. Whatever it is that you’re looking for, chances are Melbourne has it! In this fun and lively city, you’ll find party locations everywhere from a poker night or go-kart racing to beer/whisky tastings and gentlemen's cruises. One of the most popular events you should consider adding to your agenda is a paintball! There isn’t much else that will make you feel like a man than strapping up and going to war with your mates! One fun idea is to have the groom and best man run from one end the field and back while the rest of the guy's fire paintballs at them (for good luck.) You’ll make some great memories, and the groom might end up with some welts he’ll have to explain to the Mrs.

Not sure where to start? Don’t worry! We collected a few useful tips to consider before choosing a bucks party venue in Melbourne:

  • Activity - The best bachelor/bucks parties always consist of some sort of physical activity. You don’t want just to sit around and be lazy, you’re with the boys, go out and have fun!
  • Budget - Usually each of the groomsman/guests helps chips in towards the cost of the party. Before booking a venue, check with the guys and feel out what a comfortable price range is to spend - now you’ll have a better idea of what is within your budget.
  • The Groom - Although it can be fun to surprise the groom with a party before his big day - make sure you check with him or his fiance before you set the days without him. Chances are he’s a busy man with work and getting ready for a wedding/honeymoon. Nothing ruins a party like the man of the hour missing it altogether.
  • Transportation - If you’re going to be drinking, make sure you assign a designated driver or have pre-planned transportation to get around. It won’t be hard to arrange rides for your Melbourne bucks night. There are plenty of options, including Uber or even a limo!
  • Venue - A lot of venues will provide a whole experience, others just a space for your party. You’ll want to be intentional with making the entire night or weekend a fun and interactive event. So make sure you either plan extra activities or go with a venue that includes it all.
  • Safety - It’s boring to think about, but this whole party is about the groom - and he’s getting married soon. You won’t want to deal with the bride if you let the groom show up to the wedding in a cast. Just be careful and have fun!

Have an idea in mind? But how much will it actually cost to organise a bucks party in Melbourne, you may wonder…

Like anything, there are always some extremely expensive options that can run you north of $10,000. But the average bucks party in Melbourne usually runs about $150-$500 per person.

Lacking inspiration when it comes to choosing a location? Here are the three most popular bucks party locations in Melbourne you should take into account while looking for the perfect venue:

  • Melbourne CBD – The Central Business District is packed full of fun and exciting nightlife for a Melbourne bucks night! With bars and clubs around almost every corner, this lively area of the city will not leave you bored during your party.
  • Fitzroy – A blue-collar area of the city that is perfect for a gentlemen's night out. If you’re looking for a more tame, distinguished night out - this is the neighbourhood to check out. There are a lot of bars and smoke shops. And many of the bars offer beer and whisky tastings.
  • Dingley Village – Located just south-east of the city, Dingley Village is a great place to take the lads for a fun day full of activities. There are a few options for paintball in the area (a guaranteed good time.) There is also a good selection of restaurants and bars to choose from.