Film Studios for Rent in San Diego, CA

Film Studios for Rent in San Diego, CA

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Top Film Studios in San Diego, CA

San Diego’s finest film studios are waiting for you and your talented crew. The city is known for attracting artists with its summery atmosphere, cultural background and stunning film locations. Professional creators come to the city to film, film students are on the hunt to find the ideal filming locations, and now you are getting ready to scroll through the greatest list of film venues which the internet offers. Here at Tagvenue we pride ourselves in finding the best spots. Just check out reviews left by our guests! Happy booking!

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Film Studios Rental Guide

We hope you’ve checked out our selection of film studios, because we have to say that it truly is a great one! No matter what type of artistic project you’re planning to undertake, you can be sure that San Diego is ready and waiting with fantastic film locations. The important thing to remember when renting a film studio is that it’s absolutely crucial to have a renting checklist since the process can be a little stressful, if you haven’t had the opportunity to rent a film studio before, and it can be easy to miss out on some important things.

When filming in a studio, you have to first ask yourself what type of project you are planning to undertake. Filming is a very diverse topic, and it can include filming for clients, university projects, shooting movie scenes or creating small video shoots. These days, you can also find yourself using various equipment in the studio, depending on the type of project you’re producing. Sometimes even a smartphone might be enough if the lighting conditions are good. Technology has evolved, and thankfully we don’t always have to splurge on very expensive equipment. But of course, the situation is not always so straightforward, and many times, in order to produce a professional piece of photography or film work, you will need a good quality camera, good lighting, professional software, and have a huge crew running around checking every detail. With all that being said, there are a couple of things you should take into consideration before renting a film studio in San Diego.

So, without further ado, we present to you the:

Film Studio Rental Checklist

  • Budget. You probably already guessed it, but before you book you need to set up a budget. Film studios have a wide range of prices, so make sure to check out what offers are within your price range. We always recommend chatting with the host to see if any discounts are negotiable, and you can always check if the studios offer any package deals, or cheaper options for specific days and specific times of the year. 
  • Location. Definitely check out which parts of the city suit your plans, because if you’re going to move around to different filming locations during the day, you might want an easy travel route. Also, depending on the type of film you’re planning to shoot, you might want a space which is closer to a certain area, or one which has an outdoor view of a specific landmark.
  • Crew. Think about how many people you need for the job, and what types of roles they will play. You will need a director, and a director of photography who will take care of the lights and everything visual. Other than that, how about some additional help, someone to do the makeup, and costumes, etc? Note whose presence is absolutely crucial on the day of the project.
  • Lighting. The make or break of your scenes. Lighting is one of the most important aspects, and it certainly cannot be overlooked. You have to make sure you have your key lights, fill lights, light diffusers and other key pieces. Think of light stands, clamps, and if you want to play around with colors, then getting some additional remote-control LED lights might also come in handy.
  • Camera and lenses. Film with a good camera, and don’t forget that it’s your lenses that do a lot of the work. Make sure your camera is more film than photo friendly, if you’re still a newbie make sure to read through some articles which explain the differences, because you really want to shoot with 60fps if you want a nice, smooth image. As for lenses - you have a lot of focal lengths which you will need for all those wide angle, regular or close up shots. Remember that a range of shots is really desirable when filming. 
  • Backdrop. What type of background are you after for your film? Is a blank space needed for your creativity to come alive or do you need a specific backdrop for your film scene? Perhaps you might need more than one. A lot of spaces, if not most, offer prices per hour, which means you can move around the studios and film in many different locations.
  • Microphones. You’re going to need an external microphone, or even two. Don’t rely on your camera’s internal mic, because that will do the film no good. There are many microphone types, so make sure you know which one is best for your situation. 
  • External Screen. As you film, you’re really going to want to see what the cameraman is seeing, and so will the rest of the team. If the scenes don’t turn out as good as you thought, you can always redo them, and not have to hassle with getting the memory card out, putting it into your computer, and replaying it every time.

FAQs about Film Studios in San Diego, CA

How much do film studios in San Diego cost?

Make sure to filter through our various price ranges, since studios in San Diego offer a variety of prices. You can expect some cheaper options such as Entire Studio at Angela Beransky, for $50 per hour,  and of course some more expensive locations like Entire Space at Mt. Helix Park, for $200 per hour. Keep in mind all the price variables when booking (such as the space, equipment, etc). (All data from

Should I get insurance before renting a film studio in San Diego?

We always remind everyone to grab insurance before booking a film or a photo studio. It’s extremely important to have something to fall back on in case the worst case scenario happens. You never know when something will break, get ruined, or if something dangerous will happen on set and someone gets hurt. Even if you think that nothing bad will happen - get the insurance just for the sake of having peace of mind in case it does.

What are some of the best film studios in San Diego?

You know, it’s really hard to answer these questions sometimes when we really do specialize in finding the absolute best locations. But if you really want to get something out of us, then we for sure recommend The Studio at REV Studio, this fab location has a blank backdrop, perfect for curating your own shots. And if you’re looking for a themed location then make sure to take a look at The Studio at Spirit Yoga Studios, which as the name suggests, offers a space that functions as a yoga studio as well. Perfect for fitness and wellness photography.

What types of film studios can I expect to book in San Diego?

The one type of film studio which is by far the most popular is a simple studio with a white space, perfect if you want to arrange things by yourself. Check out all of the awesome locations and book according to the equipment availability and any other amenities which you might need. Other than that, you can definitely find big studio spaces, which offer lots of space for a crew and actors. These are perfect for bigger productions.

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