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Find your Casting and Audition Venue in London

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Top Casting and Audition Venues in London

Looking for a great space to look for unknown talent? Searching the web for the best casting and audition venues in London? Whether you’re planning a casting call or audition, our list of top auditorium, theatre and performance venues in the capital will make planning your next event a breeze. From modern community halls and casting suites to dance schools and state-of-the-art auditoriums, Tagvenue is sure to have something that suits. Want to learn more? See how easy it is to find the perfect casting and audition venues in London - scroll through our fab list and hire a space today!

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Casting and Audition Venues Hire Guide

When hiring casting and audition venues, remember to choose a space that reflects your needs. When casting the next big thing, you’ll probably need to accommodate hundreds of people, but if you’re familiar with your market and are only expecting a few dozen auditioners, then a local music room, practice space or casting suite might be ideal. If you don’t hire a traditional auditorium with a separate backstage area, make sure to allocate a space where performers will wait their turn, as well as a private area with tables and chairs, where you and your associates can confer.

Another thing to consider is the type of people or acts you expect to attend your casting. This will matter a great deal for the type of casting and audition venues you're planning to hire! For solo acting auditions, a small casting room and a designated waiting area will be more than enough, but for bold artistic performances with large crews or bands, a big stage is what you’re after. Spacious creative spaces and warehouses can also work pretty well. If you’re casting for a photo shoot model, something like a photo or recording studio would be a good fit for your audition.

Top 7 tips for holding your first audition

Are you a band looking for a new member? Maybe you’re working on your own movie and trying to find capable actors? Either way, we got you covered! Take a look at our list of things you need to remember before holding your first audition:

  • Pick your criteria. Before you start looking for the best talent for your project, you have to think about what you want to achieve with your audition. What’s the role you need to fill? Do you have any requirements for the potential candidates? What kind of person would be the best fit for your team? Write them down for you and the other judges so that all of you are on the same page about the person you’re looking for.
  • Search for casting and audition venues. It’s good to start looking for potential audition spaces early - you have to make sure your venue is hired and ready to go before you put out your casting call. Depending on the purpose of the audition, and the potential amount of people attending, pretty much any space could be repurposed for a casting or audition. If you consider all the options, you’ll find yourself some great casting and audition venues in no time!
  • Plan the audition. Now that you have a rough idea of how many people you can accommodate during your audition, it’s time to think of the specifics. First, you have to choose the way you’re going to handle the audition. You can pick between a set audition and an open audition. The main difference between the two is that everyone is free to come to an open audition, whereas you will have to invite the talent individually to a set audition. If you think you may have space constraints, and won’t be able to handle an open audition, opt for a set audition. At the minimum, make sure you have at least 1-2 people to help you with hosting the audition and rating the talent.
  • Hire the equipment. This is especially important if you’re searching for a band member or an instrumentalist. While your candidates will usually want to bring their own instruments, players of big and heavy instruments (such as pianists or drummers) would not be able to do the same. Depending on the size of your casting room or scene, they may need microphones, amps, and stage monitors for you to hear them. A camera for recording video footage will be very helpful for making your final decision.
  • Announce it. After you work out all the details, it’s time to finally put the call out! Get some posters, tell your friends or contacts to spread the word, and use social media to your advantage. Be clear about the process of the audition, provide specific dates and your contact information or your audition venue’s address.
  • Brief the talent. When you get to the big day, make sure to prepare the potential candidates to do their task to the best of your ability. Provide them with the materials they need (such as an acting script, lyrics or sheet music for a musician) and some refreshments to make their wait more pleasant. Make sure they know the general time frame of their performance and try your best to stay on schedule.
  • Get started! If you’ve prepared your casting requirements, and made sure everything is in its place, this should be very simple. Every time a new candidate enters, ask them to introduce themselves, then introduce yourself, and make sure they understand the assignment. See what they have to offer compared to the other candidates and consult with your co-judge often (preferably after their audition). If you have any concerns or questions, make sure to take notes to remember their performances later down the line.

And if you need any more info about hiring casting and audition venues then make sure to check out our FAQ below!

FAQs about Casting and Audition Venues in London

What's the price of organising a casting or audition in London?

Unless you wish to invest into advertising your audition, the main cost of organising such an event will be the venue hire. Prices for venues suitable for castings and auditions start at £12 per hour and can reach up to £500 per hour or more. If you want to go for a daily hire, expect prices between £150 and £10000 per day and beyond. (All data from

What types of venues can be used for castings or auditions?

  • Blank canvases - If all you need is an open space, you won’t have any trouble finding some neat blank canvas spaces to host your casting or audition.
  • Small theatres - If you want to make your talent feel more special, or want to throw together a talent show, you’ll be able to find some nice locations with fully fledged stages around the city.
  • Conference rooms - These can be repurposed into a space well suitable for casting and auditions, and you can find dozens of them all over central London.
  • Photo and video studios - If a space for model casting is what you’re after, how about carrying out the audition in a real studio environment? Venues designed for photo and video shoots are widely available across the city.

Will I need any additional equipment for the casting or audition?

Depending on the type of talent you’re after, you will have different things to prepare. If you’re a director looking for undiscovered actors, you have to share the script with them. Maybe you can provide them with some props as well? If you’re looking for musicians, basic sound equipment, and possibly instruments should be in place. Some sort of recording equipment would help you with the process of choosing the perfect candidate after the audition day.

What are my options for casting spaces in Central London?

Screening Room at Pushkin House - This blank canvas venue would be great for your next audition. It has great reviews and is located a short walk away from The British Museum.

Studio 1 at Cromer Studios - A space set up and ready for auditions and rehearsals, complete with a waiting area, changing room, and a spacious main studio. You can find it just a block away from the A501, close to King’s Cross Station.

The Basement at The Calder Theatre Bookshop - Located in Southwark, this blank canvas room offers a nice, secluded space with an upright piano included with the hire.

Photo and Film Studio at UP Studios - This Wharf Road studio boasts a large, minimal space great for all sorts of purposes, including music and acting auditions.

Theatre at October Gallery - With close proximity to Russell Square and plenty of space you can arrange to meet your needs, this space can become a perfect location for many types of auditions.

Guests Reviews of Casting and Audition Venues on Tagvenue

Phoenix B.
Booked Multi-use 60sqm Studio at Create Destroy Studios - Fish Island
SO much space for the price. 5 mins away from Hackney Wick station, so great transport links! Amazing communication. Beautiful, light, airy, well looked after space. Will DEFINITELY be coming back. Lovely owner.
Lucy M.
Booked Studio 2 at Cromer Studios
Brilliant place to hold auditions. My go to now. Super friendly and clean spaces. Everything you need. Amazing front of house staff too
Alex L.
Booked Studio 1 at Cromer Studios
- Clean, friendly, welcoming environment. - Spacious studios, bright atmosphere - I also asked the staff if they had any water, and they offered to bring us some to the studio. It’s always the little things but that made my day honestly.
Mari E.
Booked Theatre at The Etcetera Theatre
Excellent space for rehearsals and auditions. Cool fringe theater vibes and the location is perfect.
Andrew S.
Booked The Basement at The Calder Theatre Bookshop
We hired the room behind the bookshop itself, where occassionally you're likely to hear the footsteps of those in the bookshop - that aside, the location is value for money
Amy B.
Booked Solo Studio at Academy Building
Great location with a wonderful range of studios and great value for money. Would definitely book again in the future!
Rosie W.
Booked Marylebone Room at JCT London
The location is great and facilities work very well for a casting session. Terry is a great host and very happy to assist with any queries.
Mr S.
Booked The Basement at The Calder Theatre Bookshop
Easy booking process. Flexible intelligent cheerful people on the phone and on the desk. Perfect room for a shortish meeting. Great being below a bookshop. Quiet. Easy to get to. Lovely.

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