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Are you on the lookout for a studio to record your next musical masterpiece or maybe just experiment a little? Glasgow is full of studios that would be able to accommodate you in this wish. Check out our curated list of venues, pick your favourite one and book straight away!

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Recording Studios Hire Guide

Hiring a professional recording studio for your next project will give you many advantages. A well-equipped studio will help you elevate your sound to the next level, while an experienced sound engineer can help you experiment in new ways. Doesn't matter if you're a pro or a newbie. The proper studio will help you reach new heights with your art.

Recording Studios in Glasgow FAQ

How much does it cost to hire a recording studio in Glasgow?

As recording studios vary in size and equipment in Glasgow, their prices also vary from place to place. It is also a standard practice for studios to set a minimum of a 3-hour booking. The usual prices go for around £18 to £30 per hour or £150 to £200 per day. These rates often include the service of an in-house sound engineer and free use of all the equipment on-site, as well as mastering. Some producers can charge per single or per album instead, which can be around £500 per single or £850 for an album.

Where in Glasgow should I look for a recording studio?

In Glasgow, you can find a wide range of professional recording studios on both sides of the River Clyde. Many of them are located in the proximity of the city centre, for example, in Merchant City, Trongate or Calton. There are also a few spots worth checking out on the south bank of the river, including Hutchesontown or the area along the M8 highway. Partick and Govan are also two up-and-coming artistic districts where you can find various cool recording studios.

What equipment should a recording studio have?

It is now easier than ever to record music or other audio projects without a professional's help. However, hiring a recording studio can help you bring your project to an entirely new level. A professional studio will provide you with isolated walls, high-quality microphones and pop filters, as well as headphones. A DAW and a mixing board are another must, along with an appropriate system for recording and editing the audio. Many studios have a sound engineer on hand or even included in the price, who can help you operate in the studio and achieve the best results possible.

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