Film Studios for Rent in Chicago, IL

Film Studios for Rent in Chicago, IL

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Top Film Studios in Chicago, IL

Did you know that more than 1,100 films and productions were shot in Chicago? It’s no wonder that the city is filled with some fantastic film studios, particularly in Lincoln Park, Lakeview, and even in suburbs like Edgewater. Your project could be just as fantastic as a Tarantino movie if you consider film studios for your gigs! Whether it's the history, culture, music, or art, there's something about Chicago's ambiance that will convert your creativity into something remarkable. Tagvenue has everything you need to up your game, from upscale loft studios with green screens to minimal studios with quirky decors.

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Film Studios Rental Guide

With the variety of film studios in Chicago,  you can upgrade your work in no time. Whether you’re planning a photoshoot in a daylight studio or an advert at an upscale studio, you have plenty of options at hand in this city. Filmmakers favor studios over location shooting for many reasons, one of them is simply that studios make your work seem more professional. Whether it's the lighting, the space, or the variety of backgrounds, film studios make it easier for independent filmmakers to improve the quality of their work by having everything in place.

Why should you rent a film studio in Chicago instead of shooting on location?

It can be difficult to plan an ad, a photoshoot, or any form of video content, which is why many individuals prefer the convenience of film studios to location filming. Location filmmaking means traveling to a specific location to film the story's setting. While it's a nice idea to produce work that is as realistic as possible, location filming is usually a costly alternative that you can't afford if you're just getting started.

The affordable cost of shooting in a film studio is one of the key advantages of shooting indoors. You won't have to worry about additional expenses like travel or lodging since most studios in Chicago are easily accessible. You're undoubtedly wondering why locations for shooting are so expensive. In many cases, you will be required to pay for the use of a location, particularly if it involves the use of private land. And it doesn't end there. There are other fees, such as accommodation, catering, and travel costs, that add up. Other factors, such as road closures or trade disruptions, may incur unnecessary expenditures. Films such as Pirates of the Caribbean and the first Avengers' sequel were shot in several spots, requiring the production to spend a significant amount of money on the settings alone. Location filming is fantastic if you can make it work despite the constraints and still make some profit; otherwise, sticking to a budget and renting a studio is always the better option.

One of the biggest advantages of shooting indoors is that you have complete control over all elements of the production from start to finish. When you're in an interior space, you won't have to worry about any commotion or the terrible Chicago winds wrecking your plans. For instance, on a hot summer day, you might easily turn on the air conditioning to chill the room and continue filming, but filming outdoors can be more complicated owing to the unpredictable weather and the formalities needed in renting a public space. Moreover, with the help of a green screen that's available in many film studios, your cast can be transported from Egypt to Hawaii in no time. The key is not to feel constrained by the walls and create the right ambiance for the crew and cast so that everyone can play their part as planned. The variety of props and costumes available in different studios can help your actors and models to get into character as these will help put them in the right mood.

Do you always worry about losing your expensive gear while on sets? Then renting a film studio is probably a suitable option for you. Since you'll be indoors, you won't have to worry about your costly IMAX camera that you leased for the day. It's difficult to maintain track of all equipment while also taking care of your clients and working on your project. You'll be more likely to succeed if you have one less thing to worry about. Most studios will have lockers or appropriate storage areas for you to safely store your props and equipment; however, if you want additional room for your team, simply let the venue staff know.

What do you need to know when hiring a movie studio in Chicago?

When choosing your next venue, there are various factors to consider: location, accessibility, amenities, and facilities, to name a few. Some things, however, require more of your attention, such as arriving early at the studio or discussing the rules with the venue manager to ensure that everything is in order.

Here are two major things to consider when planning your studio shoot:

 Leeway time

Although most film studios are rented on an hourly or daily basis, most are flexible and can provide some leeway time if something goes wrong. However, keep in mind that if you're just renting the venue for a few hours for your first shoot, you may rapidly run out of time setting up everything, so arrive early or book the space for longer to be safe and not worry about rushing up things due to the awaiting client.

 Studio accessibility 

The accessibility to a hired venue is critical to the success of your project. You wouldn't want Madonna to spend 5 hours commuting if you were organizing a photoshoot with her, right? If you're a budding photographer or filmmaker, think of all of your clients in the same way. This will make it easier for you to acquire long-term clients and excellent referrals. Consider whether your crew will have easy access to the venue and won't have to struggle to get there with their equipment. Another thing to think about is whether the studio provides accessibility for individuals with disabilities; this is highly relevant if you are working on a project with new people. Keep remote, difficult-to-reach spots off the table; you don't want to risk your model missing your first Vogue cover.

FAQs about Film Studios in Chicago, IL

What do film studios in Chicago offer?

Other than the functional studio spaces, these spaces might provide on-site catering or dining areas like kitchenettes and prop facilities (anything from glasses to costumes). Among other things, you can be provided with a dressing room and makeup spaces, and even equipment, though some things may have to be requested in advance and require an additional fee. 

Do all studios provide parking facilities?

Most studios are equipped with their own private parking spaces. However, if you need additional parking spaces for your crew and clients, it’s best to inform the venue manager in advance. Some studios might not be equipped with similar facilities so, you may have to rent hourly parking space nearby. In any case, discuss your options before booking as it’s better to have a parking space close to the studio due to the heavy photography equipment and for your clients’ convenience. Also, check for disabled access and reserve your parking spots early whenever possible.

Do all film studios feature a makeup room?

Chicago studios are frequently equipped with makeup rooms with the right lights and tables for your makeup artist to work comfortably. Moreover, additional things such as steam irons or extra seats are usually provided for your clients. However, if you are renting a small studio space, you may not have access to a makeup room and have to therefore check the options on every venue’s page carefully! With Tagvenue, it’s a lot easier to look for such information, as most of the options are already displayed on every location’s page.

How much do film studio rentals cost?

It all depends on what you are looking for and the requirements of your project. For instance, if you’re filming an interview, you might just need a bright space and two chairs to get it started, however, if you’re shooting a commercial or a movie scene, you might need everything from lighting to the props. Small studios tend to be on the more affordable side whereas upscale studios can be more expensive. Budget around $25 to $ 450+ for hiring a film studio in the city. Scan your options using smart filters and you'll find a lot of studios at competitive prices for your gig. Don’t forget to check the venue reviews!

Can I rent a film studio anywhere in Chicago?

Yes, pretty much anywhere. Places like Hollywood Park or Burnside are likely to be the least popular when it comes to such venues since these areas are quiet and not very populated. Whereas in neighborhoods like Lakeview, Lincoln Park, Old Town, West Loop, and Wicker Park you can find a bunch of studios that are easily accessible and surrounded by many eateries and shops so your crew and clients can feel safe if they are new to the area.


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