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Top Cheap Party Venues in Houston, TX

Are you looking for cheap party venues? Houston, the city where the sun shines all year, is filled with amazing locations to host your bash! And don’t worry about the costs; we can help you find the best budget-friendly options in the H-Town. Whether you’re celebrating your birthday at a posh cafe in Montrose or throwing a surprise party at a convivial bar in Downtown Houston, there’s no skimping on the fun with our selection of cheap party venues! So scroll through our listings, rent that breathtaking space and get ready to party in Houston, Texas!

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Cheap Party Venues Rental Guide

How to throw an epic party on a tight budget?

New to the party planning community? Welcome aboard. Legend says that once you start partying, there’s no stopping you! Except when you’re running out of cash and still have to pay the rent! Sounds like a deal-breaker? Well, don’t fret. Work on that guest list and read our recommendations to plan a buzzing party while staying within your budget!

Stick to your budget

You’re probably tired of hearing it, but party planning starts with a budget. Consider half of the work done once you develop a budget for the party. Don’t dilly-dally for too long! And start with your budget as soon as you come up with a party idea! Freaked out? You don’t have to plan the party alone. A couple of helping hands will cast away your worries. If you are planning a friend’s surprise birthday party, ask your friends to pitch in and set a realistic budget. Your budget should include the key elements:

  • Venue rental
  • Entertainment options
  • Catering 
  • Drinks 
  • Decor

A budget doesn’t require you to cut down on the party venue rental or entertainment options; it simply means finding alternatives when doing your planning. We’ll get into that a bit later! It’s always better to invest more in the venue than in other things, such as entertainment, as the venue usually sets the whole mood for the party! 

Explore your options

Being picky is not a bad thing when it comes to selecting a cheap party hall! Instead, you may want to cut down on the decor expenses or simply ask one of your budding celebrity friends to take care of the entertainment for the day. There are several ways to host an affordable day or night out. For instance, hiring a party hall on the weekend instead of the first days of the week is likely to be pricier. The same goes for peak season rentals. You can always throw a birthday shindig on a Monday night! And you can always get hitched in winter instead of summer and still plan the most exquisite wedding! Remaining open to alternatives when it comes to event dates and venue availability will help you reduce the party expenses. If you want to hire an affordable venue, start getting crafty. You can save lots of money by decorating the venue on your own. It’s also a fun experience to indulge in with your friends. Whether it’s paper crafts, flower arrangements, or balloon wreaths, you can find unique ideas for every event occasion on Pinterest. As for the entertainment options, you’ll probably want to keep it to conversations and dancing, both of which require no special skills. If not, you can always ask your friends to play some music or sing at the party! Bring on that guitar, young Elvis!

Choose an affordable venue.

Cheap doesn’t have to rhyme with shabby. The cheapest party venues are not always the best option if you don’t select the right one. When choosing an affordable party venue, ensure the place has most of the things you need. For instance, if you’re planning a birthday party or a wedding reception, you can either opt for outdoor or on-site catering. The latter can sometimes be cheaper if it’s included in the venue package. While other venues may be cheaper to hire, they will be a lot more expensive with catering included. Other things to consider are the corkage fees, BYOB, and entertainment options. It’s easier to get your hands on top-notch spaces at an affordable price by using online marketplaces like ours to find a party venue where you don’t have to compromise on quality. Making sure that the party space provides a great backdrop for your event is key to the success of your Instagram-worthy party. Other things to consider are the assistance and location when selecting the best party venue.

Keep it simple

Planning an affordable party means you don’t have to spend all your money on the venue. By keeping your guests entertained, you won’t have to worry much about how popular or fancy the location is. Instead of hiring a high-end cafe, head to your neighborhood diner, keep it simple and hire a low-key eater. Remember that most events are remembered for the experience, the good times and the company! Nobody will remember the chandeliers or the high ceilings a year after the event, but they’ll always remember the conversations and the happy times! Instead of hiring a DJ, play your own wonderful music. Potlucks are also excellent if you can’t afford on-site catering! Personal touches like these will certainly make your party one to remember for years to come!

Consider a cash bar

There’s no party without a few vodka shots! However, drinks are a far cry from being affordable in the U.S. An easy way to save some money on drinks is to let your guests pay for the drinks directly at the bar instead of paying all of your guests at once. If you have sufficient funds, you can even add a "happy hour" to the event so that your guests may enjoy 1-2 free drinks while they can, or simply offer a welcome drink to the guests and let them pay for the rest of their drinks.

FAQs about Cheap Party Venues in Houston, TX

How much does it cost to rent an affordable event space in Houston?

Though parts of Houston are known for their lavish lifestyle, you can find an array of cheap party venues for less than $100 per hour. And even less than $50 per hour. For less than $25, you can hire medium-sized party spaces. It’s worthwhile to point out that cheap venues frequently require a minimum spend, which is a minimum amount of money that must be spent on the food and drinks during the event. (All data according to Tagvenue.)

What are the coolest event spaces in Houston, TX?

Downtown - The ideal spot for affordable party spaces. Downtown is where you'll enjoy some bar hopping and find plenty of cheap spaces despite its popularity.

Uptown - Perfect for some shopping before any event. Rent a back room or a semi-private room to party all night.

Washington Avenue - This is the place to be for the glamorous peeps. You'll find hip bars and cafes to host parties in this area.

Do budget-friendly event spaces in Houston offer catering?

When looking for affordable event spaces in Houston, it's important to consider whether or not catering services are offered. Some budget-friendly venues may have in-house catering options or partnerships with catering companies, while others may allow you to take a DIY approach. It is crucial to discuss catering options with the venue when booking to understand their policies and see if they can accommodate your catering needs within your budget. Flexibility with catering arrangements can help you customize your event according to your preferences while controlling your expenses.

What amenities are included in event space rental in Houston?

Rental services include several types of amenities depending on the venue. While some venues might provide in-house catering or assistance, others will require that you organize additional services, such as entertainment, on your own. If you’re uncertain about the services included, contact the venue manager!

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