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Finding film studios to hire in London is a great deal. Whether it is a YouTube video for your channel, a commercial for a product, or a video clip for your new song, your project calls for a top-notch venue! You may have a few questions about how to find the perfect video recording studio for your needs, but don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Our Tagvenue team has chosen the best film studios to hire in London. Enter your requirements in the smart filters, then take a seat, relax, and let us show you what we’ve found for you.

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Film Studios Hire Guide

You’ve been planning this film production for a long time, the script is ready, and the actors are well-prepared, but you still don’t have a place to bring your ideas to light? There are plenty of great film studios all over London. With Tagvenue’s help, you can set out your particular requirements and let us show you all the best-fit recording spaces. You will find a lot of film studios in Central London. With easy transport from all over the city, this is a great filming location or your next project. If you want to find something slightly cheaper and away from the hustle and bustle of downtown, check out your options in London’s amazing suburbs.

Still don’t know how to choose the perfect venue?

Tips on Perfect Film Studio Hire in London

Decide on the location. London's vibrant districts will offer you a wide choice of film and photo studios, whether in the centre in areas such as Hackney, Camden, Lambeth or in the outskirts like Hillingdon, Havering or Croydon.

Equipment. Imagine a studio shoot where you don’t need to bring your own camera triggers, LED lights, or reflectors because your film studio already has them. Check out the venue on Tagvenue and choose a video studio for hire offering the necessary equipment. How convenient! When planning your shoot, always check our platform for details and then contact the film studio to confirm. 

Average film equipment hire costs ( and data):

  • Camera £80-400 / day
  • Lenses £75 - 400 /day
  • Lighting £10-200 / day
  • Tripods £15- 40 / day
  • Microphones £5-30 / day

Green Screen. Need a green screen? If so, make sure your first choice film studio offers one. Remember that the green screen should cover the whole background. When using a green screen, either hired or your own, make sure it doesn’t have any wrinkles or tears, as this can disrupt the effect in post-production. Some studios will offer green screens of different sizes, while others may offer green screen rooms. You'll also find some dedicated green screen studios available in London! 

Capacity. How many people are on your crew? When choosing a venue on Tagvenue, use the slider to search for studios with the capacity you need. Then scroll through venues that can fit your needs perfectly!

Lights, camera, action! When planning your shoot, it’s always important to decide on the lighting you will be using. Always check with the studio manager to discover if these are available on-site or are available for hire. If you are making a student film, always follow the rules of three-point lighting and decide which lights you need:

  • Key light The key light is the strongest, main light. It should be placed in front of the object, 45 degrees above and 45 degrees to the side. It highlights the shape and dimension of a subject.
  • Fill light This softer light is used to remove shadows from a subject's face. The fill light should be placed on the side opposite the key light.
  • Backlight The backlight should be placed above and behind the object where it can provide a subtle glow in the background.
  • Three-point lighting is impossible without proper lights. Different types of lights can be used for filming. It all depends on the effect you would like to create:
  • HMI lights, thanks to a specific mix of gases in the bulbs, these lights can create an effect very similar to sunlight. They are used to imitate sunlight shining into a room.
  • Fluorescent lights have a similar effect to HMI. They provide soft, even light and can be used close to an object.
  • Open-faced fixtures create hard light and dark shadows.
  • LED lights are an extremely efficient, long-lasting option that provides soft, cool-toned lighting.
  • Tungsten lights work at higher temperatures and consequently have a higher colour temperature and luminous efficiency. They are often used to light interiors.
  • Natural light can be used to illuminate the object as well. However, this option is only suitable outdoors or in film studios with large windows. During “golden hour”, the brief period in the early morning and late evening that provides a unique and sought-after light effect, you can achieve spectacular shots.

Reviews. No matter if it is the first or the 100th time you hire a studio, it is always good to check the film studio’s reviews. You can spare yourself unnecessary stress when you know that the venue where you are going has positive reviews, and on Tagvenue you'll find some of London's top-rated film studios available for hire!

Date. Make sure the date for your shoot is convenient for everyone. Keep in mind that the film studio may already be booked on some days. We highly recommend that you book at least 3 months in advance and, if possible, even 6 months prior. Remember that hire rates can vary widely depending on the time and day of the week. Also, investigate the venue’s cancellation policy. If your plans change and you can’t make the date, let the managers know as soon as possible. As long as you cancel within a certain period of time before your arranged booking, you should be able to get either a full or a 50% refund.

Film Studio Etiquette: Dos and Don'ts for a Smooth Production

Stepping into a film studio brings with it a whirlwind of excitement and the promise of creative fulfilment. Yet, amidst the buzz of production, it's crucial to remember that a harmonious studio environment is the core of a successful shoot. Whether you're a seasoned director or a budding filmmaker, understanding the dos and don'ts of film studio etiquette can make all the difference. Let’s check out the essentials of navigating the social and professional landscape of London's film studios, ensuring your time on set is not just productive but also positively memorable.

Do: Respect the Space

  • Remember, the studio is your creative home. Keep it tidy, respect the equipment, and be mindful of the facilities. A well-maintained space keeps morale high and the production smooth.
  • Film studios for hire often come with their own set of rules. Whether it’s noise restrictions or specific off-limit areas , adhering to these guidelines shows respect for the studio and your fellow creatives.

Don't: Leave a Trace

  • After a long day of shooting, it might be tempting to leave cleanup for "later." However, leaving the filming studio as you found it is not just courteous; it's professional. Dispose of trash, return props, and ensure the space is ready for the next crew.

Do: Communicate Clearly

  • Whether you're running late or need to adjust the schedule, clear communication with the studio manager and your team is key. It helps in managing expectations and minimising disruptions.
  • If you encounter any issues with the hired studio or equipment, provide constructive feedback. It’s not just about addressing immediate concerns but also about fostering a better environment for future productions.

Don't: Overstep Boundaries

  • In the collaborative world of film production, personal space can sometimes feel like a luxury. Yet, respecting individual boundaries is crucial for a comfortable working environment.
  • Treat studio equipment with care. Avoid using items you're unfamiliar with without proper guidance. Mishandling gear can lead to damage, delays, and added costs.

Do: Foster a Positive Atmosphere

  • Film production is a team sport. Encourage, support, and collaborate with your crew. A positive attitude is contagious and can significantly impact the productivity and overall vibe of the set.
  • From the lighting assistant to the set designer, every role is pivotal. Recognising everyone’s contributions nurtures a culture of respect and appreciation.

Don't: Forget to Plan Ahead

  • While spontaneity can be a spark of creativity, last-minute changes that affect the schedule, equipment needs, or studio layout can be disruptive. Plan ahead and communicate any potential alterations well in advance.
  • Booking film studio time can be a delicate balance. Overrunning your booked slot can affect subsequent productions and strain relationships with studio management. Estimate your time needs carefully and always allow for a buffer.

Creating the Perfect Set: Design and Decoration Tips

Hey there, visionary filmmakers and creative souls of London! Hiring a blank film studio space and transforming it into the perfect set for your film might seem like a tough task, but it's also where the magic happens. Your set is not just a background; it's a canvas that tells a story, sets the mood, and breathes life into your script! Whether you’re working on a shoestring budget or have some pounds to splash, this guide is packed with tips and tricks to help you design and decorate a set that'll transport your audience right into the heart of your narrative.

  • Understanding Your Story’s Needs: First up, let’s chat about what your story needs. Every genre, whether it’s a gritty thriller or a whimsical romance, has its own visual language. Dive deep into your script and outline the key elements that your set must convey. Is it a specific era, an unusual location, or a particular atmosphere? Getting this clear in your mind will be your north star.
  • Location Scouting Within a Studio: London’s art studios for hire are incredibly diverse. Even within the confines of a studio there’s a world of possibilities. Look for spaces that offer the right architectural features, textures, and natural light to match your story. Remember, the right studio can significantly reduce the amount of set dressing required to bring your vision to life.
  • Budget-Friendly Decoration Hacks: Now, let’s talk about decorations without breaking the bank. London’s flea markets, charity shops, and online marketplaces are treasure troves for set pieces and props. With a keen eye, you can find items that add authenticity and depth to your set. Repurposing and DIY-ing decorations can also add a nice touch while keeping costs down.
  • Maximising Studio Features: Many of London’s film studios come with their own unique features, from industrial beams to Victorian elegance. Use these to your advantage! A studio’s inherent charm can serve as a built-in set piece, providing a backdrop that requires minimal additions to make it shine.
  • The Magic of Lighting: Lighting isn’t just for illumination; it’s a powerful tool to set the tone and mood of your scene. Work closely with your lighting team to experiment with shadows, colours, and intensities. Sometimes, the right lighting setup can transform a simple set into something truly cinematic.
  • Flexible Set Design for Multiple Scenes: When studio time is at a premium, designing flexible sets that can be quickly altered to represent different scenes or locations is a game-changer. Use modular pieces and reversible props that can be flipped, moved, or changed to save time and maximise your studio hire.
  • Sustainable Set Practices: In today’s world, thinking green is non-negotiable. Opt for reusable and recyclable materials when designing your set. After the shoot, consider donating usable set pieces to local theatres, schools, or fellow filmmakers. Why not leave a lighter footprint while creating something beautiful?
  • Collaborate with Local Artists and Designers: London is bursting at the seams with creative talent. Collaborating with local artists and designers can bring a fresh perspective and new elements to your set. It’s also a fantastic way to support the local creative community.

So, roll up your sleeves, let your imagination run wild, and turn that video production studio space into a world of its own. Here’s to creating sets that tell stories, evoke emotions, and make your film unforgettable. Lights, camera, action - let’s bring those ideas to light!

FAQs about Film Studios in London

How much does it cost to hire a film studio in London?

For production spaces that charge a hire fee, expect prices to range from £15 per hour for the cheapest film studios up to £400 per hour. Others will charge on a whole day or session basis. In that case, prices will average anywhere from £75 up to £28000 for the allotted time. If you are searching among our Super Venues, spaces for hire on our platform with almost 150 positive reviews, expect charges from £45 - £55 per hour. (All data from Tagvenue.)

Do the filming studios in London come fully equipped?

The answer depends on the specific studio which you want to hire. Some movie studios include equipment such as universal triggers, LED lights, stands and reflectors at the price of the hire. For others, especially the more affordable film studios, blank canvases, and unique filming locations, you will need to either bring or hire equipment yourself. Check the venue listing on the Tagvenue platform; they will list information about the equipment provided by each studio. If you have any further questions, reach out to the studio manager directly.

Should I hire or buy film production equipment for shooting in a London film studio?

You're just beginning your film career and don't have the money to invest in the latest equipment, or maybe you're planning to invest in a new camera, but you're not sure whether you'll like using it. Why not hire one? Hiring for a short period is a great chance to check if you feel comfortable working with a certain piece of equipment or to test the one that you are thinking of purchasing.

Are there any wheelchair accessible film studios in London?

There are some. To find film studios with wheelchair accessibility, you can use the filter ‘wheelchair accessible’ under Facilities in our search options. However, we always recommend that you speak with the studio manager directly about their options and facilities before you finalise your booking.

Guests Reviews of Film Studios on Tagvenue

F B.
Booked Blackout & Lighting Included at Arch Photo Studio
The venue was very well equipped and decent size (more sizeable than it seems in the pictures). Robbie was punctual, affable, attentive and helpful throughout the day. He was committed to helping us get the lighting and setups we needed for our shoot, even providing set dressing when possible. Highly recommended.
Stomping C.
Booked Multi-use 60sqm Creative Space at Create Destroy Studios - Islington
A very useful blank canvas which we will likely book again. We loved it and any notes here are considerations for people booking the space for filming/recording (which they should). This is a mostly empty room with a wall of mirrors, which is exactly what we were looking for and found it very useful as a kind of blank space for a video shoot of classical musicians. The space itself is very nice to be in and had easy access to facilities. Highly recommend this if you just want a space and feel capable converting that space to your needs. The natural light is lovely. However, and this is only a concern for filming, the windows are small, rectangular, and up high and in the mid-late afternoon are noticeable on the walls but out of reach so we couldn't cover them. You can work around it, but schedule accordingly. Not a negative (the light otherwise is very nice and sufficient), just a thing to note. I will say, not a negative, just a factor, it is not a soundproofed room (it's not meant to be), so bear that in mind if you are recording something and don't want a siren or an airplane flying overhead. It was not a major issue for us, happened very infrequently, and studios nearby were not loud, but it may happen. I'd recommend booking on a weekend if you're concerned about noise from other studios, as they're mostly businesses so are out.
Corinne M.
Booked Main area at Lucerne Studio
I had an amazing experience with Lucerne Studio from beginning to end. This studio really offers excellent services that comes at lower cost than the average studio spaces in London. The space is beautiful, You can tell an artist is behind this. And there’s a lot of ressources that can be used inside the studio to help you have the best set up possible. Corinna is very nice, great communication from beginning to end.
Toxiano V.
Booked Photo/Film Studio at Mavro Worldwide Studios
Great place.great service.packages tailored to clients advantage.they get 10 stars out of 5 #forreal
Liam C.
Booked Fully Equipped Photo Studio at 46 Springfield House Lofts
Roberto is awesome and the venue is perfect! Roberto responded to my message instantly and was able to help me with every single request I had. He was very welcoming when I arrived, made me a coffee straight away and we had a brilliant 2 hour filming session for my business. I have already decided that I will be filming with Roberto at the Roberto Vivancos Studios at least once per month.
Alexandru-Sebastian A.
Booked Cosy & Stylish Loft Dalston at Hoxtonlab Ltd
Marco was absolutely amazing. He replied on time to all my emails and he even waited for me 15 minutes as I was stuck in trafic and I couldn't make it in time. He gave us a tour and explained everything on point. The contract signing process was fast and simple. The place looks amazing. So many things to work with. Your imagination goes crazy in a place like this. Everything was clean and spot on. The sound systems was a beast, top quality. The vibes that this place gives are priceless. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who's looking for a cozy vintage location. We used it to film a music video.
Ne N.
Booked Fully Equipped Photo Studio at 46 Springfield House Lofts
I was very happy to able to find this studio for the shooting of my video interview. Access to the venue is very easy as it is not far away from Dalston Junction station. Roberto was very friendly and could provide great support. The equipment was good enough as it included everything mentioned. It has been a good choice for my shooting.
Abigail T.
Booked Daylight Photo/Video Studio 3 at Indra Studios
I'm a YouTuber, and when the sh*t hit the fan and I had to do a whole day of reshoots, Indra were there. They really go the extra mile to make the dream happen, and now I shoot all my videos there! The feedback from my fans has been really positive and my show is going from strength to strength now!

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