Film Studios for Rent  in Washington, DC

Film Studios for Rent in Washington, DC

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Top Film Studios in Washington, DC

The film-friendly city of Washington is a perfect place to begin your filmmaking career. With so many resources available, such as film studios, film festivals, and crowdfunding options, you are guaranteed to pursue your creative passions successfully. While the District of Columbia is great for all production sizes with its plethora of photoshoot locations, the city also offers affordable and high-end film studios that will give you complete control over your creative process. With Tagvenue’s help, you can find the venue of your dreams in a heartbeat

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Film Studios Rental Guide

Why should you rent a film studio?

If you are a movie freak like us, you are probably already aware that they are not all shot on location and that, in many cases, a green screen is used. Since moving from one filming location to another is costly, indie filmmakers and budget filmmakers often prefer to use film studios instead of shooting on location. Offering complete control over your shooting environment, a film studio is a convenient option that comes equipped with all the necessary equipment which you may need during the shoot.  As D.C. is more than filmmaking friendly, you can be sure to rent a studio at an affordable rate. Moreover, the capital has a range of studio types, from brightly lit spaces to venues with multiple rooms, such as post-production facilities or green rooms. 

Many filmmakers prefer studios over location shoots as they eliminate the need for extra logistical effort on things such as permits and assistance. Plus, it can be hard to get a date for a popular location or to contact the authorities in charge to have access to a location. In comparison, photo studios make it easier for filmmakers to shoot indoors and reduce their overall production costs while maintaining control over all the production elements. The importance of renting a film studio has been recognized for years, with movies like Star Wars, The Avengers, and even The Great Gatsby shot being shot fully on a studio lot. With complete control over the environment and access to the green screen—it’s no wonder that film studios are the go-to spaces for budding filmmakers. The green or blue screens can help transport your audience to any location with the help of special effects and editing. Besides, film studios can accommodate many of the different aspects of filmmaking, from production to staging, editing, sound, and more. Whether you’re conducting a commercial shoot, rehearsal, or a movie, you will enjoy a high degree of flexibility when working at a film studio.

How to choose a film studio?

Aspiring to work with Tarantino or Scorsese one day? Then, it’s high time for you to take venue scouting seriously. Getting your hands on the best film studio in D.C. sounds like a cakewalk, right? However, with so many options available, you may be overwhelmed and choose the wrong place to work. This is when we come to the rescue. Read on and thank us in the credits later! 

Start with the reviews

Work on that feedback! It’s always wise to start with reviews, but first, you need to know what your project is about and if the venue can provide you with the necessary resources. Once you have an idea of what you need, read the studio reviews. You can easily find comments from previous customers on Google. Just type in the venue name and you’ll find hundreds of reviews where you can spot inconsistencies. However, you shouldn't latch on to a few bad reviews, otherwise, you may quickly find yourself out of places to look for. Consider the following aspects when judging the quality of the studio:

  • Studio management
  • Facilities
  • Quality of service offered through reviews
  • The types of film projects carried out at the venue

Check out the services 

Not many know, but several film studios offer packages according to the selected room. Since many movie studios have several rooms, they are each equipped differently. Some might be simple daylight studios, while others may be equipped with professional lighting and all the filmmaking essentials. You can always ask the venue manager if there are any special packages available before booking your venue. Packages usually include the following elements:

  • Additional equipment (for hire)
  • Extra services such as on-site catering 
  • Accessibility to the patio/backyard
  • Access to other rooms such as makeup or dressing rooms 

Location of the venue

One of the prime reasons for renting a film studio is its accessibility. If you’re an independent filmmaker, chances are that your budget is limited and you’re getting funded or spending every penny of your savings on your project. Therefore, to minimize the cost of the production, you can rent a place that is accessible to all your crew and actors. The best thing is to meet them halfway so that it’s fair for everyone. However, it’s best to compromise on the location rather than the service or equipment offered. Once you’ve browsed through the film studios, create a shortlist and let your crew know. This includes everyone from the cameraman to the makeup artists. Once they pick their preferred location, you can check how they can get there and make sure everyone is able to arrive there at least 30 minutes before the session starts. You can also arrange for their parking spaces to save some extra time.

FAQs about Film Studios in Washington, DC

Do I need a permit for shooting at a film studio?

Most film studios have their own permits, so you do not need to apply for another one. However, you may need to get insurance in the event of an accident while working at a studio. 

How much does renting a film studio in D.C. cost?

You can find affordable film studios charging from  $75 to $200 per hour. Other film studios will rent for $900+ per 8 hours a day. Some of them may feature only the space and lighting, while others may provide additional equipment such as green screens, cameras, grip gears, and multiple backgrounds. (All data from Tagvenue.)

What can be found in a film studio?

A film studio usually includes sound stages, recording equipment, cameras, lights, extra offices for post-production and makeup, props, costumes, and backdrops. Every film studio is equipped differently, so it’s important to check the availability of your required equipment before booking the space.

Do all film studios provide parking spaces?

No, unfortunately, many film studios will require you to find paid parking spaces on your own. However, they may have space for 1-2 cars if you let them know in advance. So make sure to reach the venue earlier in case you need to look for a parking space. 

What are the best neighborhoods for renting a film studio?

While choosing a neighborhood, make sure that the venue has an excellent commute, such as being close to the metro stations, and having direct access to highways and throughways. You should also consider the accommodation and dining facilities while picking the film studio in case your crew has to stay overnight. Consider Downtown, if you are looking for an affordable studio with great accessibility. You’ll find an array of studios around Logan Circle, ranging from upscale studios to basic ones. Head to Ivy City where you can find cool options with full equipment provided such as the Entire Space at Streetz Media. Venture northeast, to the less populated areas where you'll find ample studio space for shooting at a budget price, Studio 52 is one such hidden gem with state-of-the-art photography and video equipment, a sound studio, and a green screen. You’ll come across many such deals while searching for a film studio! Just keep in mind the project goal and you’ll pick the best one in no time!

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