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Putting on a show of your own in London? Whether you’re a dancer or actor looking for a rehearsal room, or you’re a singer or musician in need of a jam space, Tagvenue has got you covered. We know it’s not always easy to find the perfect rehearsal studio in the city – perhaps you’re after a small vocal studio or maybe you’re looking for a large, well-equipped drama studio or a theatre with professional lighting and a piano. No matter if you’re planning a casting, rehearsal, acting class or film workshop, we can find you a space that suits. So what are you waiting for? Your perfect London rehearsal studio is only a few clicks away!

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Rehearsal Studios Hire Guide

Looking to rent a rehearsal room in London?

Whether you’re a band, solo artist, DJ, music producer, dancer, choreographer, actor, director or teacher, we’re sure to have something that fits your criteria. Perhaps you need a full backline or maybe you’re bringing your own gear – no matter your needs, our venue experts can recommend something to suit.

Rehearsal spaces can be used for music lessons, band practices, jam sessions, read-throughs, auditions, theatre rehearsals and to record live music or performances. But before you go ahead and book a space, there are a few key details you should keep in mind.

When hiring a rehearsal studio make sure to consider:

  • your budget (are you looking for a state-of-the-art facility in a convenient location, a cheap rehearsal room, or something in-between?)

  • how the venue prices its space (by the hour, day, session, etc.)

  • the type of rehearsal room you need (music practice room, band rehearsal space, piano room, theatre rehearsal space, drama studio, dance studio, etc.)

  • what hours you’ll have access to space

  • its capacity and size (remember that if rehearsing for a dance or theatre performance, you should find a venue with open floor space equal to or exceeding the dimensions of your set)

  • its acoustics

  • whether it has a tuned grand piano and/or sound system

  • whether it has the equipment you need (drum kit, P.A., mics, spring floor, wall mirrors, barre, stage, soundproofing, plenty of wall outlets, WiFi, chairs for actors who aren’t on stage, etc.)

  • its location (London Bridge, Soho, Camden, central London, etc.)

  • its connections to public transport and its parking facilities (including the convenience of its load-in area)

  • its lighting (whether it has natural light and/or professional lighting)

  • whether it has air conditioning or catering facilities

  • whether the ceilings and light fixtures are high enough to accommodate any choreography

  • whether you need to pay to store gear onsite

  • whether the rehearsal space is secure

If you’ve hired out a rehearsal space, you’ll want to make the most of the time you have there. Here are some tips and tricks to ensure your session is a productive one.

How to get the most out of a music rehearsal or practice session:

  • know what is it you plan to achieve (build a setlist, write a new song, practise improvising, prepare for a live show, etc.)

  • decide who will lead the rehearsal

  • ensure you have all the equipment you need (extra strings, straps, cables, stands, mics, etc.) and that you know your material

  • practice loading in and out quickly

  • allocate yourself a set amount of time for warm-up

  • schedule regular breaks but don’t lose your focus (breaking for 10 or 15 minutes in the middle of a two or three-hour session will keep you fresh and focused)

  • focus in on errors

  • make notes in a notepad or on a tablet (highlight any issues or areas to work on next time)

  • consider recording your practice sessions to help you remember what was discussed and to pinpoint which parts of your performance you could improve on

  • don’t forget to practise your stagecraft (if you have an upcoming performance, aim for more polished rehearsals)

How to get the most out of a dance or theatre rehearsal:

  • determine your goals ahead of time (read through a script, choreograph a new piece, have a final dress rehearsal, etc.) and make a plan (if necessary, draw floor maps and basic sketches of the groupings and entrances, exits, etc.)

  • save time by editing your music beforehand

  • put together a contact sheet with phone numbers and emergency contacts for the cast and crew

  • if you’re rehearsing a musical or play, get the scripts and vocal scores to the cast at least a week before rehearsals start, and ensure everyone in the cast and crew receives a copy of the rehearsal calendar

  • if you’re a dancer working with a new choreographer, familiarise yourself with his or her work beforehand

  • if you’re organising a table-read, make sure you have highlighters, pens and a stapler on hand, as well as plenty of water

  • schedule regular breaks

  • write down key changes and adjustments so you’ll remember them for next time

  • make sure understudies/swings bring a notepad or tablet so they can make notes

Tips for getting the most out of a dress rehearsal:

  • hang all costumes on hangers

  • bring hairspray, makeup, extra bobby pins, safety pins, a first aid kit, etc.

  • schedule more than one dress rehearsal, especially for shows with elaborate sets, costumes and/or special effects

No matter if you’re looking to rehearse a high school production in a well-equipped theatre or you’re a band in need of a monthly ‘lockout’ rehearsal room, Tagvenue can point you in the right direction. So what are you waiting for? It’s time to get practising!

Guests Reviews of Rehearsal Studios on Tagvenue

Katie Thomas
Booked Whole Venue at Colomba Camden
Modern, clean, airy, atmospheric and great location.
Aleksandra Giersz
Booked The Basement at The Calder Theatre Bookshop
All good - this is a basement space as can be seen in the pictures. All was good, swift check-in & payment, nice stuff, quiet and peace of mind to work when you’re downstairs. Very central & good price!
Sian McWilliams
Booked Dance Studio 1 at David Game College
Thank you to Niel for organising a great space for a Physical theatre workshop. We were greeted and all the facilities explained. The room was clean and had a great sound system. We would recommend the College to others.
Joel Emery
Booked Amy Room at Academy Building
Great. Easy to find. Easy to use. Affordable and exactly what they promised
Don Klass
Booked The Basement at The Calder Theatre Bookshop
Great venue. Private. No extra costs. No interruptions. Great location.
Angela Davenport
Booked Whole venue at Whirled Cinema
The location is ideal for indoor shooting with its unique tunnel structure. The staff of the day Scott has been very helpful dealing with our requests. There's microphone and smoking machine for hire, which has helped us a lot for stage setting. A very good place for concert/gig filming.

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