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Small Venues for Hire in Sydney

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Hiring a small venue in Sydney? You’re in the right place! Sydney has many small venues available for whatever event you have in mind. Whether it’s a business meeting with your clients, a birthday dinner with your closest ones, or an intimate wedding on a beach, here you’ll find everything you need to match your celebrations. Check out Tagvenue’s curated list of the best small venues Sydney has to offer, and find the perfect one for you. Thanks to our smart filters, you’ll be booking your venue in no time!

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Small Venues Hire Guide

As one of Australia’s most dynamic and vibrant cities, Sydney is a great place to live, work, and play. With its great public transportation network, pleasant climate, and many attractions available, the city is ideal to host your next event. Whether it’s a business meeting, wedding reception or birthday celebration, here you are sure to find just the right space for your event.

Sydney offers many great venues, including big ones for large crowds, as well as small ones for just a few people. And although small venues work great for events that are more informal and relaxed, they can also be successfully arranged for more formal events or even corporate ones. So, what kind of event can you host in a small venue?

Birthday party - If you’re looking to spend your birthday with just your close friends and family, why not hire a small venue? With the right venue, you’ll get the personal atmosphere of your living room, but without any hosting hassle. Many venues offer some additional attractions, such as karaoke machines or arcade games, so you are sure to find something to spice up your birthday celebrations. When looking for a small venue for your birthday, check out function rooms, cafes and outdoor venues. If you’re looking for some inspiration, here’s a list of creative birthday party ideas that will definitely help you out! 

Hens or bucks night - Ready to wave the last moments of your non-married life goodbye? With the big celebration coming up, it might be a good idea to go for a smaller party for your hens or bucks night. And smaller doesn't mean boring. Sydney offers many unique venues that will match the vibe of your party, and make the night one to remember. Search for boats, rooftop venues, and beachfront rooms to find the best venue for your celebrations.

Team meeting - Have your team’s spirits been down lately? If yes, then it’s time for some team building! And a small venue is perfect for that! Take your team out of the office for some bonding sessions, workshops, or even just a lunch to help them relax, build relationships and get the creative juices flowing again. These team building activities will surely come in handy if you need some ideas! If you’re looking for a small venue for a team meeting, meeting rooms, function rooms and co-working spaces might be just what you need!

Wedding - Although most people think of a big celebration when they hear the word "wedding," small-scale ceremonies are also popular. By having an intimate wedding, you can save money on the big day while still enjoying all of the special moments. Plus, it allows you to celebrate with only those who are closest to you. Perfect small venues for a wedding include outdoor venues, patios and even small boats. Check out more small wedding venues listed on our site!

Corporate event - Depending on what kind of corporate event you’re hosting, a small venue might be the best option for it. Surely, a brand conference needs more space, but a small venue can be a great choice if you want to ensure your attendees have a more in-depth experience. For example, if you’re hosting an event that’s all about networking, it makes sense to have it at a place where people will feel more comfortable talking to each other. If you want to build relationships with your customers, a smaller venue will give off a VIP vibe. Small venues ideal for corporate events include board rooms and function rooms.


Still not convinced a small venue hire is for you? Here are four reasons why a small venue might be the best option for you:

It’s budget friendly - This is the most straightforward argument for hiring a small venue. If you need to organise an event on a budget, then you know you can scale down on all expenses, and in the case of venue hire, it usually will mean going for a smaller space.

It’s intimate - If you want to host a private, more intimate event, then a small venue will be the perfect choice for you. Cosy and comfortable, smaller spaces provide the atmosphere for more private conversations, making it easier for guests to mingle without feeling crowded or overwhelmed by large crowds.

It’s easier to manage - A smaller venue allows for more customisation, which is perfect if you want to make your event unique and memorable. A smaller venue also offers an opportunity to get creative with the way you use the space, so if you have something special in your mind for your event, a smaller venue might be the best option for bringing your vision to life.

They’re a great last-minute option - If you need to hire a venue last-minute, it’s probably going to be easier to hire a smaller venue rather than a big one. As smaller events don’t usually require as much preparation as large-scale ones do, finding a venue that can host your affair will probably be possible within a short period of time.


FAQs about Small Venues in Sydney

How much does it cost to hire a small venue in Sydney?

When hiring a small venue in Sydney, you can find places charging from $100 up to $400 per hour. Many small venues also offer a minimum spend option, and you can expect the prices to vary from $500 to $5000. If you are looking for per person options, prices start at as low as $28. Keep in mind that prices may vary depending on the date and the time of the hire. (All data from Tagvenue.)

Which Sydney districts are best for hiring a small venue?

If you’re on the lookout for the most picturesque waterfront venue in the city, then Sydney Harbour is the place to go! The historic Parramatta is the place to go if you’re looking for a cosy small venue with old-world charm. If you’re organising a corporate event, then Sydney CBD will have many small venues to host your event. Check out Hyde Park and Moore Park if you’re looking for a small outdoor venue.

Can I hire a small venue in Sydney on a budget?

As small venues will usually cost you cheaper because of their size, there are still some ways in which you can reduce the hire price. Start off with searching for venues offering a minimum spend. That way you won’t pay for hiring the venue, but agree to spend the agreed minimum amount on food and drinks. Another option is to find venues with a BYO policy. This way you do pay for hiring the venue, but can bring the food and drinks on your own, which usually comes out cheaper.

How far in advance should I hire a small venue in Sydney?

The rule of thumb is to start your search for a venue 6 to 8 weeks in advance. This way you will have plenty of options available, and you’ll be able to choose the space that fits your event best. However, since smaller venues are usually more flexible with their dates, even if you do a last-minute venue search, you will surely find an amazing venue to host your event. And whether you’re looking ahead of time, or doing a last-minute search, Tagvenue is here to help!

Guests Reviews of Small Venues on Tagvenue

Candice D.
Booked Marble Foyer at Sydney Masonic Centre
Highly recommend this venue. The staff were wonderful to work with and it was perfect for what we needed.
Zita S.
Booked The Clubhouse at The Field Bar
A MASSIVE thank you to Claudia and the entire team at The Field for making our engagement party such a special day! They went above and beyond and the venue was stunning!
Ayla Y.
Booked Creative Studio Space at San Telmo Studio
Incredible space with natural and mood writing that really makes all of the incredible wooden and furnished features of the space pop. Such an easy space to set up and pack down. So generous with support before and after as well.
Gianluca A.
Booked Creative Studio Space at San Telmo Studio
Great communication with all the staff all the way through, and I would probably hire this place again as it`s great for photoshoots or music videos.
Benjamin N.
Booked Creative Studio Space at San Telmo Studio
Great space, love the aesthetic and design of the interior. Great arrangement for a food/drinks event. Hellen was super accomodating, helpful, and thorough with her explanations. Her reply game was very consistent.
Booked Event Space at Seed Spaces
Very easy to deal with, professional, helpful and efficient. It removed all stress for our event organisation, especially since we came from inter-state.
Margaret M.
Booked EDITION Gallery Space at Woolstores Gallery
Excellent service, the location was perfect for the baby shower we had. Harry was very prompt in replying to my inquiry and was able to finalise our booking easily. Rachel was also very helpful. Definitely 5 stars :)
Megan M.
Booked EDITION Gallery Space at Woolstores Gallery
The venue was clean and tidy and provided the most wonderful space for our needs. Manager was fantastic and very helpful!

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