Sound Stages for Rent in Los Angeles, CA

Sound Stages for Rent in Los Angeles, CA

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Top Sound Stages in Los Angeles, CA

Hey there, young Spielberg! Are you worried about getting started as a filmmaker? Not sure you can make your content stand out from the crowd? Or maybe you're looking for a community that shares your passion for making great content? Well, Tagvenue is here to assist you with the best sound stages in the City of Angels to film your next great project! Use our smart filters to find a spot that fits your budget and requirements! Found your dream stage? Book it right away!

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Sound Stages Rental Guide

LA has a lot to offer to specialized talents and creatives. The city not only boasts fantastic weather, which makes it easier for people to mingle and connect, but it’s also famous for its entrepreneurial spirit. According to Forbes, LA offers infinite opportunities for creatives. Whether it’s about getting funded, networking, or simply landing on new projects, LA's got your back! Moreover, the place is famous for its tech culture, meaning you won’t have any problems having a fully-equipped sound stage for your gig. Los Angeles is one of those metropolises where you will have the chance to add value to your project through the input of others, where people will be receptive to your creativity and be willing to help you succeed. 

Why should you hire a sound stage?

If you’ve made it this far, it means you are looking for ways to upgrade your filmmaking skills. Sound stages are soundproof rooms equipped with the right infrastructure for you to shoot all types of content. These spaces are famous for their production sound quality. Poor acoustics can largely impact how your audience views your work, so it’s essential to skip dubbing or ADR whenever possible and have proper acoustics when producing videos. Whether you have been searching for a space where you can shoot a fashion haul or record a short interview, here’s why you should rent a sound stage for your task. 

Skip the Hollywood prices

There is no use hiding that sound stages are on the pricier side, with the rental fee per session being anything between $400 and $1000+. Yet as we mentioned earlier, LA is a city where creativity is loved and supported, which is why you can find several spots for less than $100 per hour in La-La Land. And let’s keep it realistic, these prices are reasonable for anyone who’s aspiring to make it to Hollywood. 

Skip the license requirements 

If you had no idea about these requirements, we’re here to enlighten you. Shooting outdoors to capture the bustling streets of LA or that gorgeous sunset sounds like a terrific idea for your next short movie, yet you will need film permits when working outdoors. Film permits can make the whole shooting process a little bit more complicated. It takes a minimum of three days to process the permit, and it usually involves an insurance broker or a representative from some agency. When working at a sound stage, you won’t need a permit as these spaces already have a filming license. You may still require insurance cover for the security of your crew or damage incurred, but you will most probably not need to go chasing after brokers for a permit. Always make sure to check whether the sound stage already has the required permits in place. 

Fully-equipped spaces 

Spend less time on logistics and more time working on your project. Looking to create your next hit film? Sound stages are fully-equipped spaces where you can host your next video shoot without a fuss. You’ll have access to green screens, casting rooms, editing rooms, and sometimes outdoor areas for more unconventional shoots. It’s vital for creatives to fully indulge in the creative process without having to worry about the lighting or makeup area. These environments help your crew get fully involved in the production once they step in, as these places are designed with production in mind. 

Meet other creatives 

Known as the hub of the film industry, LA sound studios have the resources that your production project needs to reach its full potential. Besides that, you’ll come across several creatives who share your passion for film and production. Don’t have a script yet? Meet Mark, an aspiring scriptwriter. Need a makeup artist for your future projects? Budding makeup artist Anna is here to back you up with her incredible talent. These networking prospects allow you to find the ideal team to work with on future projects. 

Extra spaces

Need extra space? You’ve come to the right place. Sound stages feature extra spaces that are perfect for writing, editing, or even just brainstorming ideas. Whether you need a changing room for your models or actors, or a makeup room, many sound stages will provide you with the required facilities. You’ll also benefit from access to other spaces, such as a kitchenette and a lounge area for you to relax. Collaborate on projects, talk to your clients, or network with other artists all in one place. Sound stages are where you’ll have complete access to all the expertise you need at every step of the filmmaking process.  

Where can I find an affordable sound stage in LA?

At first glance, LA seems rather expensive, but our venue experts have dug deeper to find all the hidden gems in the city. Here are some of the areas to consider if you’re willing to explore further than popular locations and save some bucks.

  • South Los Angeles: An affordable location where you can rent a sound studio. 
  • Tarzana: High temperatures but lower venue rentals. If you can handle the heat, consider renting out a sound stage in this area.
  • San Pedro is mainly known for its fishermen communities, yet you will be surprised to know that this small town has few reputable sound stages for less than those in prime locations. 

Besides these, you will still manage to get your hands on some affordable sound stages in the Arts or Fashion District and Downtown LA

FAQs about Sound Stages in Los Angeles, CA

Are all sound stages equipped with extra spaces?

Fortunately, since LA is famous for its entrepreneurial spirit, sound stages are commonly equipped with extra spaces such as editing rooms and changing and makeup rooms. In general, you will find all the information regarding extra spaces on the individual page of the venue. If you don’t you can always contact the venue manager.

What is the price for renting out a sound stage in LA?

For smaller sound stages, the average rental cost is around $20 per hour. If you're planning to hire the sound stage for one day, expect to pay between $400 and $500 for an affordable spot. You should also consider additional charges such as insurance fees, etc. The price usually varies depending on the size of your sound stage, so make sure to pick the right venue size when choosing your space. (All data from Tagvenue.)

Can I use a sound stage for a YouTube video?

Yes! Sound stages are perfect for sound quality when shooting videos. If your viewers hate voice-overs, you can instantly upgrade your videos by filming them at sound stages. To save money, consider shooting several videos on the same day. 

Where can I find sound stages in Los Angeles?

Without any surprise, Hollywood is one of the places which is famous for its plethora of upscale sound stages. You'll also find more affordable options around Ramona Gardens, Aliso Village, the Arts or Fashion District, and Downtown LA. Remember you can find many hidden gems in less popular places, so try to look beyond the usual popular places.


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