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Searching for filming locations in Glasgow? You’re in the right place! This lovely Scottish port city is famous for its historic neighbourhoods and striking street views. It’s also a favourite destination for film productions. Whether you are seeking a modern location or a picturesque art nouveau scene, Glasgow has it all. And here at Tagvenue, we made sure to list all the top ones. Whether it’s a modern restaurant, an industrial loft, or just a top-notch green screen studio, you will find it here. Just hop to our search bar, enter your requirements, and we can guarantee you will book your perfect filming location with just a few clicks!

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Filming Locations Hire Guide

Portside neighbourhoods rub shoulders with Victorian-era architecture in Glasgow's streets. Discover indoor locations in historic buildings and lovely 19th-century neighbourhoods. If you seek a more modern vibe, look no further than the city's unique modern streets. Book your venue, grab that filming permit and start those cameras rolling.

Filming Locations in Glasgow FAQ

How much does it cost to rent a filming location in Glasgow?

When filming outdoors in the city, you will need to speak with the city council filming office and arrange an application for a permit and pay any public location fees. You will find suitable spaces from as little as £300 to as much as £4000 or more per day for private locations. While many commercial properties are available for hire, there are many private residences as well that are available for hire. The cost of these locations will vary depending on the standard of the site and the owners' wishes.

Where in Glasgow can I find a picturesque outdoor filming location?

Glasgow has hosted numerous productions, both large and small, over the years, and picturesque outdoor locations are easy to find. Govan's historic Graving Docks and areas around Partick, Bellahouston and Glasgow's High Street are all famous for productions seeking a landmark look. City landmarks such as Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum, the City Chambers, Kelvingrove Park, Devonshire Terrace and the Theatre Royal are also famous for their historic look. Another popular location can be found only 90 minutes outside town at Seacliff sands in East Lothian with its stunning sea views and Tantallon Castle perched above. 

Which Glasgow neighbourhoods have the best indoor filming locations?

When searching among Glasgow's many picturesque neighbourhoods for indoor filming locations, you will find many that seem familiar as they are old favourites for many film and tv productions. For historic city locations, you can start your search in the Victorian-era buildings in the city centre. Excellent restaurants and commercial locations of all types are found in the city's bustling Merchant City district. This is another excellent district for modern interiors. Nearby Camalachie in the East End is another excellent choice for buildings dating back to the 17th and 18th centuries.

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