Auditoriums for Hire in Bristol

Auditoriums for Hire in Bristol

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Top Auditoriums in Bristol

Are you in search of auditoriums in Bristol? This city, known for its iconic Clifton Suspension Bridge and vibrant Harbourside, is brimming with top-notch venues. With Tagvenue, you can sift through our extensive listings all across the city, from modern auditoriums to traditional theatres. Whether you're hosting a conference near the lively Stokes Croft or a theatre production in the historic Old City, we're here to help.Our platform's smart search filters and hassle-free booking process ensure you find the right fit.  Browse our listings and book the perfect Bristol auditorium with us!

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FAQs about Auditoriums in Bristol

What sizes of auditoriums can I find in Bristol?

In Bristol, you'll find various auditorium sizes to suit multiple needs. Smaller venues around the city can hold up to 35-45 guests, like Clifton Event Space at Future Leap, located on Oakfield Road, which can accommodate 45 guests. This small size venue is ideal for intimate gatherings or smaller-scale presentations. Conversely, larger venues in the city can host up to 500-800 guests, like the Great Hall at Wills Memorial Building, based on Queens Road, which can host 800 attendees, perfect for grand events or conferences.

What are the best locations to hire an auditorium in Bristol?

  • Clifton: Known for its Georgian architecture and proximity to the Clifton Suspension Bridge, this area offers a blend of elegance and history. Educational spaces in this area are usually housed in historic buildings, providing a unique backdrop for any event.
  • City Centre: Located near landmarks like Cabot Tower and Bristol Cathedral, the city centre is convenient and accessible. Auditoriums here are often modern and well-equipped, suitable for various professional events.
  • Harbourside: With its maritime history and scenic views, the Harbourside area offers a different ambience. The added benefit of waterfront views, makes it ideal for events that want to incorporate the natural beauty of Bristol.

What are some of the best auditoriums in Bristol?

  • Lecture Theatre at Chemistry Building: Priced at £650 per day, this venue is part of the University of Bristol's Beacon House. It can accommodate up to 196 people and includes facilities like an easily accessible screen for laptops, VGA and HDMI adapters, DVD/CD playback, and a visualiser. The location near the University adds an academic flair, making it perfect for educational events.
  • Auditorium at RPS House: Costing £50 per hour, this venue is located on Paperworks near the scenic River Avon. It has a capacity of 100 people and offers amenities like a projector, surround sound, flipchart, Airdrop, HDMI or Blu-ray input, and seats with built-in writing tables. The riverside location adds a tranquil touch to your event.
  • The Assembly Event Space at Design West: At £75 per hour, this venue is situated on Bristol's Harbourside near Pero's Bridge. It can host up to 50 people and includes a PA system, digital projector, and whiteboard flipchart. The Harbourside location offers a vibrant, modern setting for various events.

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