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Planning an event in Melbourne and decided you’d rather sort the food and drink yourself? Not all venues allow you to use third-party catering, but don’t panic - we’ve pulled together all the self-catering venues in Melbourne for you! With a great range of choice, you’ll be sure to find your perfect BYO venue.

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Self Catering Venues Hire Guide

Here's a couple of things worth keeping in mind when choosing a self catering venue:

  • Logistics – How will you organise the food and drink at the venue? Do you need the venue to store it for you or somewhere to prepare it? These are good questions to ask yourself and talk through when you enquire about venues. You’ll want to make sure it’s as smooth a process as possible and all sorted before the day, so you can still sit back and enjoy your event!
  • Budget – As the food and venue won’t come under one price, you’ll need to work out how you’re going to split the budget between the venue and the food and drink first, then look at venues within that budget. It’s also worth keeping in mind that some venues require a buyout fee for bringing your own catering!
  • Dietary requirements – It’s important to consider the dietary requirements you’ll need to account for when planning your food and drink. You could either make sure you have a range of foods available to cover all diets or, to be on the safe side, you could ask each guest if they have any preferences or allergies.

What about the costs? We're listing price estimates below:

  • Most self catering venues in Melbourne charge on a minimum spend basis. Although you’ll be able to bring your own food, you or your guests will need to spend a certain amount at the bar as a way of payment for the use of the space. You can expect to be looking at a minimum spend fee range from $200 to $4000 and above, with most being around the few thousand dollars mark.
  • Another popular pricing option is a hire fee, which covers the use of the space and usually means you can bring your own drink as well as food. For BYO venues in Melbourne, hire fees tend to range from about $275 to $750, with the majority sitting somewhere in the middle.
  • Some self catering venues offer per person packages, which usually include drinks and other extras, while still allowing BYO catering. Per person prices for self catering venues in Melbourne are around $50, with some costing more and some less!

Got any questions about self catering? We've already answered some of the most common ones:

I’m going to plan the whole event, I just need a blank canvas to host it in. Are there any suitable BYO venues for hire in Melbourne?
We’ve got you covered. As well as fully equipped bars and restaurants that allow BYO catering, there are also blank space studios and warehouse venues available for hire that you can truly make your own!

Are there any great self catering wedding venues in Melbourne?
Yes! If you’re after a wedding venue that allows BYO catering, you’re sure to find somewhere suitable in Melbourne. There’s a whole host of gorgeous BYO bars and reception rooms that would make perfect settings for your big day!

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