Film Studios for Rent in Miami, FL

Film Studios for Rent in Miami, FL

Shoot your next blockbuster in one of the best locations in the city!

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Top Film Studios in Miami, FL

Have you been checking the web for movie or TV show locations? Are you ready to find a venue for your next big hit? We’re here to help you catch the best offers in town. Miami is home to some of the most professional and well-equipped film studios out there, so get scrolling if you plan on renting a fab spot. With locations all over the city, you’ll be able to book studios in most of the city’s neighborhoods. So check out our list of top film studios in Miami, and snag yourself a great spot!

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Film Studios Rental Guide

Searching the web for some great filming locations in Miami and not having the best of luck? Being in charge of the whole production process is not a piece of cake. With so many responsibilities, you surely need someone to help you out with location choices. Thankfully, we are here to get you going with some awesome film studios that are perfect for your next fab project. Have you thought about the film studio criteria yet? There are a couple of things to keep in mind before booking a location, so we hope you have a piece of paper and a pen ready, as it’s time to jot down some of these film studio renting top tips!


Booking film studios in Miami

When scouting locations, we recommend you check out the venue before booking to make sure it fits the idea for your project. The locations we offer at Tagvenue are as true to the photographs as they can be, but it’s still good to make sure your vision matches the location (that’s a small pro-tip before we start). Perhaps you’ve scouted a couple of places, but you’re still unsure what you want to book? Why don’t you take a look at some of our suggestions for finding exactly the studio that you need:

  • Budgeting. As always, the first and most important thing to decide on, is the maximum price you’re willing to spend on your studio rental. You don’t want to be lusting over filming locations only to be crushed by the reality that they are way above your spending limit. Have you thought about getting a sponsor, or applying for a scholarship or grant before your project? Perhaps there’s someone who’s willing to invest in your production - filming is not an inexpensive industry after all. If you’re a film student or just an enthusiast, then you might have a pretty good chance at getting some extra money towards your production. And if there’s absolutely no way, then you always have the option of crowdfunding, which is a great way to raise your budget… Especially if the idea gets spread around the internet!
  • Date, time and availability. Figure out a few dates and times when your whole team will be available. The good news is that if you have a whole film crew and actors who are on the job, you’re going to have an easier time getting everyone together for the film shoot. The bad news is that if you’re planning a side project, and you have (for example) unpaid actors, it might be hard to get everyone together on the same day. It’s a good idea to have a backup plan in case someone decides to back out. Other than that, make sure the venue is ready to take you at the date and time you decide to book it. We recommend renting the place some time in advance, especially if it’s one of those popular venues which everyone wants to snatch for themselves. Don’t be that person who leaves everything until the last minute!
  • Equipment, props and management. Do you have your gear ready? Do you need to rent some additional equipment, too? Have you got your cameras, tripods, lighting, etc. ready? Do you need reflectors, cables, backdrops, or any other equipment on standby and ready for the shoot? Check out this filmmaking equipment checklist, just in case there’s something you might have missed. For your film shoot, you will more likely than not need some props. Have you thought about what your actors will be wearing, or if the script mentions any items they might be holding? There is so much to remember here that we sincerely hope you’re not the only one managing the situation. Having an experienced crew, or even a few people to help out with bits and bobs is crucial for you not to lose your head during the production. Check in with the people responsible for the script and production, and make sure you’re ready to go with the gear.
  • Studio accessibility and amenities. Whether its proximity to transportation, or the fact that the venue space is on the first floor (so you won’t have trouble carrying heavy equipment). Having easy access to the studio is sometimes one of the most overlooked aspects, but it’s crucial to make things run smoothly. And of course if you’re spending all day in the studio then you might want to have a kitchen inside to prepare something hot to eat. Little things make the overall experience just that much better - after all, you’re paying, so you can have some demands!

Ready to get things going? There’s a few points to remember, but you’ll surely do just fine. We’re rooting for your next production! Now get scrolling and find the perfect film studio locations here in Miami - they’re just waiting to be discovered!

FAQs about Film Studios in Miami, FL

What’s the price range for film studios in Miami?

The lowest price we found for a film studio is this one for $40 per hour. When it comes to other locations in Miami, the average price is between $50 to $180 per hour. All in all, prepare for prices which won’t send you running for the hills. (All data based on Tagvenue.)

What types of film studios does Miami offer?

By far the most popular type of film studio is white studio space, usually with the availability for changing the backdrop, or having a green screen. Some studios offer the possibility of daylight shooting, while others are completely closed and the main source of light will be the lamps available inside (or ones that you decide to bring). There are also a couple of spaces which have unique furniture inside and can be used for filming commercials.

What are some film studio recommendations in Miami?

If you haven’t checked out our list yet, then we have a couple of film studio suggestions just for you. Why don’t you check out the ALT Photo Studio at ALT Photo Studio LLC, where you can expect to shoot some commercial magic? With a rental fee of $69 per session, you won’t have to rob a bank to pay for this great spot. And if you prefer a blank area to let your creativity run wild, then take a look at green Valley Studios. Located in Miami Springs, it’s one of the best spots in town to shoot your next big project.

Do I need a permit when renting a film studio in Miami?

A film permit depends on which part of the city you’re planning to film in. There is quite the list of permit dos and don'ts when it comes to filming, so we’re going to send you over to this website, in order to find out if the part of the city you’re planning to film in requires a permit.

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