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Top Birthday Party Venues in Glasgow

There’s really only one proper thing that should come to mind when a Weegie hears that someone is turning a year older - party! Rather than wandering aimlessly from bar to pub to bar to club (to occasionally waking up in the parking lot of the local Sainsbo’s), how about taking an extra step to make your next birthday gathering unforgettable by booking one of Glasgow’s many private birthday party venues and ensure your evening goes exactly your way? Avoid the standard sub-crawl checklist that always ends up in the South Side, put your wants into our search filters, and have a look at what jumps out at you.

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Birthday Party Venues Hire Guide

So, what kind of trouble can a festivity-minded Glaswegian get up to around the city centre? Well, you’ve probably noticed a few pubs around. You’ll find that a respectable amount of those have private spaces for hire that you can pack with your crowd and have a proper party. If you’re looking to book something for a bigger birthday bash, how about booking a hall at one of the many hotels or sports clubs? These are usually used to people getting rowdy and catering to a variety of needs. Or maybe you’re looking for something a bit more unique for a momentous occasion, like an 18th birthday party? You’ve got options - how about booking something like a live karaoke so you and your friends get the star experience (and you can record some blackmail material) as you celebrate this birthday? 

The part of the city you host in can often be as, if not more, important than the actual birthday party venue itself so where should you start your search? For those looking to get loud and get going, the huge Z shape created by Sauchiehall, Union and Clydeside is always worth a look to see what’s on the menu (or head on down to Ibrox, Govan and Kinning Park if you’re REALLY looking to get rowdy). If you’ve got a bit more budget to throw around or just need a bigger space, have a look west of Glasgow Central.

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