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Top Affordable Photo Studios in London

On the hunt for an affordable photo studio in London? Have no fear, Tagvenue has a wide range of choices sure to suit your needs and your budget. It doesn’t matter if you are looking for a studio in downtown Southwark, an amazing space in Peckham, or something in the other suburbs of the city. Whatever your need, you can adjust the venue price range with our smart filter, and be quite sure that your low-priced photography studio is only a click away.

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Cheap Photo Studios Hire Guide

Photography studios are a great choice when you need a special sort of look for a shoot. However, when hiring any studio there are a few things to consider before you book. 

  • How much do you need? Some studios will offer you C-stands, strobes and backdrops. This can be pricey. Others are more bare bones - this is the inexpensive choice.
  • Where? Decide on your location. Price can play a role here as venues located in the centre of London will charge a higher day hire rate. Unless you truly need something centrally located, you will find cheaper options in the suburbs. Whether this choice is driven by price or other factors, London has a wide variety available. If you are looking for morning or afternoon shots, check out half day hires and book that specific time of day.
  • Understand the offer. Make sure you agree on the fit out of the studio and any extras before signing. If any sort of deals are offered, make sure you have them in writing.

London’s vibrant art scene means that studios are thick on the ground all over the town. It doesn’t matter if you are focused on ease of access or close proximity to green areas or landmarks to add in the possibility of outdoor shoots. You can be sure that there is something available that will offer the right studio space at the right price point. Check out Farringdon and Southwark, both are areas with a high density of offers, and photographic studios are a venue type well suited to these areas’ funky vibe. 

Prices for studios can vary widely, even if you set a maximum budget of £500 you can find a wide range of offers for day hire ranging from £200 to £500. The exact price for day hire depends on the size of the studio and the equipment that comes along with it. Your cheapest option is to consider per hour fees can run from £30 to £40, this way you can get everything you need for just the time you need it.

Guests Reviews of Photo Studios on Tagvenue

Booked Unit B Studio at Unit B Studio
Duncan was very accommodating while we were at the venue and all communication made before and after was very pleasant. Would 100% recommend.
Steve Poole
Booked Photo / Video Studio 1 of 3 at Indra Studios
All good, friendly and helpful service
Kayla Satzger
Booked Art Studios at Green Lens Studios - EAST2
Great space, very versatile. Very good price. Will definitely be coming back. Thanks so much!
Felipe Ferreira
Booked Photography Film Studio at Roberto Vivancos Studio
Convenient location - really close to the Overground Station. Nice space, good lightning equipment.

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