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Private Dining Rooms for Hire in Bristol

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For every function and event, there is a perfect venue, but often it can prove difficult to find that ideal location for your event. Private dining venues are no exception, there are so many restaurants with private dining rooms available for hire, but sometimes it’s tough to find exactly what they offer. Don’t you worry! Here at Tagvenue, we’ve handpicked and listed all of the best private dining spaces in Bristol so you can find that perfect place that will meet all of your needs!

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Private Dining Rooms Hire Guide

Bristol is a city on the River Avon in southwest England. Its harbour has a colourful history dating back to the 13th century – now the area is host to dozens of old warehouses that contain new restaurants, small bars, shops, and museums. The area around Clifton Down Road and Merchant Road is a very popular neighbourhood for private dining, with several gastropubs and private courtyards – all with modern aesthetics and stylish decor.

Group dining and private dinner parties are a great way to socialize with your colleagues and friends while enjoying an experience outside of the normal. Bristol has a lot to offer for your private dining needs, so dive into our list and have fun exploring your options!

FAQs about Private Dining Rooms in Bristol

How much does a private dining venue cost in Bristol?

One common form of pricing you will likely see while exploring your options is the hire fee model. This price includes the usage of a private room for your dining party with the food being added on top of that price. The average hire fee in Bristol ranges from £100 - £2000 hire fee per session. The per-person pricing model is another common way that many private dining venues charge in Bristol. The average per person cost ranges from £30 - £60 and typically includes food and decor as well as the dining room. (All data from

What is included in the price of a private dining room in Bristol?

What is included in a private dining room hire in Bristol can vary depending on the venue and the specific package you choose. Most private dining rooms will offer a set menu with a fixed price per person or you can choose to let your guests order off the regular menu. The cost of the room hire will typically be included in the overall price and may also include set-up and cleaning fees. Some venues may include a service charge in the overall price as well. It's important to check with the venue to see what is included in the price of the private dining room and to confirm any additional fees or charges before finalising the booking. Some venues may also offer customisable packages based on your specific needs and budget, so don’t be afraid to reach out to the venue manager and ask.

How far in advance should I book a private dining room in Bristol?

Of course it is possible to hire a private dining room in Bristol at the last minute. But, as a general rule, the earlier you book your private dining room, the better. We recommend starting your room search at least 3-4 weeks before the event. If you’re planning your event during peak season, like a holiday, or you’re planning an important celebration, we recommend booking the room even 6 months in advance.

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