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Top 40th Birthday Venues in Melbourne

For some, hitting the big four zero can be a little stressful, so finding a 40th birthday venue in Melbourne shouldn’t add to the anxiety. Melbourne is a city where you’re absolutely spoiled for choice. A booze cruise on Port Philip Bay, picnicking at one of many parks or beaches, dining and cocktails in the city or perhaps a private party on the rooftop in one of CBD’s awesome bars. All great choices for 40th birthday celebrations.

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40th Birthday Venues Hire Guide

Before you consider your ideal 40th birthday party venue in Melbourne, you'll want to consider a few important points: a convenient location for guests, the type of function you want to host, possibly hiring an event and, most importantly, what to do with the kids!

  • Location – The first thing you want to consider is how your guests will get to and from your 40th safely. Hosting an event too far outside the city will mean guests have to drive. A central Melbourne location means guests can use public transport and taxis to get safely to and from your bash.
  • Type of function – Is it going to be a sit-down dinner or cocktails and canapes? Day time or evening? Formal, informal or fancy dress? Deciding exactly what type of party you want before hunting for a venue will help you find exactly what you’re looking for and give you an idea of the type of budget you’re going to need.
  • Event planner – Many of us don’t have the time to carry out our day to day tasks, never mind plan a 40th birthday. When considering a venue, ask if they offer event planning services, someone who can take the reigns. This means you can be a guest at your party rather than have you or your partner running around organising the evening.
  • The kids! – Even if you don’t have kids of your own, it’s likely many of your guests will. Think about whether or not you want to have a kid friendly 40th birthday party to include the whole family. One idea could be to find a venue with extra space for a kids playroom where they can be entertained while the adults enjoy a meal.

Stuck on ideas for activities or theme for the big day? Here are three fun things to do for your 40th birthday in Melbourne:

  • Wine or craft beer tasting – Why not enjoy the best of Aussie wines or sample some Melbourne craft beers? A wine or beer tasting is a great way to keep everyone entertained while maintaining a social atmosphere.
  • Booze cruise – If you’re looking to get out of the city without really leaving the city, then a booze cruise or dinner cruise on Port Philip Bay might be a good option.
  • Fancy dress – A classic party theme that never gets old is fancy dress. This is a great way to add a little fun to the evening and gets people talking and laughing from the start.

Since Melbourne is a big city, it can be a little overwhelming when considering where to start looking for a venue. Here are three of our top recommendations most popular for 40th birthday parties in Melbourne:

  • Melbourne CBD – The Central Business District is great for rooftop bars, private dining and cocktail parties. There is plenty of public transport and taxis available making it easy for the guests to get to and from your party.
  • South Yarra & Richmond – These are great areas if you’re looking for a trendy restaurant, bar or nightclub to host your 40th birthday. Many venues in this area offer great private dining facilities. This area is a good option if most of your guests are from the southern or eastern parts of Melbourne.
  • Carlton & Collingwood – In these two suburbs just north of the CBD you’ll find plenty of private dining rooms, cocktail bars, and outdoor venues for hire. There are plenty of venues for hire in and around Lygon Street in Carlton and all along Smith Street in Collingwood.