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The heart of Scotland's film making industry is this lovely city. So whether you need a large studio and editing facilities, or simply a smaller space for a commercial video shoot, Glasgow has some to suit your needs. Hop on our intelligent filters and start planning your next hire. You'll be sorting out that booking in no time!

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Film and TV Studios Hire Guide

Glasgow has a range of options for all productions, from the massive facilities in Film City Glasgow to the smaller video studios alongside the Royal Botanical Gardens. Start your hunt in the centre of the city, around Plantation and Govan Rd, but don't be afraid to widen your search if you have any particular ideas. The city has much to offer, and you can find the best choices here.

Film and TV Studios in Glasgow FAQ

Where in Glasgow can I find film and tv studio options?

Take a look along the River Clyde for numerous options, particularly in Plantation. A great opportunity on Govan Rd in Film City Glasgow, which has multiple studios and even editing suites. Staying on the same side of the Clyde, you can also find studios for hire between Langside and Crosshilll. You will find several excellent studios for hire near the M8, such as Silly Wee Films on Bothwell Street, across the river. Be sure to investigate the other great hire opportunities near the Glasgow Royal Botanical Gardens, where you can find numerous options for turn-key and full-service studios.

How much does it cost to hire a film and tv studio in Glasgow? 

The cost for a studio hire for a film or tv production will depend on the studio's size and quality. You may find mid-range studios available starting at around £300, but costs may reach upwards of £1000 in some cases. Extra equipment and any post-production costs may stretch your budget. 

What equipment should a film and tv studio offer?

It is essential to consider the needs of your production before settling on a studio. Each studio will likely offer something slightly different. It is most essential to understand how much may be included in the price of the hire. Sometimes, when comparing the overall cost for an all-inclusive studio, you may find that it offers a significantly better deal than simply paying a flat fee for bits and pieces as you go. Look for studios that offer the extra space your production teams will need to get things done. Look for makeup stations, dressing and rehearsal rooms. Workshops, production areas and casting areas are always welcome. You should see if there will be Colourama wall mounted backdrops or a green screen available in the studio itself. Also, you might check if the studio will include studio grip gear and such extras as a dolly and a track or if there will be a lighting grid available as well. In many cases, these will be standard, but it is always wise to find out ahead of time.

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