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Top 30th Birthday Party Venues in Melbourne

Congratulations are in order because if you’re visiting this page, you or one of your mates has made it all the way to that big 30th birthday mark! Now it’s time to start looking around Melbourne for some of the best places to celebrate a birthday, maybe pick up some birthday drinks (tiny umbrellas optional) and generally have a good time with friends and family. Regardless of if you want to stick to Melbourne’s CBD, or want to venture further afield to St Kilda, Carlton or Collingwood (to name just a few) Tagvenue has got you covered. We’ve put together a list of some of the best 30th birthday party venues Melbourne has to offer, so no matter if you’re looking for something cheap, unique, bizarre, high-class or something in between, have a browse through our options and find your perfect destination.

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30th Birthday Party Venues Hire Guide

If you’ve looked at the listings above, you know that you’ve got a lot of options for a 30th birthday party in Melbourne. Choosing the right venue is mostly a matter of preference and what kind of evening you’re looking to host but there are some things to consider before you commit to a booking:

  • Know your guests – Are you inviting a pack of gourmands and need to find a unique place for dinner and drinks? Looking to dance the night away with some gal pals? Maybe just a quiet pub with a toast over a few beers with your mates? Melbourne’s 30th birthday party venues can do anything, but none of them can do everything, so pick a speciality to focus in on.
  • Reservations and seating arrangements – A major issue to settle in advance is the right seating arrangement for whatever activities you have planned? Do you want standing tables for a bit of mingling? Want to sit around a huge round table and pretend like you’re King Arthur? It's your birthday so fair enough, but plan in advance! Use Tagvenue’s filters to narrow down what you’re looking for and check the listings to see what our venues have available for you.

Paralysed with indecision? We’ve been there too, so here are a few suggestions for organising an awesome 30th birthday party in Melbourne:

  • Gourmet on a budget – If you’re looking for a memorable meal that won’t break the bank, you can start your search around Little Collins Street and work your way out from there, as there are a few places that fit the bill for a fantastic 30th birthday meal.
  • Something different – Maybe just dinner isn’t quite enough for you and your group of friends? Have a look around Chapel Street for a few themed restaurants that not only offer a variety of tasty dishes but offer interesting after dinner activities, such as private karaoke booths (you know someone will want to sing Happy Birthday, might as well give them a microphone).
  • Low key – For a quieter 30th birthday party, start looking around Windsor for a selection of venues that come with plenty of drinks, cosy atmospheres and a laid-back ambience.

Guests Reviews of 30th Birthday Party Venues on Tagvenue

Noor Hidaya
Booked Private Dining Room at Locanda Restaurant & Bar
All of my guests loved the food and the staff was great and prompt with their service and attending to anything that needed to be fixed on the day. The availability of a screen/projector was also very handy.
Booked Lion’s Den at Glamp Bar
Friendly Staff, Delicious Drinks, Comfortable, Relaxed, Food is delicious, fast drink service, Great communication leading up to the event. Will be back!