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Top 40th Birthday Venues in Sydney

Are you turning the big 4-0 and want to celebrate in style? Whether you want to celebrate this milestone by hiring a boat for a cruise on the Sydney Harbour or going for a fancy dinner in the CBD, we're here to help you out! Look through our listings and get inspired! Book directly, relax and enjoy your special day to the fullest.

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40th Birthday Venues Hire Guide

So many people, so many birthday party ideas. Sometimes it is harder to narrow down your options than to come up with an idea. To make it easier for you, here are some of the most popular ideas for a 40th birthday party in Sydney:

  • Theme party – A themed party doesn’t need to be a costume party unless you want it to be. It’s a great way to celebrate someone's interests and hobbies. Wine or beer themes parties are a classic, as well as movie or book themed functions.
  • 40 everything – It's not enough to just put up balloons with the number 40 on it to make someone feel special. Go for something more original! A gift given after every 40 minutes, 40 notes from friends, 40 years in pictures. This is an awesome way to make a birthday party feel personal.
  • Trivia – Nothing is more satisfying than realizing that people know more about you than you thought! Create a trivia, with 40 questions, about the birthday person and separate your guests into several teams. Whoever gets the most points wins a prize!

Sydney is definitely a place with an abundance of options when it comes to birthday party venues. Here are some of our favourites:

  • Bar – A chic wine or beer tasting is an all-time favourite birthday party go to. Additionally, most of the bars also offer some type of food or snack to go with the tasting to make the experience even better. Plus you can end the night with a billiard or darts game that most of the Sydney bars offer.
  • Boat – Dinner and drinks with friends and family never looked better! They say 40 is when your life begins, so why not start off with style? Additionally, the beautiful view on the Sydney Harbour will make any the party better.
  • Private dining – Want to keep is small, simple and intimate? Hire a private dining room just for you and your guests. That way you can enjoy your favourite meal and the company of your friends and family with no interruptions.

Last but not least, there are several things you should look out for:

  • Capacity – You don't want your guests to be squished like sardines and not able to sit down with their drink. Make sure your chosen venue has enough sitting capacity and extra room if you're planning any games.
  • Adults only? – Not all venues are kid-friendly, so if your event will allow children, make sure the venue doesn’t have an adults-only policy. It is not difficult to find a venue with a kid's corner or a playground, but it is something one should look out for beforehand.
  • Decorations – You will have to come in early to decorate, so make sure to find a venue that allows decoration and has space on the walls for it.
  • Cake – The cake is a big part of any birthday, but not all venues allow outside food to be brought in. Enquire with the manager if it is okay that you bring your own cake or even champagne to pop.

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