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Top 50th Birthday Venues in Melbourne

Surviving half a century is worth a celebration of a lifetime with all your loved ones by your side. To make sure you can have this all-important party, we selected 50th birthday venues in Melbourne that are perfect for celebrations like these. Everything is possible for your 50th birthday, from old-fashioned to lounges and billiards. Look for yourself and pick the best place to celebrate your 50th birthday in Melbourne.

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50th Birthday Venues Hire Guide

Not sure what to consider before choosing a 50th birthday party venue in Melbourne? Here are some of our favourite tips to start with:

  • 50th birthday ideas – The most crucial part of organising your party is making sure your 50th birthday party celebration ideas work in the type of venue you’re looking for. Check the description and room features to find out everything a venue has to offer.
  • The age range of your guests – Is it an exclusive party for adults or will there also be grandchildren? It’s good to consider this because you might want to choose a venue where there’s enough room for children to play.
  • Catering – Birthday parties often mean feasting with your mates and family, so it’s important to decide between in-house or external catering. If you want to bring your own drinks, make sure that the venue allows it.
  • Widen your options – Some 50th birthday venues in Melbourne are quite popular, so you have the chance that it’s already booked by someone else on your birthday. That’s why it’s important to consider multiple venues and dates to ensure that you won’t have to improvise a last-minute birthday party.

Yes, this might be one of the most memorable moments of your life, but that doesn’t mean you have to spend all your money. There are plenty of inexpensive birthday party venues in Melbourne you can choose from, as long as you know where to look. Below are the price ranges for 50th birthday party venues in Melbourne:

  • Hire fee – For modest birthday venues, you’re looking at $30 per hour (up to 58 guests) to $1,350 per day (up to 80 guests). The hire fee pricing model is the least common in Melbourne.
  • Minimum spend – Starting at only $1 a day (for 50 guests) you will have paid for the venue after everyone gets their first drinks. However, there are also venues that require you to spend at least $30,000 per session (for 60 guests this is $500 per person).
  • 50th birthday packages in Melbourne – It is possible to pay per person for a package that can include drinks, food, entertainment and more. Prices start at $21 (up to 100 guests) and go up to $80 per session (up to 70 guests).

Still have some questions on your mind? We answered some of the most frequently asked ones.

50th Birthday Venues in Melbourne FAQ

Where can I find unique 50th birthday venues?

You can find unique birthday venues in Frankston and St Kilda since some venues there offer sleeping accommodations, VIP events and extensive vegan menus. These locations are perfect for hosting out of town guests, bar nights and dinners in elegant venues.

I am having trouble coming up with a party theme. Please help me!

We get it. A 50th birthday party needs something special. What about bringing in a live band and dance all night? Or do you want to do something unique like having everyone write a kind message and put it in a jar? There are so many ideas to choose from.

Guests Reviews of 50th Birthday Venues on Tagvenue

Gino Gillet
Booked Lounge at Hoo Haa
The staff were excellent & very accommodating. Food & music was great! Perfect venue for what I was after. My guests totally enjoyed themselves & some said they would definitely come back some time.