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Top Casting and Audition Venues in London

Whether you’re planning a casting call or audition, our list of top auditorium, theatre and performance venues in the capital will make planning your next event a breeze. From community halls and casting suites to dance schools and state-of-the-art auditoriums, Tagvenue is sure to have something that suits. What are you casting and when? See how easy it is to book the perfect casting studio or audition space in London today.

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Casting and Audition Venues Hire Guide

When hiring a casting or audition venue, remember to choose a space that reflects your specific requirements. When casting the next big thing, you’ll probably need to accommodate hundreds of people, but if you’re familiar with your market and are only expecting a few dozen auditioners, then a local music room, practice space or casting suite might be ideal. If you don’t hire a traditional auditorium with a separate backstage area, make sure to allocate a space where performers will wait their turn, as well as a private area with tables and chairs, at which you and your associates can confer.

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