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When something exceptional is happening, it’s always a good idea to celebrate it with a feast! Be it a birthday party, an important anniversary, a reunion, or business dinner or anything else at Tagvenue you’ll find Liverpool private dining rooms for every special occasion. Try our search engine now and see for yourself!

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Whether you’re looking for a 5-star restaurant with a panoramic view over Liverpool or a local gastropub serving mouth-watering hearty food (Liverpudlian scouse, anyone?), we’re here to help you find what you’re searching for. Our mission is to gather all of the best private dining rooms in Liverpool in one place, so you can easily browse and book the ideal venue with no hassle. Check out our tips below for choosing the perfect one for you.

When picking the perfect private dining room in Liverpool, it’s always good to have the following things in mind:

  • The variety of food and drinks – Do any of your guests have special dietary requirements? If you’re going to need halal, kosher or vegan fare, remember to ask the restaurant’s event manager whether they are able to meet your needs or not.
  • The style of your event – If you’re organising a family gathering, make sure the private dining room you’ve picked is child-friendly and easily accessible to all the guests. If it’s a boozy dinner with work colleagues, remember to check the details of the venue’s alcohol licence.
  • The seating layout – A long boardroom-style table usually works best for small private dining events. If you’re throwing a bigger feast, you might want to go with several small tables.
  • Possible additional costs – Some private dining venues in Liverpool charge additional fees, such as corkage. It’s always better to avoid surprises and ask about these in advance.

The costs may vary depending on different factors, but you can use these estimates as a reference:

  • The vast majority of private dining rooms in Liverpool is priced with a minimum spend. This option means you need to pay a set amount for the food and drinks so you can use the space for your private dinner absolutely for free! The minimum spend rates for private dining rooms in Liverpool typically fall between £800 and £2000, depending on the size of your big (or slightly smaller) feast!
  • Another quite common private dining option is the package per person. The prices for these start at as low as £20 per guest and usually cover the costs of both the dining experience and using the venue.
  • Although it’s less common for private dining venues in Liverpool, you still might stumble upon spaces priced with a hire fee, which includes the costs of using the venue only. This solution makes a great choice if you’re working with an external caterer! The hire fee costs in Liverpool typically range between £170 and £700, depending mostly on the location of the venue and the time of your event.

No matter which district of Liverpool you’re interested in, we’ll be able to help you find a private dining space you’ll love. We have listings of venues all over the city. How about the most popular spots? We’re listing these below:

  • Albert Dock – This is one of the hottest spots for private dining in Liverpool! We love its special vibe and energy, just like hundreds of Liverpudlian foodies.
  • Ropewalks – An eclectic mix of culinary scenes from all over the world, Ropewalks boasts an amazing selection of private dining options along Bond Street and Berry Street.
  • Cavern Quarter – This part of Liverpool is mostly associated with Beatles memorabilia, but there’s much more to it! Walk down Mathew Street and discover private dining spaces with lots of soul and lots of flavour.

Some of the most frequently asked questions for private dining rooms for hire in Liverpool include, but are not limited to:

How can I cut the costs of private dining room hire in Liverpool?
The prices in Liverpool may vary a lot depending on the time of your event. Our best tip? If you hire your private dining room on a weekday, you’re likely to save up to 50% on the private dining costs! You might also consider private dining rooms that are located slightly further away from Liverpool city centre, as they’re usually more affordable. We know such hidden gems and we’re happy to point you in the right direction.

I’m looking for a private dining room, but I don’t want anything posh. Any recommendations?
A delicious private dinner doesn’t have to be so fancy it feels uncomfortable! Liverpool is packed full with gastropubs and laid-back joints serving hearty homestyle food. We’ve got something to suit every taste!</

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