Film Studios for Rent in Las Vegas, NV

Film Studios for Rent in Las Vegas, NV

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Top Film Studios in Las Vegas, NV

Looking for a way to make your film project pop? Come see the professional film studios in Las Vegas and get started with some great filming locations for your next big project. Explore our site and find ideal spaces whether you want to start filming from scratch, or if you already have something specific in mind. On our list of venues, you can check out locations which offer equipment rental, backdrops and other amenities. Prepare to shoot some fantastic scenes in one of the best film studios Las Vegas has to offer!

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Film Studios Rental Guide

Any luck with finding the perfect filming location? Whether you're looking to make a music video, a commercial, or a full-length film, we have the perfect spaces picked out just for you. With our wide selection of venues that are perfect for any project, we can help you find the right location (or locations!) that are sure to meet your needs. With venues of all shapes and sizes, you can get as creative as you want with your filmmaking plan. So make your imagination run wild, and check out some of the best filming studios in Vegas. This city is one of the most popular filming locations in the USA, with many blockbusters filmed right here in the center (The Hangover anyone?). Go get inspired by the place where Todd Philips got his directing career started, but before you make a move, there are a couple of things you might want to consider. 

Let’s have a great start and answer a couple of questions. Have you thought about everything you might need or want before booking the film studio? The renting process doesn’t have to be overwhelming, just make sure you have everything in order. Would you like to make the whole renting process easier, and more affordable? Keep scrolling if you fancy a pro-tip or two which you might not have thought about otherwise.

Film Studios Rental Checklist

  1. Check the location, size and specs. First and foremost, check out where the studio is located. Is it close to public transportation? Is there enough parking space for you and your crew? Does it have its own entrance? When it comes to size, do you know how big you need the studio to be? Do you have an idea of how many people will be on set at once? It's important to consider these things ahead of time so that you don't end up renting something that’s too big or too small. Are there any other specifics which you really need to take care of in order to make the filming process a success?
  1. Check whether or not the space has any restrictions on what can be shot there (e.g., no nudity or violence). Some studios may not allow certain scenes to be filmed, especially if the filming process is being advertised. Some studios do not wish to be associated with this type of filming. Make sure to respect the host’s wishes, otherwise you can expect some not so nice repercussions afterwards. If you have any particular scenes which need to be filmed that do not come under the studio’s authorization, check out some other locations which are available on Tagvenue, and contact the hosts beforehand if you are unsure about the filming situation.
  1. How much would you like to pay? How much money do you have available for production costs, such as rental fees and staff salaries? Will there be any additional expenses such as catering or transportation costs associated with using this venue? Check if there are any extra fees (such as cleaning fees) associated with using the space. Are you planning on splitting the cost between you and other people in your crew (a popular option if it’s a film for a university project)? Check if there are any options to negotiate the price before you book.
  1. Is there some flexibility with filming hours? (We know that sometimes things don't go according to plan.) Will it be a problem if you arrive a little early or a little late? Some hosts will understand that a production might overrun, while others will prefer that you stick tightly to the schedule. We recommend booking the space for enough time that you have some leeway if anything goes wrong. It’s better to have a couple of extra minutes that you might end up not using, rather than not getting a couple of seconds of the good shots, which could make or break your movie.
  1. Filming insurance. We know that you’re smart, but just in case, we’d like to remind you that an insurance package, even the smallest one, is better than none. You’ll never know when it might come in handy, and it’s better to be safe than sorry. Sometimes accidents happen on set, whether it’s ones that happen to people, or to equipment. Both can be expensive, and insurance would cover both. Especially if you’re the person in charge of the shoot, we recommend that you look into this option. 

Filming is always a little stressful, especially when other people come into the picture, and you know you have to be dependent on them in one way or another. Renting a film studio doesn’t have to be a difficult process though, and as long as you remember a couple of things before you book you’ll be set to go and film any production you could possibly wish for. With all that said, we hope you have at least some idea of how to be organized before, during and after the filming process. Head to our FAQ section for a couple of answers to some of the most popular questions, and afterwards go explore our list of Las Vegas film studios!

FAQs about Film Studios in Las Vegas, NV

How much do film studios in Las Vegas cost?

Film studios in Vegas are usually booked out by the hour and come at a range of $60 and $150 per hour. Some spaces you can also book for an entire day, and if it’s your plan to rent a space for an entire day then expect an average price of $900.

What are some of the best film studios in Las Vegas?

We don’t like to have favorites, but we can recommend a couple of awesome spaces you might wish to rent. One of them is for sure the Entire Studio at ShotsByDre, which is a great space, ideal for curating the scene from scratch by you and your crew. Another great spot, which acts as a blank canvas for your creativity, is the Entire Venue at Nine Twenty. And last but not least, for only $50 per hour, you can rent the Entire Studio at Brickhouse Videography.

Is equipment included in the rental offer of Film Studios in Las Vegas?

In many studios, you can expect to rent at least some equipment. In the more professional locations you’ll be able to find lights, light stands, tripods and even microphones that are included in the offer. Some studios come with backdrops and cycloramas which are ideal if you need a clean background, or one to easily switch up with editing software. Some studios also offer additional amenities for a small, additional fee. Contact the host before you book.

What type of film studios can I rent in Las Vegas?

You can expect to rent large spaces, perfect for dynamic scenes, as well as small locations, ideal for intimate moments. There are many studios with white backgrounds and open spaces, perfect for headshots and portrait photography, as well as spaces ideal for any type of event photography.

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