Film Studios for Rent in Dallas, TX

Film Studios for Rent in Dallas, TX

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Planning a filming project? Then you’ve come to the right place! Over recent years, Dallas’ filming scene has exploded. Now the city boasts quite an impressive number of film studios in different styles and sizes, and many of them are for rent!  So why not start your search? At Tagvenue, we are more than happy to help you find the one that best matches your style and budget – whether you want to shoot a documentary, music video, or pursue your personal project. So start planning your shooting schedule ASAP because your dream film studio is only a few clicks away!

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Film Studios Rental Guide

Why should I film in a professional studio?

Filming outside requires a lot of flexibility. You need to adjust the camera and setting to the light while keeping an eye on the weather, passerbys getting into the frame, and all a myriad of unexpected factors that can interrupt the shot. So why not head over to one of the best film studios in Dallas? If you want to hone your skills and develop your career in cinematography, eventually you’ll have to gain the skills that can only be developed by working in a studio environment. So start as early as possible (and thank us later)! But in case you’re not convinced if you and a film studio are a good fit, here are some of the benefits of filming in a professional studio.    

1. You control the filming process.

Yes! No need to worry about weather conditions, not having enough light, curious bystanders, etc.! You will have control over every important factor that makes a great film scene. You, as well as your team, will be able to stay focused and productive throughout the whole process! Just imagine: no rescheduling because of extraneous distractions or bad weather. In a studio, you can make the most out of your schedule and the final result will be simply fantastic. 

2. It’s a comfortable option 

You won’t need to think about how to solve the problem of not having a changing room, makeup space, break area, etc. because everything will be within your reach! Film studios are comfortable and have separate areas that your crew can use as they please.  If you choose a blank canvas studio, you can also take the opportunity to arrange the whole set to your liking! 

3. It has essential equipment 

You might not have all the necessary equipment, and that’s okay! Film studios in Dallas usually provide all the basic gear that will be a huge help during your filming process. Most studios usually offer: tripods, props, lighting equipment, microphones, cyc walls, electricity, and high-speed internet access. But whatever your particular needs, always make sure to check the equipment offer of your first-choice studio and find out what is included in your rental fee. 

4. It helps you avoid distractions 

Film studios provide a closed-off area. That means that only you and your crew have access to it during the rental period. So imagine a space where there is only peace and quiet – a perfect environment for keeping the creativity flowing. Productivity will be on the highest level throughout the whole filming shoot and will be reflected in the great results.   

5. There's time for reshoots 

If you aren’t satisfied with the work, in a studio, you can always do it again! Reshooting outdoors isn’t always possible because of the variable weather and lighting conditions. In which case, there's a high chance that the movie scenes coming after one another might not match with those done during the reshoot. 

A guide to finding the perfect film studio

Set your budget - Think how much you can spend on the rental and check every offer in terms of equipment included in the price, additional charges, and late fees. This will help you find the best option in your price range, as well as determine if your first-choice studio won’t break the bank. To make the task of finding the perfect studio in your budget, try out Tagvenue’s smart filters. After setting the price range, you’ll be able to scroll through only those listings that meet your needs. 

Make a crew list - To create the best environment for comfortable filming, the studio space has to be spacious and well-fitted. You should avoid renting out too small and cramped spaces if your crew consists of more than 10 people. Having an estimate of the numbers involved in the shoot will help you rent a space that will accommodate everyone and make them feel good. 

Pick a convenient location - Keep your crew in mind and try to hunt down a space in an easily accessible location. And what defines a convenient location? One that has great access to public transportation and parking lots. Taking the time to plan for this guarantees no delays on the schedule because everyone will make it on time. But if you do happen to rent an out-of-town studio, make sure to inform the crew in advance so they can arrange transport. 

List the equipment you need - Think of the essential equipment you need during filming. Then compare whether your first-choice venue covers all your requirements. Always discuss the list with the venue manager, as sometimes spaces don’t list all of their available equipment. It is also a good idea to ask about any package offers and if the venue provides room for a post-production process because having one within the same studio will help you to get your work done in one go! 

Check the facilities - Find if your desired studio has the amenities and facilities you need at your disposal. If it has changing rooms, closets, makeup stations, and break rooms then it means you’ve found the right space! Having a film studio with everything you need in one place will speed up the filming process and make it less stressful.

FAQs about Film Studios in Dallas, TX

How much does it cost to rent a film studio in Dallas?

To rent a decent studio that offers proper gear and comfortable surroundings, expect to pay anywhere between $40 to $75 per hour. But don’t hesitate to ask the venue manager for individual offers, especially when you’re planning to rent a film studio for more than one hour. When it comes to a studio buyout, expect to pay around $1000+. (All data from

How early in advance should I book a film studio in Dallas?

Remember, when it comes to renting out any space, it’s always best to start your search as soon as possible. This will give you enough time to do your research, read reviews, and reach venue managers for individual offers. But we advise that you book your space, no later than 2 weeks before the filming takes place.

Which areas of Dallas have the best studios available for rent?

Truthfully, great studios are tucked among all the main Dallas neighborhoods! We can recommend one Downtown on N Harwood Street. But we believe that you will love the Design District more because there are quite a few gems near N Riverfront Blvd that have fantastic reviews.

Is filming in public areas free of charge?

If you’re filming for your private use in Dallas, then you’re good to go and film in public areas. When it comes to commercial shooting in public spaces, you will need to request a permit and pay a filming fee. For further info, go to the Dallas City Hall official website.

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