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Find your Recording Studio in London

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Looking for a recording studio for hire in London? The capital is known for its vibrant and varied music scene, as well as its world-famous performance venues. Well-equipped recording studios, much sought after by bands, singers, actors, songwriters, and podcast hosts, are wonderful spaces for recording music, as well as recording podcasts and theatrical performances. Here at Tagvenue, we’re sure to have something that meets your specific creative requirements. So what are you waiting for? See how quickly you can find the perfect London recording studio today.

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Recording Studios Hire Guide

London is home to one of the world’s most popular music studios – the famous Abbey Road – where many legendary bands have recorded their music. With such a vibrant music foundation, it’s no wonder that recording studios can be found all over the city, not only in Westminster, but also in the other artistic districts of the city. Be part of the phenomenon and hire a recording studio or rehearsal studio in London today. Let there be music!

What to consider when looking for a recording studio in London

There are a few things you should think of before you start looking for your dream recording studio in London. We made a list of elements to consider that will help you find exactly what you need:

  • The cost – Is the recording studio priced per hour, per day or per session? At some venues, recording studio prices are discounted if your hire lasts for several days. Another idea for cheap recording studio hire is choosing off-peak hours or week-days  when the hire fees are much lower. With Tagvenue, it’s absolutely possible to hire a budget-friendly recording studio in London.
  • The location – Think about how much time it will take for all the performers to get to the recording studio. If your band members live in different parts of London, or even around the UK, it’s best to choose a recording studio that’s close to a major transport hub.
  • Studio equipment – Make sure the workstation provided with the recording studio meets your requirements. Check if you can easily transfer tracks to the formats you need. If you’re going to need some instruments, microphones, or studio gear, ask the music studio managers if they can provide it either included with the studio or for a flat hire.
  • Catering – Are there any tasty food joints nearby? When in the middle of the creative process, there’s no time to waste. Some recording studios in London are able to provide catering for you, if that’s more convenient.
  • Breakout area – Recording sessions can be quite intense, so make sure the recording venue has a space that allows you to rest a little bit. Occasionally taking a break during your studio sessions will make your performance better in the long run.

Top 5 types of recording studios available in London

Considering your options for a recording studio in London? Whether you’re looking for a well-connected studio in the city centre, or looking to get inspired in London’s cultural districts, such as Camden or Hackney, here’s our list of the 5 types of recording studios that are available for hire:

  • Music studios - London offers an abundance of music studios to record your own songs, music demos, and voice-overs. With Tagvenue, you can browse through music studio offers in every price range - from small studios, to high-end facilities.
  • Podcast studios - Podcasts have become an extremely popular medium in the UK over the last few years. Since then, many podcast studios for private hire have opened all over the city.
  • Photo and video studios - If you need a backdrop for a video recording, there’s dozens of small studios ready to host your artistic endeavours!
  • Blank canvases - These creative spaces can serve many different purposes, depending on what type of recording you need to make. They come in a variety of sizes and prices, so you’ll be able to find the perfect one for your needs.
  • Rehearsal halls - Many dance studios, small theatres, and creative spaces dedicated for rehearsals will gladly open their doors for you and turn into recording studios. They’re usually bigger, open spaces great for video recording, music videos, art performances and rehearsals.

How to record a demo with your band in London?

If you feel ready to take your band or music project to the next level, you need to record a demo so record labels can check out your music. Here are our top tips for a successful demo session:

  • Secure a recording studio. When you have a few great songs ready to record, you should start looking for a music studio. In order to impress a record label, you’re going to need that quality sound you can only achieve in a soundproofed room. Set your budget for a music studio hire - it’s a good idea to spread your recording process over a few days so that you’ll be able to rest between shorter demo sessions.
  • Make it count. Do your best to be well-prepared for your studio sessions. Rehearse the songs with your band so that you won’t need to repeat different sections too many times. Be well-rested for the day of the session in order to put on a good performance for the demo.
  • Stand out. Record labels get dozens, if not hundreds of submissions every day. You will have to be creative not only with your music, but with the format and packaging. A nice CD box can make a night and day difference when it comes to getting noticed by a renowned record label.

How to Rock the Recording Session

So you've booked your dream studio time in London, and the excitement is buzzing! But before you crank up the amps and unleash your inner rockstar, remember that a recording studio is a professional environment with its own type of etiquette. With proper use of the studio, your session will definitely be smooth and productive!

Punctuality is Paramount:  Treat studio time like gold, because it is!  Arriving late not only disrupts your session but disrespects the engineer's schedule and potentially throws off other bookings. Aim to arrive at least 15 minutes early to settle in, tune the instruments, and discuss the session plan. 

Respect the Gear:  Studio equipment is often high-end, delicate, and expensive. Handle everything with care, avoid roughhousing or dropping cables, and never eat or drink near the equipment. If you're unsure about how to use something, ask the engineer for guidance. Remember, you're responsible for any damage caused by negligence!

Mind the Volume:  While expressing yourself musically is encouraged, be mindful of volume levels, especially in shared studio spaces. Excessive noise can disrupt other sessions and damage equipment. Utilise headphones for personal monitoring whenever possible, and keep conversations during breaks to a reasonable volume. 

Communication is Key:  Clear communication with the engineer is crucial. Discuss your goals for the session beforehand, share reference tracks, and express your ideas clearly. Be receptive to feedback and suggestions, and don't hesitate to ask questions if something is unclear. Remember, the engineer is your partner in achieving the best possible recording.  

Clean Up:  Respect goes beyond the equipment. Leave the studio as you found it - tidy up any used instruments, cables, and personal belongings. Dispose of trash properly, and make sure to clean up any spills or messes. This shows appreciation for the space and the staff.  

Bring essentials: Make sure to bring any necessary items for the recording session, such as sheet music, lyrics, or any specific instruments or equipment that you need. It's also a good idea to bring water or snacks to keep yourself hydrated and energised throughout the session. Being prepared will help ensure a smooth and productive recording experience. 

By following these simple guidelines, your recording session will be more organised and efficient. Remember, professionalism and respect go hand-in-hand with unleashing your musical creativity in the studio. Now, go forth and rock on!

Your Guide to Recording Studio Lingo

Stepping into the world of recording studios can be overwhelming, especially with all the technical jargon and lingo that is commonly used. From ‘analogue warmth’ to ‘pro tools session’, technical terms fly around, leaving first-timers unsure of what they're paying for and how to achieve their desired sound. Fear not, aspiring artists! This guide will demystify common recording studio jargon, empowering you to navigate the studio experience with confidence.

Analog vs. Digital: This fundamental distinction refers to the recording format. Analog captures sound waves continuously, like a vinyl record's groove. It's often praised for its ‘warmer’ tone, though digital recording has come a long way in replicating that warmth. Digital recording, on the other hand, converts sound waves into binary code, allowing for precise editing and manipulation. Both formats have their pros and cons, and understanding the differences will help you make informed decisions during your studio sessions. Studio facilities may offer both options, allowing you to choose based on your sonic preferences and project budget.

Live Room vs. Control Room: Imagine a glass wall dividing the studio into two distinct spaces. The live room is where musicians perform, capturing their instruments and vocals with microphones. They are designed to control acoustics, minimise unwanted reflections, and ensure clean recordings. The control room houses the engineers, who operate the recording equipment, mixing console, and monitors. They monitor the live sound, adjust microphones, and modify the audio using various processors and effects. Through speakers or headphones, they interact with musicians and guide the recording process.

Session Fees vs. Hourly Rates: Studio pricing can be confusing, so understanding these terms is crucial. A session fee is a fixed price for a block of recording time, usually several hours. It's ideal for projects with a clear plan and timeline. Hourly rates charge you for each hour of studio use, including setup, recording, and breakdown. This suits more flexible projects or those unsure of their exact needs. At Tagvenue, you can also find recording studios with a daily hire option, which allows for longer recording sessions and is potentially more cost-effective for projects that require extensive time in the studio. 

Gear Talk: London’s recording spaces boast an array of equipment. Pre-amps boost the microphone signal, essential for capturing strong and clear vocals. Compressors control dynamic range, making quiet sounds louder and loud sounds quieter. Equalisers (EQs) adjust specific frequencies, sculpting the sound of each instrument. Reverb adds depth and ambience to recordings, creating a sense of space.

Mixing vs. Mastering: Recording captures raw sound, but mixing brings it to life. The engineer balances individual tracks, adds effects, and creates a cohesive soundscape. Mastering polishes the final mix, ensuring consistent quality across different listening platforms. While some workspaces offer bundled services, others specialise in specific stages, so understanding these distinctions helps you budget accordingly.

Punch-ins, Comping, and Editing: Punch-ins allow you to re-record specific sections without redoing the entire track. Comping involves choosing the best takes from different recordings for each section, creating a flawless performance. Editing involves manipulating the recording digitally, such as removing unwanted sounds or adjusting timing. These techniques ensure your final product is flawless and professional.

The recording studio is your creative canvas. By understanding the lingo and communicating effectively, you can translate your musical vision into a stunning reality. Don't hesitate to ask questions and express your preferences. With knowledge and collaboration, your recording journey will be both enriching and rewarding.

FAQs about Recording Studios in London

Which areas in London have the best recording studios?

You can find music and recording studios all over Greater London. In North London, Dalston, Tottenham, and Islington have plenty of options for affordable music studios and blank canvas spaces. The city centre is also full of great music studios in many price ranges. Neighbourhoods such as Soho and Westminster have rich artistic heritage which shows by the amount and variety of recording studio choices.

What is the cost of hiring a recording studio in London?

For London recording studios that charge by the hour, expect rates between £20 and £70. A full day recording venue hire can reach up to around £500+. Keep in mind that some professional studios include all the equipment in the price, while others charge additional fees for some of the facilities. If you're looking for cheap recording studios in London, make sure you check all the details, consider the less popular neighbourhoods, and are flexible with the timing! (All data from Tagvenue.)

What gear should I expect in a London recording studio?

A well-equipped recording studio In London will include a main workstation for mixing your audio in real time, a soundproof studio booth for clean-sounding vocals, and many different microphones, instruments and any studio gear you would need during a session.

What are some of the best recording studios for hire in London?

Podcast Studio at AIP Studios - based in the appealing Isle of Dogs, this music studio offers you the best and highest quality equipment for your recording sessions.

Recording Studio at BonaFideStudio - located in Muswell Hill, North London, BonaFideStudio offers a great studio workspace of musicians and producers.

The Room at Fiction Studios - a music recording studio full of character, suitable for bands and solo musicians alike. Located in Holborn, right in the heart of the city.

Recording Studio at Mavro Worldwide Studios - just a quick walk from Southwark Park, Mavro Worldwide Studios provides a marvelous recording studio space, along with the services of a professional recording engineer.

Guests Reviews of Recording Studios on Tagvenue

Iryna T.
Booked Podcast Studio at Paddington Works
The recording studio was perfect for the podcast, and Rosie was such as wonderful host - super friendly and professional, she showed us everything and helped us set up. Honestly, the experience has exceeded all expectations, and Rosie was a huge part of that! Kudos to her.
Booked Podcast Room at Finch-ley Studio
The team were absolutely amazing! The recording process was seamless and so professional. They really took to the time to study my brand and ensure the backdrop was congruent with my brand. They are easily accessible via whatsapp. The quality of recording is brilliant and I honestly can't sing their praises enough!
Harue C.
Booked Entire Studio at Way Studio
Alex was very professional and at the same time a very friendly and warm person. I was recording a Podcast from Brazil, so having London on the background was also an ad on. Alex and Anya were there ahead of time with lighting and space already set up though they left us very comfortable to change anything we anted. We had refreshments and it was very pleasant to record, with a home feeling. I've got lost (as I'm not from London and mistakenly got on the wrong line) and the host - that of course was not responsible to give me directions, promptly gave me the info I needed to get there. The studio is conveniently located just steps away from the station. And there is more :) Just remembered that he was even kind enough to take pictures for us with our phones.
Rebecca C.
Booked AB Studio at AB Studio
William was incredibly helpful and patient with my recording project. He understood my goals and provided valuable insights. His professionalism and expertise made the process enjoyable and stress-free. The final outcome exceeded my expectations. I highly recommend the studio, and thank you again, William, for your invaluable contribution :)
Booked Podcast Recording Studio at 1000 Visuals
It was an outstanding experience! The facilities were well-maintained, and Tevin’s support in setting up and recording was invaluable. He’s professionalism and enthusiasm for podcasting truly shone through, making the whole process enjoyable. I can't wait to return for future recording sessions. Thanks again!
Mercy D.
Booked Podcast Studio at Mavro Worldwide Studios
The Mavro World Wide Studio is quite efficient in responding back to any queries I had. Their customer service is on par, and Julian was of great help. Thanks for being professional, providing us with awesome services, and onboarding us at the last minute. Will definitely bear you in mind for future recordings.
Lesley L.
Booked The Room at Fiction Studios
Nathan was amazing. Patient, amusing, knowledgeable, efficient and certainly knew what he was doing. The venue was comfortable and quirky and very interesting. Ideal for our family group ranging in age from 3 - 70! On a Bank Holiday our taxi could park outside and wait for us.
Michael H.
Booked Pro Recording Studio at BGM Studios
Very fast responses. The staff there is really friendly and helpful. The venue is at is described. It has the basics and an effective vocals room. I really felt comfortable there and look forward to using this studio again soon.

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