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Long-time residents of Glasgow, and probably the majority of tourists, will have heard about the city’s well-deserved reputation as a party city. But what to do if you’re planning more than a big night out? You can always look into hiring one of Glasgow’s many event venues available for private hire. Regardless of whether you need to host a corporate event, a charity event or a family reunion you will find the perfect space. Have a look somewhere other than Sauchiehall, Union, and Clydeside for a change, pop your parameters into our search filters and see what jumps out at you in Glasgow’s city centre.

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Sounds like we’re talking a big game, but trust us when we say we can back it up! Let’s have a look at what kinds of venues and events are most popular in Glasgow. Hiring out a private restaurant, lounge or bar spaces is always an excellent way to go for groups both large and small. You can also look into booking space in a studio or airy cafe for when you need a more customisable option for your event. If you need to throw something REALLY grand, how about inquiring into a hotel ballroom or one of Glasgow’s many sports clubs? You’ll be surprised at how many you can find with huge spaces for reasonable prices. 

By now you might be wondering where you can find some of these places as maybe you haven’t seen them around the city centre? Well, you’ve got a few options. Those looking to create an event where food is the star, check out the foodie quarter up in Finnieston. The west side of the city is also a good option for those booking something more crafty, with many stores offering workshops and the like for the well informed private booker. Drinks, dancing and live music venues are also easy to find if you start your search along Ingram and the rest of southern Merchant City as you head towards Trongate. Branch out from there and you shouldn’t have any trouble!

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