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Finding the perfect piano practice rooms in London might be a tough nut to crack as there is such a wide range of amazing spaces available. But with Tagvenue and our curated list of fantastic London piano rooms, it’ll be a breeze! From cosy rooms for single players to larger spaces suitable for bigger audiences - you can find them all with just a few clicks. So, whenever you need to hire a piano practice room, use our smart filter and pick the one which suits you best!

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Piano Practice Rooms Hire Guide

Who doesn’t love London and the amazing options it has to offer? Each area boasts an atmosphere of energy, uniqueness, and charm - and countless amazing spaces for hire. Grab your sheet music and get ready to flex those fingers because you’ll be making beautiful music in one of London’s amazing spaces in no time! 

Central London is where all the action is. Why not head over to eclectic Soho and book a space in a piano practice room with easy access to the constant hustle and bustle of Oxford Street, Regent Street, and Piccadilly Circus. You’ll also find other inspiring spaces for hire near Covent Garden, in the vibrant West of London, with piano practice spaces that are easily accessible and offer a great location to study for exams or concerts. 

If you are looking for a space to practise near the West End, check out the piano rooms in Mayfair, Knightsbridge and Kensington. You can also check out nearby Camden for cheaper hire options. You can find affordable piano practice rooms on Pratt Mews St., a five-minute walk from Camden Town Station

When you value peace and quiet try your luck in South London, Brixton and its piano practice rooms near the lovely, down-to-earth streets and lovely gardens and parks by the Brixton Road. Dalston and cosy piano rooms in the near distance to the Regent’s Canal are a choice if you target East London for your piano room search. They’re squeezed next to some of the area’s cosy hangout spots. 

Whether you are looking for a spot for a recital, or just a place to practise for your next music exam, you will definitely be pleased with the options for piano rehearsal rooms in London. Check out your options on Tagvenue, search by location, size or price. You’ll be finding the perfect space for your needs in no time! 

Tips for hiring the perfect piano practice room in London 

Set the date and hire in advanceSet the date. Many of the best piano rooms in Camden or Bloomsbury, available on our website, are extremely popular, so make sure you book early as they fill up fast. Hiring in advance can also offer the opportunity to book a piano room at a lower price. 

BudgetThe hire prices of piano practice rooms will vary quite a bit as you travel across London. Price differences will depend quite a bit on the location and the type of equipment they provide. Hourly hire fees range from £15 to even £150 per hour. If you want to hire for an event, expect prices from £200 up to £4000 per session/night. 

Fees can vary depending on the hours you choose for your hire. Some piano rooms are cheaper to hire at off-peak times while others provide discounts. Always be sure to check with the managers about your options and don’t be afraid to ask for a lower fee.

Keep in mind that prices of piano rooms within walking distance from Leicester Square, Charing Cross and Piccadilly Circus cost much more than equivalent spaces on the outskirts of London.

LocationWe know how much location influences the final choice of a dream venue. Nobody likes spending too much time on public transport. Therefore, we recommend narrowing your search close to your residence, school or workplace - it will save you plenty of time when it’s time to play. However, if you find a great deal in a more distant location, don’t worry as you can reach them either by tube or train. 

If you’re looking for a luxurious piano room rental, you can find it in posh Knightsbridge, by the South Kensington station. A more affordable one (but still elegant and classy) is on Bloomsbury way near the Russell Square tube station. If you are looking for something that won’t strain your budget with surroundings that won't bore you to death, amid Camden Town you will find small piano spaces at budget-friendly prices close to both Mornington Crescent and Camden Town stations. 

EquipmentPlan your needs before you make your booking. As piano rooms available on our website have a list of equipment they provide, confirm their availability and ask a manager about any additional things you might need which aren’t listed. 

You should check out the standard of piano available before making your booking, e.g. a grand, an upright or a digital one. It’s also a good idea to ask if the instrument was recently tuned and whether they provide this service for an extra cost. 

You may want to check that the space offers good lighting, as well as other extras such as metronomes, microphones, and piano benches instead of stools.  

Having those tips in mind, for sure you will find the perfect space you need! So, get ready to scroll through our listings of piano rooms in London and enjoy your play!

Piano Practice Rooms in London FAQ

Where are the best small piano practice rooms near central London?

At Tagvenue, we offer a range of amazing piano practice rooms all over London, so for sure, we’ve got your perfect spot. You’ll definitely be pleased with the cosy options for up to 4 people in Camden Town, a popular spot within the tube stations in the heart of the district. Other great and small piano rooms are available close to the city centre, near tube stations such as Leicester Square, Piccadilly Circus, and Charing Cross

What equipment is included in a piano practice room?

Most London piano rooms provide a piano, PA systems/speakers. Scan through the piano room offers thoroughly, as some venues charge an additional fee for providing seats, projectors, and services such as tuning the instrument. 

Where can I hire the most elegant piano practice rooms in London?

For elegant piano rooms with classy and stylish decor, check out Knightsbridge on the Ennismore Garden Mews St . Another great option you can find is on Bloomsbury Square St. Together with Mayfair, those are the first-rate areas of piano rooms in London worth checking out if you care for refined spaces with exquisite decor. 

What are some great piano practice rooms in London?

There are many amazing options for piano practice rooms in the city, whether you are prepping for your ABRSM or just want to prepare for a concert, here are a few of our favourites:

Music Room at Pushkin House - located next to Bloomsbury Square Garden, the facility offers classic and elegant rooms with natural light, perfect to organise an intimate recital.

Practise Room at Gaspard Music Academy - in the middle of picturesque East Twickenham near Cambridge Gardens and Marble Hill Park, it offers a small piano room with an outdoor space. 

The Basement Bar at Green Note - an intimate space on the west side of Camden Town, perfect for recitals and performances.

Guests Reviews of Piano Practice Rooms on Tagvenue

Crystal Emmanuel
Booked The Basement at The Calder Theatre Bookshop
We booked this location for a rehearsal (singer and pianist) and it was the perfect spot for what we needed! I've passed this place so many times and had no idea there was a piano room downstairs. The host was nice too, will definitely book again
james j paddock
Booked Dance Studio 1 at David Game College
The Venue organiser, Niel, at tagvenue was very accommodating and was extremely professional. When we arrived at the venue the service was wonderful and the Dance studio more than met our expectations. David Game College, London, being at an ideal location for our arts organisation to meet for a workshop with some of us travelling from other parts of England. Niel at tagvenue made the process easy for me in my arts producer role.
Jessica Yang
Booked Dance Studio 1 at David Game College
- Niel has been very approachable and quick in responding to queries. - The staff are very friendly. - Great central location in the City - Facilities (such piano) are fantastic - Rooms are spacious - Good value for money
Natalie Sinnadurai
Booked Solo Studio at Academy Building
We hired the OFFICE STUDIO from Monday, 2 to Wednesday, 4 July 2018. It is in Camden / Staff are friendly / Studios are clean / the hire rate is very reasonable / a lot of rooms of different sizes, including small music practice rooms
Kit Young
Booked Music Room 2 at Academy Building
The Room has everything I needed and I was not disturbed by anyone else trying to use a room.
Matteo Tonnicchi
Booked Theatre at October Gallery
Very nice looking theatre (good for an event for maximum 70 people I think), very helpful and friendly staff that followed us in everything. Venue has an inner courtyard that is perfect for smoking guests.

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